5 Text Messages Every Married Man Should Avoid

Married life is very different from singlehood. You’ll have more responsibilities, not only to yourself, but to your spouse and children as well. Once you’ve exchange ‘I dos’ with your partner, there are things that you’re no longer free to do.

That is why, as a good husband, you’d want to keep your communication habits always in check. You may think you’re sending people harmless or innocent messages, but they could be putting small fractures in your marriage. These are the five messages you should avoid as a family man.

1. A message to an ex-lover
This one is a no-brainer. It doesn’t even matter if you have moved on and have forgotten your feelings for an ex-lover or if they are the one who texted you first. Your ex is someone you once adored, loved and cared for, and these feelings can come back, which can complicate things between you and your wife. Avoid any possible complications by keeping your past in the past.

2. Complaint messages about your wife
Marital problems are private matters—and should remain private at all times. Perhaps, you think it is okay to complain about your wife to your brother or sister, but it really is not. Worse, is if you vent out your frustrations to your pals, who have no business knowing these family issues. If you are frustrated with your partner, your best solution is to talk about it with her in a calm and healthy manner.

3. Angry messages to your spouse
Arguments are normal in any relationship. However, it’s never alright for either side to send angry or hateful text messages. In the midst of a heated argument, it is easy to say things you don’t really mean, just so you can get back at your partner for hurting you—only to regret everything once you have cooled down.

4. More text messages to a friend than to your wife
There’s nothing wrong with texting a friend. However, obsessively texting a pal that you’re sending more messages to them than to your wife can be a troublesome situation. It indicates that you’re more interested in what your friend has to say, and that is not a good sign of a healthy marriage.

5. A message sent via secret messaging app
Absolute transparency in marriage may not be ideal, but going to such lengths as keeping messages private is a sign that you feel guilty about something. And if something makes you feel guilty, you probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Perhaps, many of us are aware that even the strongest and longest relationship can be destroyed. Don’t risk your precious relationship just because of these careless text messages. If you are doing any of these things, now is the best time to start avoiding them.

Diving Spots for Beginners and Intermediate Divers

Many Singaporeans are becoming aware of adventure sports and diving is one of them. Diving is famous especially with thousand destinations in the world worth the travel. Before setting off, you need to learn it and be good at it. The good news is that there are many courses that you can avail of. You just need to enroll yourself.

The courses will work on enhancing your skills needed while underwater from breathing to buoyancy. You will also be taught how to set up and dismantle your gears. You will be taught everything. Your first dive will be terrifying but you will get better as time goes by. Now that you mastered everything, it is time to set off. It was mentioned that there are thousands of destinations in the world. You cannot possibly dive them all so it is better to start with the following locations or spots:

Cape Kri, Raja Ampat
Cape Kri, Raja Ampat is in Indonesia. Perhaps this is one of the nearest sites you can consider. It boasts of coral garden and great marine life from manta rays to sharks, giant trevallies and barracudas among others. According to records, it is home to 374 species of fish.

Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island
Talk about one of the nearest sites here in Singapore, you can head to Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island in Malaysia. You have to be careful though because there are strong sweeping currents but the view will not disappoint. There you will see diverse marine life from coconut crab, sea turtles and buffalo fish.

Blue Corner, Palau
If you think you are ready for a challenging dive, you have to consider Blue Corner, Palau in Micronesia. It is actually a popular spot for seasoned divers. Strong currents will challenge you. If you want to see sharks first hand, this is the best place to be.

Thistlegorm is a spot in the Egyptian Red Sea. It is a famous night dive spot because of the wreckage. Here you will see a cargo ship wreck that carried train carriages, motorbikes and trucks. You will see the wreckage at max depth of twenty nine meters. Be careful with giant moray eels though.

The Yongala, Queensland
The Yongala is in Queensland, Australia. You can also explore 109 metres of wreckage. It is home to many marine lives from turtles to manta rays, tiger sharks and bull sharks. This spot is famous for its amazing coral formations. The wreck is protected so you should not touch or distort any.

What Services Can Men Get at a Hair Salon?

The hair salon is no longer thought of as a place for women who want to have their hair styled. In fact, a lot of hair salon in Singapore also offer styling and services for the specific needs of their discerning male clients besides haircuts. The best hair salon in Singapore even has trained stylists who specialize in men’s haircut and facial hair styling.

Let’s look at what the hair salon has to offer.

Hair Styling for Men

Going for a haircut isn’t as easy for some men as sitting down and asking the barber to start snipping away the hair that has grown for the past several weeks. Most men who go to the best hair salon in Singapore and want specific hairstyles that reflect their personality and lifestyle. That is why when you walk into a hair salon, the first thing you should do is to consult a stylist about the different hair trends and the styles that will work on your hair type, shape of the head, and lifestyle.

