5 Secrets to Never Getting Sick

Some people suffer an occasional headache or slight cold every now and then, but never seem to experience high fever or severe flu that sends most of us in bed for days.


Despite the technological advancement we have today, doctors still can’t give us a concrete answer as to how to almost never get sick. So why not seek for answers from people for whom common colds are, well, uncommon? Here are some of their habits that we should adapt for a healthier life.

  1. They Enjoy Fresh Air

It’s a common notion that staying indoors is easier for your immune system than being outside. However, the problem is that staying inside puts you in constant contact with other people, along with their germs. Fresh air doesn’t only break you from the circulating germs indoors, but also boost your overall health.

  1. They Embrace Bacteria

We’re not telling you to toss a lump of dirty clod into the blender the next time you make a smoothie, but what experts suggest is that total sanitary isn’t necessarily more healthful. Bacteria and our bodies have symbiotic relationship in which their presence boosts our body’s natural ability to fight diseases. So, don’t be afraid if your child spends more time outside. Let him enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature and he’ll never be sickly as he gets older.

  1. They Prefer Herbal Remedies

Although herbal medicines aren’t scientifically approved, about a quarter of all prescription drugs are made of plants. These medicines with herbal ingredients in them are often used to alleviate high blood pressure, destroy germs, boost immune system, and stimulate nervous system. However, you don’t need to fill your medicine cabinet with supplements. Something as simple as drinking green tea every day can help improve your health and immunity.herbal%20pic

  1. They Detoxify Regularly

Many chemicals commonly used today, such as dioxins, PCBs, and phthalates, were not yet around a century ago. This could be the reason why some serious diseases, like liver diseases and cancer, linked to toxic exposure are rising in count today. With the help of detoxification, the body is cleansed from toxins. It could be done in the form of Bikram yoga, sitting in a sauna, or having mineral baths.

  1. They Take More Naps

Occasional sleepless nights are harmless, but constant lack of sleep can be detrimental to your immune system. While some believe that sleep requirements vary from person to person, experts say that anything short of seven hours triples the chances of catching a cold. So, if you want to be bed-ridden for days because of severe cold, get enough sleep, as well as take quick naps to rejuvenate your mind and body.

A healthy body leads to a happier and fulfilled life. Taking care of your health and living healthily is a lifestyle, so commit to staying healthy by considering these healthy practices.inline_618x306_take_power_naps_to_relieve_stress

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