5 Inexpensive Health Screenings That Could Save Your Life

Health screenings have always been believed to be too expensive. Because of this, many individuals in Singapore, especially those who have no access to health insurance and executive health screening, would prefer not to have regular physical checkup. Some of this people don’t realize the importance of early prevention, or if they do they believe that they can’t afford such screenings.


Fortunately, many Singapore clinics and health conscious people have helped in raising the awareness that inexpensive health screenings do exist. Affordable health screening package consists of selections of screening tests essential for identifying signs of common health issues. These inexpensive heath screening tests are:

1. Blood Pressure Screening

Checking the blood pressure is by far the simplest health screening test that can be done to an individual. Blood pressure test can detect signs of heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. Unfortunately, most people already diagnosed with hypertension have not taken this test early in their lives. According to medical experts at clinics like Asiamedic health screening singapore if people with hypertension recognized the signs of development of the disease earlier, they would’ve saved their health from extensive medication, or worse invasive surgical procedures.


2. Diabetes Screening

Diabetes is the fifth most common medical condition diagnosed in the country. It is recorded in the Diabetic Society of Singapore that 11.3% or 400,000 people of Singapore’s total population is diagnosed with diabetes. Everybody should be aware of the disease’s risk factors and symptoms by undergoing a fasting glucose test – a very quick and inexpensive blood test. Through fasting glucose screening, you will know your blood sugar level and formulate ways on how to control it if the screening results with red flags.

3. Cholesterol Level Screening

High level of cholesterol usually has no signs or symptoms. That’s why it is important to undergo a regular cholesterol health screening test to determine whether your cholesterol level is high and to be able to estimate the possibilities of developing heart complications. This inexpensive test may include calculations of the four types of lipids in the body – the total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein, and triglycerides. Cholesterol level screening should start at the age of 20 and should be done at least once every five years, or more frequent if with higher risk factors.


4. Vascular Disease Risk Test

To screen conditions affecting the circulatory system, such as aneurysm and artery problems, you have to undergo vascular disease test. Men over 50 and women over 60 should regularly have vascular disease test to help prevent heart attacks for men and stroke for women. One can make use of vascular disease risk online calculator to privately measure risk factors.

5. Eye Examination

Eye examination complements all aforementioned health screening tests, as it is an exceptional way to detect symptoms of chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes. Children need to see an eye doctor at six months, three years old, and before first grade. For adults, it is important to get checked at least once every two years, and once a year at the age of 60 and above.

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