It’s not uncommon for some hair salon in Singapore to have hair stylists who know how to handle the specific needs of men with curly hair, Asian hair, and facial hair. In order to get the haircut that you want, you should know the following terms when talking to your stylist:

1. Thinning. This is done on very thick hair by trimming some of the excess weight using thinning scissors.

2. Layers or texture. A layer refers to the trimming of areas on your hair so that the sides appear shorter than the hair at the top. Texture on the other hand, is the overall look of the hairstyle based on the curls, the thickness, and the way it was cut.

3. Taper. The taper is the longer part of your hair that doesn’t fade into shorter cuts.

4. Fade. The fade refers to the way the hair is cut so that it appears shorter near the skin. If you ask for an undercut fade, you refer to having long hair at the top of your head and shorter hair at the sides and back.

5. Neckline. This is the term for the area near the back of the neck and how you want it styled—whether you prefer a V-cut or a flat cut.

6. Grades. Haircut grades are the different lengths of the haircut. You should also familiarize yourself with the following haircut grades:

• 1 = 1/8 inch
• 2 = ¼ inch
• 3 = 3/8 inch
• 4 = ½ inch
• 5 = 5/8 inch
• 6 = ¾ inch
• 7 = 7/8 inch
• 8 = 1 inch

Picking the Right Hair Stylist

When picking the right barber, it’s important to pay attention to his or her habits so that you don’t regret your trip at the hair salon. Follow these pointers to spot the right barber:

1. The hair salon should be clean and the staff should be wearing appropriate work clothes.

2. All the tools should be sterilized properly to avoid transmission of parasites and infections. The blades used for shaving should always be brand new, so watch out for that too.

3. A reputable hair salon in Singapore should always have a consultation first before they start cutting your hair. They should know about all the latest hair trends when you ask for advice.

4. The hair salon staff should also recommend which products you need to use to style and take care of your hair.

5. If you’re visiting a hair salon to get a shave, make sure that the barber preps your skin first so that the skin is relaxed and all the pores are opened. Shaving aftercare is also important, so the barber has to clear the face of excess creams and to apply hot towels. Check for cuts and skin damage before you leave.

6. If you’ve found a barber to your liking, it’s better that you ask for the same person every time you go back. That way he or she already knows what you’ll need.

Facial Hair Grooming

Beard styling is also common in most hair salon in Singapore today. Talk to your stylist about the different beard styles or whether you want to be hair free instead. The type of beard the stylist will recommend will be based on the shape of your face and the amount of facial hair you can naturally grow (not everyone can have a full beard!).

You will also be advised on how to take care of your facial hair by proper shaving, washing, and the correct use of skin care products and practice good hygiene routine.

Hair Removal

It’s only the women who worry about having too much hair on specific parts of the body, but some men also want to have their arms, chest, legs and armpits free of unwanted hair. Hair removal procedures such as waxing, sugaring, laser hair removal, and photoepilation are recommended at the hair salon. These procedures eliminate the need for constant shaving that causes damage and burns on the skin.

Hair Transplant

Some of the best hair salon in Singapore also have hair transplant services for customers who have thinning or receding hair. A lot of men suffer from this condition and one of the ways of bringing back youthfulness is through hair transplant. The most popular type of procedure is the follicular unit extraction which removes individual hairs from the side or the back of the head or from the chest, and then implanting them on the scalp.

Hair transplant is recommended for people with balding pates and receding hairlines. It doesn’t leave scars and will usually take not more than 8 hours under local anesthesia. Besides hair transplant, some hair salon in Singapore also do beard transplant, especially if the customer has patchy facial hair.

Best Ways to Acquire Alkaline Water

Since the demand for alkaline has grown over the years, finding a retail establishment that sell this specific type of water has become quite difficult. In fact, this has forced a good number of consumers in Singapore to start producing the water in their own homes. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to transform your regular drink into alkalized water. Investing on a reverse osmosis system or an alkaline water ionizer are two of the most effective ways to get alkaline water flowing in your home, but these are not the only options. Here, we listed down some techniques on how you could possibly acquire alkaline water, along with a few tips to effectively perform your chosen method.

1. Alkaline Water Ionizer

Investing on an alkaline water ioniser machine is one of the most cost-effective way to transform your tap water into alkaline water. This kitchen appliance is capable of changing the water’s pH level by using electrolysis. Water ionizers work by separating the water into acidic and alkaline components, until the water meets the appropriate pH level.

These machines were first made available in Japan, Singapore and other Asian countries. After the consumers began experiencing the health benefits associated with ionized water, the trend started hitting Europe and United States market. Alkaline water ionizers are fairly easy to use, compact and budget-friendly, making them a good option for someone who wants to have an endless supply of ionized water, sans spending too much.

2. Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis (RO) is another purification method that’s widely used in the water filtration industry. This method implements the use of semipermeable membrane by an alkaline water provider in Singapore to strop certain ions, molecules and particles from tap water. Applied pressure is also used in this method to eliminate osmotic pressure. In fact, RO became popular that it’s widely used even by some of the biggest bottled water manufacturers in Singapore.

