Advantages of Using Natural Products  


Are you currently thinking which among the countless online supplement store you should order your supplements from? You must consider those offering natural supplements. You already know how valuable your health is. You want to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. While the food you eat provide you with these nutrients, you will benefit more if you are taking in natural supplements. If you are in search of healthy food supplements, this post will certainly be of big help to you.


Here are a few more reasons to go natural for your choice of supplement supplier.

These supplements are made from natural food sources

Since the supplements are made from all natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and plants, your body will be able to absorb them easily. Supplements that contain artificial ingredients will give your body a harder time identifying how to use them properly. If you have any allergies or is health conscious, you are safer with natural products such as those offered by LAC Singapore. No chemicals or additives are used. The outcome, hence, is a supplement with better quality.

Make sure to exercise caution when looking at supplement labels. Do not right away believe everything that claims to be natural. If you want to get the most out of a food supplement, it should be free from any preservatives. Take your time reading through the labels. You’d want to make sure that there is nothing too complex for you to understand. If there is anything you find unfamiliar, consider conducting some research work by asking your physician or searching online.

They’re more cost-effective

You don’t have to spend a fortune to stay healthy. Online supplement stores understand that people are also looking for high quality supplements that they can afford. Thus, they are offered at reasonable prices and you can even take advantage of free shipping. All you have to do is check the products if the prices offered fall within your budget.homefullcentre

On the other hand, if you find that the prices are still a bit higher than other supplements in the market, just think about what you’re getting in return. With natural supplements, you get to keep peace of mind knowing that the products are made of organic and quality ingredients. You can be healthier and happier with these natural supplements.

Natural supplements are more effective

The body responds better to natural supplements so these products are utilized and absorbed properly. You can know how effective they are by considering what past users can say about their experience with the supplements in question. As you choose an online supplement store, take time to go over client testimonials. Learn from customers themselves how the natural supplements have helped them.

Ultimately, make sure to purchase only from an online supplement store that is committed to delivering high quality products. Find out how long they have been in the business as chances are they’ve also spent a lot of time studying their products, sourcing only those that adhere to their strict quality standards. Don’t confine yourself to expensive options because you can find stores that offer all-natural supplements and vitamins at a competitive price.


The World’s Most Influential Women 2016


It is amazing how women leave a huge imprint in the world just like the men. In this world where women are empowered, many prove that they can make a difference or even surpass other men. Forbes just released its annual list of 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. The list is comprised of the world’s smartest and inspiring, leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.


For sure many Singaporean women will be motivated once they go through the list. Here are the top ten world’s most influential women:

  1. Angela Merkel – It is not a surprise that the first ever female German Chancellor topped the list for 6 consecutive years actually. Many people described her to be a humanist since she paved the way to open Germany’s borders to immigrants.
  1. Hillary Clinton – She is probably more influential than her former husband. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat front-runner and the first woman in the history of America to advance in the race for presidency. Not only that, she is the only First Lady to pursue a career in public office.
  1. Janet Yellen – Janet is known as the Chairman of the Washington Federal Reserve. As the Chairman, she did her best to boost employment rate at the same time stabilizing the US financial system.
  1. Melinda Gates – As a wife to one of the richest person on earth, Melinda never forgets to be humble and share her blessings. She founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which gives hope to people. Now, Melinda is absorbed on helping women conquer gender equality.
  1. Mary Barra – Mary Barra is General Motor’s matriarch. She is in fact the first female to become General Motor’s CEO. She managed to regain the company’s former glory with huge sales two years ago.1386685771000-a01-barra-mug-nline-21
  1. Christine Lagarde – She is the current head of the International Monetary Fund. She helped the world recuperate from financial crisis. Now she is engrossed in world issues like income disparities and gender inequality.
  1. Sheryl Sandberg – People only know Zuckerberg but it is time that you know the exceptional work of Facebook’s Chief Operation Officer, Sheryl Sandberg. She assisted boost the revenues of Facebook and constantly make donations to support women empowerment.
  1. Susan Wojcicki – She is the CEO of YouTube and dubbed as advertising most important person. She urged Google to buy YouTube and now it is valued at US$70 billion up from 2006’s US$1.65 billion.
  1. Meg Whitman – Meg Whitman is Hewlett Packard’s current CEO. In the past, she helped eBay raise profits.
  1. Ana Patricia Botin – She is the chairman of Santander, a financial- services. This woman is known to lead the progress of Europe’s largest bank. With this, she is considered as the world’s most powerful bank executives.


