5 Secrets to Successful Single Motherhood

How do single moms balance parenting and career? It’s all about good habits and smart routines. We asked successful single moms to share how they’re able to juggle everything without much downtime, and the responses were simple yet remarkably effective.


1. Go For a Work Schedule That Suits Your Family

If you usually work long hours in the office, you might want to take the chance to ask your boss for a more convenient shift. Don’t be afraid to express your needs and reveal that you’re a single parent to your employer. Most employers are understanding and usually provide what their valued employees need for better performance at work. Another option is to work freelance or do online jobs so you can have most of your time in your own hands.

2. Look for Good Role Models

Single parenting can also flourish, and there are plenty of examples to prove it. Look for these inspiring examples, list them down, and refer to this list when having a rough day. Seeing all these successful stories will inspire you and make you realize that single motherhood is manageable and possible.

3. Don’t Stress Yourself On the Things You Can’t Control

Nobody can control your child’s other parent if he wants to visit. You can’t stop it if the dad of your child promises to show up on his big game. This is the other parent’s issue—not yours, so don’t stress yourself over it. Rather than losing sleep over uncontrollable things, focus on what you can do to be the best parent for your child.


4. Be Prepared All the Time

Don’t leave the house without a bottle of juice and a snack. You may also want to keep colouring books and crayons, clean clothes, and some wet wipes in your car. Being prepared is important for all parents, most especially for single parents since it’s up to only you to pacify a tantrum or entertain your child while waiting for your turn to be seated in a restaurant.

5. Take a Break

Not the night-out-with-friends kind of break, but a kid-free-day kind of relaxation. It doesn’t harm to get a baby-sitter once in a while to free you some time to have your nails done or for a trip to the bookstore without going to the children’s section. Remember that even married couples have date nights, or at least hand the children off to each other for a well-deserved break. Single parenting is a tough job, so the more you deserve to pamper yourself every once in a while.

Single motherhood is no easy task, but it’s certainly possible to raise a successful child by focusing on becoming the best parent you can be.girl-relaxing-hammock_53343991-620x325

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