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As the world is becoming even more populated, more and more infrastructures are built to accommodate and provide housing for the increase in number. This is particularly true in metropolitan cities all over the world and our city-state is definitely not immune to that group.


As the years go by, more and more buildings are being constructed. In other parts of the world, as this happens, more and more of the environment, such as the trees and natural vegetation, is being compromised. But, fortunately, that isn’t the case in our country because our government has strict policies protecting our lush environment.

That’s why we are very lucky to have such enviable landscapes filled with rich biodiversity. And one great example of this is our very own Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

This ecological treasure trove is nestled on Singapore’s highest hill, measuring 163.63 metres, at Bukit Timah Hill. Although quite small in size, with only 400 acres in total, this nature reserve is still brimming with over 840 species of flaura and 500 species of fauna. It is the nation’s second ASEAN Heritage Park, next to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.


Different species of dipterocarps are found in the area, one of which is the Seraya (Shorea curtisii). This large tree also happens to be a flagship species in this nature reserve. As for the animals, numerous species inhabit this area. In fact, birds, insects, and monkeys abound here.

As you tread along, you’ll hear a multitude of sounds coming deep from the heart of this forest and perhaps you’ll even catch the unmistakable calls of the crab-eating macaques. Just be sure that when you encounter one, you won’t feed it. It is after all prohibited and so are taunting them and teasing them such as baring your teeth at them.

There are countless gems to discover in this extraordinary rainforest. Here, you’ll also find such rare species as the Horsfield’s Flying Squirrel, Forest Praying Mantis, and the Singapore Freshwater Crab.

Other recreational activities are also allowed here. You could choose to stroll, run, hike, mountain bike, and even rock climb at designated areas.

The wonders of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve await you, so don’t let this chance to witness its majesty pass by.


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