Things That Are Holding You Back in Your Job


There is sadness in your eyes. That is not a surprise because it dawned on you that you are merely dragging yourself to work every day. Gone are the days when you look forward to every mornings and work as if it is the end of the world. Suddenly your candle burned out and it is hard to find meaning again.


Every day, you constantly think whether you are in the right job or company. If you have these unpleasant thoughts lately, you are not alone. Many Singaporeans these days have the same thoughts. There is a study made by Tempe, Ariz in United States. The study revealed that about 95% of American workers say that they are in the wrong job.

Considering an average of 8 hours of work every day, there is no wonder why many people are quite discouraged to jump out of their beds every morning. It is important that you re-ignite your passion so you will find joy even in your workplace. Here are the reasons why you cannot find the job that you love according to Louis Efron, a Forbes contributor:


  • Hard work: Your parents and probably grandparents always remind you (since childhood) that if you work hard, you will be successful. That is correct but only partially. Long hours of work are not synonymous to success and happiness. Happy and successful people spend their hard work in the right roles and the right things.


  • Sheer passion: The advice that you get most is finding the things that you are passionate about and work your way up. According to Tom McDermott, the founder of Ignite, this belief is faulty. For example, you may be passionate about singing but you are not a gifted singer. Instead of relying on your sheer passion, be curious about it. If you are passionately curious, you will discover your right direction. Remember that when your talent, curiosity, strengths and passion are in complete sync, you can do great things in life.


  • Money: Money makes the world go round. You are getting paid to do your job whether you like it or not. Money is in fact the ultimate disturbance. Money will determine if you want to move forward but it does not necessarily mean that you will be happy. At first you may be happy of the pay but as you go along and begin to understand yourself, you will realize that money is not everything and it keeps you from having the job that you love.

These are just some of the factors that are keeping you from having the job that you love here in Singapore.


7 Accounting Mistakes That SMEs Must Avoid

Accounting is the bread and butter of any business, and it’s more than just adding and subtracting. Many Singapore SMEs think of handling their own accounting to save company expenses—though this may not be a good idea.


Messing up with the records can cost a great extent and can impede the growth of the business. Small and medium corporations often make mistakes because of lack of knowledge for proper accounting procedures. Here are the most common slip-ups that Singapore SMEs should avoid.

Mistake #1: Not Using Cloud Technology

With an automated method, all your accounting requirements like budgeting and payroll are managed easily and quickly. It brings better turnaround time, leaving you with more time to take care of other important things.

However, it’s essential to realize that a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet isn’t enough for efficient work. Be aware that Excel is not as interactive and advance as cloud accounting software. With Excel, there’s no way to detect human errors and hence you need an accounting software in Singapore because with cloud accounting programs, errors are automatically deleted and/or corrected with its automated and specialized database.

Mistake #2: Managing Everything Yourself

Entrepreneurs, being passionate with their business, have the tendency to take control of everything. When you first started out, you might have thought that it’s okay to handle everything by yourself. While this can be possible, you cannot expect the same positive results in the long run as your business grows. Learn to delegate responsibilities and take advantage of the technological advancements, such as incorporating accounting software in your system.

Mistake #3: Going For the Cheapest Methods

Seeking for the cheapest accounting software may end up costing you more on the long run. Remember that excellent service comes with a price, so you cannot really expect the best from incredibly low-priced programs. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”—spend a little extra if you want better quality of work.


Mistake #4: Skipping Regular Back Ups

Many SMEs don’t fully realize the importance of regular system backups. Aside from cases like stolen equipment or computer crash, occurrences of extreme scenarios such as flood and fire can wipe out all your business records and data. Integration of accounting software that performs automatic backup every certain period of time significantly helps in ensuring you’ll have access to crucial data even after unfortunate circumstances.

Mistake #5: Trashing Receipts

However big or small an expense is, keep its receipt for future references. Paper trails provide answers to any gaps or mistakes in your accounting records, and offer deduction opportunities on tax-paying time. Even more importantly, receipts are your proof to validate the figures on your financial statement.

Mistake #6: Hiring the Wrong Person

Though you’re using a cutting-edge accounting program, which can takes care of almost everything from keeping employee info to sending out invoices and receiving payments, you need to hire someone who understands the ins and outs of your business’ accounting. While you think that your accounting software has got you covered, hiring the wrong person can still jeopardize the productivity of your company. Hire someone whose credentials include formal accounting education and is experienced enough to handle such work.

