4 Overlooked Islands in Singapore You Should Visit

Summer is almost here, you can almost smell it in the air. If you are itching for a vacation but you do not want to experience all the hassle involved in overseas trips, it is best if you just stay in Singapore and explore its islands.


Listed below are some of the forgotten islands of Singapore that you should definitely visit and explore.

Pulau Semakau

Pulau Semakau is the first and only offshore landfill site that remains to this day. You may hesitate to visit this island because of the term landfill but you should not write this island off so quickly. Only the eastern part of the island is occupied by landfill activities. The rest of the island is abundant of fascinating flora and fauna. This island is a perfect place for eco-adventurers interested in exploring nature and its beauty.

Coney Island

This island does not serve the same purpose as its namesake. This island, found in Singapore, is famous to locals as a picnic destination. Originally, however, the island was supposed to be a theme park, not different from the famous theme park in Brooklyn with the same name.

Lazarus Island


This island is great for people who love visiting beautiful beaches. It’s dubbed as Singapore’s best maintained beach. The beach overlooks a scenic lagoon that is popular to beach lovers and swimmers.

Pulau Ubin

After Sentosa, Pulau Ubin is the most popular offshore island to be found in Singapore. It’s only a small island but it’s rich in culture and history. The name of the island stands for ‘Granite Island’ in Malay and is fitting because of the number of granite quarries in operation in this island in the past.


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