Mistake #7: Focusing on the Short Term

With the day-to-day endeavour of business management, it’s easy to fixate on the present and lose track of the future. However, accounting isn’t only about keeping track of today’s business performance. Most importantly, it’s about forecasting the company’s growth and identifying possible problems from current financial status. With the need to be always a step ahead, fortunately, many accounting software today are equipped with functions that enables business owners to predict future productivity. Utilizing these tools allows you to get a better prediction of what’s ahead and formulate plans for better future.

The way you manage your company’s financial aspect can make or break your business. Learning what tool to use and when to use it helps a lot in coping up with the struggles and issues of your enterprise.


What You Need to Know About Vitamin B12 Deficiency


Ever wonder why despite the rest, good food and even good company, you still feel tired and exhausted at the end of the day? You even tried to drink supplements to bridge the gap if it has something to do with your nutrition. It is time that you know why you are tired or exhausted all the time.


It is normal to feel  tired, exhausted or lethargic but if it persists for a long time combined with heart palpitations, increased memory loss and nerve problems, you should consult your physicians right away. You may have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is crucial for the functioning of the body from nerve functions to protein and fat metabolism, healthy liver, skin, hair and eyes and red blood cell production.

You have to know that the body cannot produce enough vitamin B12 for all its bodily function that is why supplements are needed to meet its daily requirement. Vitamin B12 deficiency is common here in Singapore. Here are things that you should know about vitamin B12:

  • Food sources: Remember that the body cannot produce the required amount of B12 for bodily functions so supplements are needed. Aside from supplements, you can also get vitamin B12 from various food sources like shellfish, fish, eggs, meats, dairy products and fortified soy, cereals and other grains.
  • Reasons of the deficiency: There are many reasons for the deficiency. Some reasons include anaemia, vegan diet, atropic anaemia, lupus, Graves’s disease and Celiac disease.


  • Symptoms: It is crucial that you know the symptoms of the deficiency. Early detection can make a difference at the end of the day. Indicators include memory loss, racing heart, loss of appetite, muscle weakness, cramps, pale skin, depression, weight loss, numbness, bloating and more importantly, constant tiredness of lethargic feeling.
  • Treatment: You should know that treatments are available for vitamin B12 deficiency however you need to remember that the body cannot synthesise the vitamin so it needs other external sources. You can for instance consider injections or tablets and nasal sprays. If your body cannot absorb it properly, do not ignore the warning signs and immediately seek for your doctor’s advice.
  • What is the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamin B12? The good thing about this is that it is safe to consume no matter the about. In fact, there is no tolerable amount being defined. However to be sure, always follow the prescription of your doctor.

That should do it. With the things mentioned above, you can now surely fight against this irritating condition.    princ_rm_photo_of_red_blood_cells

Lies You Tell Your Dermatologists To Save Your Skin


Telling a lie is human nature but it is bad no matter how good the intentions are. Sometimes you have to lie to save your skin but you have to know that dishonesty can lead to your skin’s demise. You do not want that. According to a New York dermatologist Doris Day, MD, people are afraid of serious diagnosis that is why they tend to omit valuable information when doctors ask them.


Many dermatologists here in Singapore often hear lies which lead to false diagnosis. In all matters of life, honestly is always the best policy. If you want to be healed, you have to be truthful and honest as much as possible. Here are the skin lies you tell to save your skin:

  • Telling doctors that you revealed everything you are using on your skin: Any lie by omission is damaging. When dermatologists ask you about the products you use, you have to reveal everything. Being truthful to what you are using is the best thing that you can tell to your doctors. This is important because some products that you are using may be the source of some of your skin issues. You should reveal sunscreens you use to anti-aging, masks, sunscreen and even home remedies.


  • Telling doctors that you use all the products they prescribed: It is not good to have everything your way. Being rebellious will not make you look good. Remember that doctors specifically designed your regimen and not following it is useless. Doctors are encouraging patients to use all the prescribed products so they will know which is effective and not. If it is incompatible, they will give other treatment. If it works, doctors will strengthen its formulation.   


  • Telling doctors that you are not taking other medications: Doctors want to know if you are taking any other medications on top of the prescribed because it might be the source of skin irritation or any complication.


  • Telling doctors that you are not smoking: When asked by doctors, people deny that they smoke. When talking about skin, people tend to hide that they smoke (as if it doesn’t show). When asked by doctors regarding this matter, the least thing that you can do is to admit that you are smoking. Doctors will also want to know how much you are really smoking.

So, the next time you visit your dermatologist or physician, you have to be honest and just admit everything. Answer truthfully so doctors can finally design a regimen best for your skin. Good luck!


Tips to Follow in Online Debating


Nowadays, it’s quite evident how many debating sites are being launched and established in the online world. It is so easy to take part in such discussion of important matters. Numerous people are being encouraged and given the opportunity to discuss different topics with other individuals that centers on political, education, and even social issues. These debating forums eventually became a popular gathering place for all intellectuals out there to speak up their minds. This is their chance to share their wisdom not just to the people who reads the discussion but the whole world as well.


One of the great things about joining forums wherein you can participate in online debating, you will be able to read and be exposed to intelligent opinions. Because most of these debates will be discussing on certain topics with rationality, you won’t be exposed to senseless arguments which causes you to just log-out or find another debating site to visit. You will know that you’re in the middle of a healthy debate if everyone is able to share their opinions one at a time. By engaging in a public or online debate, you will be able to get a lot of benefits such as having the courage to voice out your opinions as well as spending your time doing a quality activity.

There are far more benefits you can get from participating in debates. This article though isn’t about benefits but all tips that can help you be a successful debater. Although you might say that you don’t want to be a successful debater and you just want to take part in the discussion, it does feel nice to win the argument and present your intelligent opinions while others line. If you’re ready for some tips then you should continue reading.

Before we start on the tips, we should first briefly discuss about the great benefit of online debating to people. Although your initial reason for joining the online forum is to express your thoughts on a certain matter, you will discover that there’s more to the story. You may already shared your opinions but you will eventually come across other people who can give to you another side of the whole matter. It’s a great benefit because there’s sharing of opinions but there’s also facts being given to give light to the issue.sample_session_screenshot

One tip that might be of great use to you is you should be doing your research very well. It is very important that you’re knowledgeable and armed with valuable information to help you when the debating begins. Depending on the nature of the debating sites you visit, you might not be fully aware of who the opponent is. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of them especially if you have the information that could help you. Even if you’re not that knowledgeable regarding the matter, what you researched will help you.

It is normal to be excited at first especially when you give your opinion and everyone listens and leaves comments regarding what you just wrote. However, you will have the tendency to be a little bit distracted with all the online attention you may be getting. If you just stay calm and manage to stay clear on the topic then you will be able to push through. Even if they distract you with their arguments, you can’t be swayed easily. If you’re not distracted, you will be able to weigh each and every opinions.

In a debate, you just don’t give all of your points and arguments. You also have to post questions and make the others think about what you just asked. Post questions that will make them ponder and make them question their arguments. Though you may not be all successful in swaying them to back down and accept your opinion, at least you were able to present your viewpoint to them even in an online debating forum.1467596rbot

Two Types of Postal Boxes Available to Use by Individuals and Businesses


A large number of people are choosing to send their goods and merchandises to a particular recipient using a parcel courier instead of with the postal office. There are many reasons attributed as to why they choose couriers. However, postal offices need not to worry as numerous companies as well as home-based and online businesses prefer to ship their goods and other packages via post.


When it comes to sending lightweight packages and other items which are not that bulky, many senders believe that it would be ideal to send it through post. With the use of the right sized postal boxes, interested senders can place all of the items they need to ship out and be received by the recipient. In addition, these postal offices offer their clients with different delivery options like a next day delivery service. Of course, you will have to pay additional fee depending on what they’re asking but it’s typically affordable.

You don’t have to worry as well because even if you don’t have a postal box, they will be providing it to you for a fee. You can just select the right size and type that will fit all of the items you need to ship out. There may be a charge for the weight of the package but all in all, it’s an affordable way of sending lightweight parcels to the right recipient. Because of this factor, it makes it very popular among numerous businesses wanting to send their package through post.redirection-web-promo-300x200

Without a doubt, postal boxes are very popular nowadays as it holds small and big items an individual has to send. And because of its popularity, it is only proper that we talk about the different materials used in manufacturing this box. There are actually three types of materials used by the manufacturers which produced three types of the postal box we use today: the paper, paperboard, and the corrugated fiberboard. Out of these three, the last two are the ideal materials for manufacturing a postal box because they can hold the weight of the items to be placed inside.

Paperboard or Cardboard Boxes

One of the most popular postal packaging item today is the cardboard box. It is a type of postal box with increased popularity as numerous people use it to send out their items to the recipient. In the packaging industry, the sales of postal box definitely increased with more and more individuals and businesses sending package all over the world. Because it is thicker than paper with over 0.25 mm. Depending on the width of the paperboard if it’s single-ply or multi-ply, you will still have to check its quality to ensure that it’s the right one for your items.

Corrugated Boxes

On the other hand, corrugated boxes are made using a corrugated medium and flat linerboards. Also called as the corrugated fiberboard or corrugated cardboard box, this is an ideal packaging item because of numerous factors. Postal boxes like the corrugated fiberboard is lightweight and provide convenience to senders as they place all of the items they need to ship. It can also be recycled which makes more companies use it as they view it being an eco-friendly postal packaging item.


The Mesmerizing Marina Bay


Let the light descend upon Marina Bay. You wouldn’t want to miss “I Light Marina Bay” which had been running as one of the most sought-after events in Singapore for the past four years now. Let me give you a quick background what kind of event is this.


It’s officially an exhibition of light and art installations using some materials which can be utilized again or which the exhibitors have already recycled.  Utilizing or re-using materials is encouraged in this event because one of its themes is that it should supposed to be sustainable.

Well, let me tell you why you should list this event as one of your must-see events in Singapore every year. If you were only there to have seen it with your very own two eyes, you would have given this even a two thumbs up.

One of the most stunning light and art installations that graced the event is that of Japan’s exhibition entitled “What a Loving and Beautiful World” and well Japan went over the top and showed off an absolute spectacle by wowing the crowd using ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands as an enormous white screen to project ironically surreal and at the same time realistic images.Helix Bridge leading to Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This is an interactive light and art installation because everyone can try it by just using their smartphones and swiping a Chinese character to their liking and in turn an image is projected on the outermost part lotus-like building of ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands. It is definitely one of the best light and art installations ever.

What is amazing about it is one, it’s interactive and two, it is sending positive images to the people who were actually there to witness it. Some of them saw vivid 3D images of butterflies flipping their wings in a multi-colored background.

A relaxing and soothing music is also played to enhance the mood and everyone feels like they are in their own happy places. This light art installation does actually literally and figuratively does its job very well. How, if you may asked? Well, it will certainly light or brighten up anyone who had a long and tiring day.

Imagine how well this light and art installation is magnificently set up this year. I couldn’t help wondering that Japan which is only one of the countries who were privileged to display their light and art installation this year would definitely step up their game and leave us wanting for more.15197607

Treat Mom Out This Mother’s Day


A few more days from now and the whole world will celebrate Mother’s Day. I’m sure all of us are brainstorming right now what could possibly the perfect gift that we can give our beloved mothers and well another issue we are debating upon is also our budget in actually buying this gift.


Year by year, we might have given her the same old boring stuffs or we might even have forgotten to give her anything at all (which is definitely the worst thing we could have ever done or not). Well, this year let’s all keep our fingers crossed and wish that this year is going to be different. If you happen to be in Singapore before this special occasion, why don’t you try and visit these places and surprise her during her special day. After all, she was the one who gave birth to you.

Thanks to her you are in this world and you’ve experienced how to live. Hence, she definitely deserves the best. Treat your mom this Mother’s Day. Here are a couple of ideas you might want to try with your mom during her special occasion. Check that new resto and bar in your neighborhood. Have a date with your mom and spend time with her. Aside from enjoying a sumptuous meal, the time spent with her is definitely worth it. So, here are some hot picks for you to choose where to take your mom on a date.

Hello goddess of the hunt—Artemis. Remember her from your Greek mythology? She is depicted as the huntress strolling casually in a forest with a deer. Well, make yourself at home in Artemis Grill and feast on a three-course meal that you might not have tasted before.artemis_400x300_9c6f54cf7a

This grill features a Mediterraneancourse while enjoying a breathtaking view of Marina Bay skyline. By the way, before checking this out you should better be sure that your mom isn’t afraid of heights before you take her there. However, if she is an adventure-seeker and love to live on the edge—well, a breathtaking view of Marina Bay Skyline is just a starter.

If your mom is into Chinese cuisines which if I may say one the best cuisines one can ever taste, make up your mind and go straight to Crystal Jade Prestige, which offers five dim sum items which are not only mouth-watering but gastronomically satisfying as well. Well here you go, two of the best places you can check out for Mother’s Day. We better book as soon as we can so as to avoid getting left behind with nothing for our dearly beloved mothers.26106802684_d424114b84_b