Unlike an alkaline water ionizer, however, this purification method can be very costly. Nonetheless, you have the option to instantly install it on your plumbing pipes or directly into your refrigerator. Just remember that the specifics may vary from one model to another.

3. Alkaline Water Pitcher

If you want to conveniently have a good supply of alkaline water, then you might want to opt for an alkaline water pitcher instead. The water pitcher looks the same as any regular pitcher; the only difference is it has a built-in water filter. Water is added to the top, as it slowly flows to the bottom. During the process, the water filter alkalizes your drinking water.

Initially, it’s touted as one of the cost-effective way to have alkaline water, but the filters should be replaced from time to time as repeated use tend to reduce their efficiency. Also, the water pitcher is only capable of holding a specific amount of water, which could not be enough for certain households. But despite all that drawbacks, a good number of consumers prefer this method because of its cost effectiveness and convenience.

4. Alkaline Water Drops

Finally, you can alter the pH level of your water through using water drops. These water drops can transform your water’s pH level in just a matter of seconds, and a small bottle of it is very affordable. The only problem with this method is it only produces a limited amount of ionized water. Once you run out of drops, you also run out of alkaline water, and that will force you to consistently purchase more bottles of it – and the long-term cost of purchasing water drops is what will surpass the expenses of the aforementioned alternatives.

Nevertheless, the drops can still be a great option especially for households who don’t want another pitcher or kitchen appliance. Also, they are perfect for individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of alkaline water even when on-the-go. If you will be travelling abroad and don’t want to bring a pitcher with you, then a bottle of alkaline water drops can do the trick.

Tips before Alkalizing Your Drinking Water

    • Check the Water’s pH Level. This is a crucial step to follow before and after you ionize your water. This will tell you how much adjustment needs to be made to your regular water. Tap water is naturally a seven on the scale, and the ideal pH level to achieve a pure drinking water is an eight or nine – which can be done through ionizing your water.

    • Use a pH Strip to Test Your Water. To check your water’s pH level, be sure to purchase a pH kit with pH strips and colour chart. Once you already have your kit, allow your strip to sit in the water for a moment and then compare its colour with those indicated in the pH chart. Take note of the water’s current pH level, then ionize it using your chosen method.

    • Understand the Water’s pH Level. After testing the water’s pH level, it’s now time to understand its pH level. Keep in mind that water that’s above the pH scale of seven is considered basic, while water with a pH level below that is already considered acidic. You would want your drinking water to be somewhere between 7 to 9 for it be healthy and filtered of any impurities.

Learning how to acquire your own alkaline water is one way of enjoying the benefits of this specific type of water without spending too much. Any of the aforementioned methods will help you get just that, so ensure that you choose the method that best suits your needs and budget.

4 Ways on Encouraging Your Child to be Honest

Children can be a handful and difficult. As a parent, you need to be their guiding light and “molder” for them to become good persons in the future. One important value that we should teach our children is honesty. We all have lied at some point of our lives and even our children will eventually too, but there are ways for you to encourage them to become more honest. Here are some ways you could follow to achieve that.

1. Listen to your child
Whatever the circumstance (good or bad), you should always listen to you child. Listen to what he or she has to say. Since you are the adult, you have to adjust and understand why kids do things their way. If they lied, ask them why they did it and listen to their explanation if it’s acceptable or not. Then you decide after on what to do with the situation.

2. Praise your child’s honesty
If your child tells the truth, praise him or her if you can. When he commits a mistake and admits it, acknowledge his or her honesty. If your child made a noteworthy action through honesty, you can reward him or her in order to encourage your child more. If your child did something bad but told the truth, you can punish or ground him on your own terms but still don’t forget to recognize or call attention his honesty.

3. Don’t overreact
When your child lies, you should not lose your cool right ahead once you discover he or she is lying. We should chill and make sure they do not get taunted. We should not scare our kids in telling the truth through scolding them. It is important that we maintain the positive connection between parent and child especially as they are growing.

4. Be a good model to your child
We can always discipline our child on our own way or on how we want them to behave. They can also learn values in school but we have to take note that it is much more significant to let them learn these values at home. As parents, we need to understand that our children learn by watching our actions and on how we treat them and other people. They are observant and they will mimic what they see, hear and feel. It is your responsibility to be a role model and show honesty as well in order for your child to become honest too.

How to Clean the Ears Using Saline Solution

Long before drugs were invented, our ancestors depended on home remedies for survival. Nature provides everything we need. We only need to look farther. Some of the best home remedies are just in our cupboards waiting to be discovered. It is important that you know home remedies. In this case, do you know the best home remedy for ear wax removal? If not, you have to be familiar with saline solution.

Saline solution never gets old. It can do many things especially getting rid of ear wax without compromising the ears. Normally, you would use cotton swabs to clean the ears every single day but you have to know that that is not very safe for your ears at all. Instead of getting rid of the ear wax, it will lead to accumulation. The accumulation can result to few discomforts like pain, hearing loss, dizziness and many more.

Experts here in Singapore and the world would recommend that you do not use any object inside the ears. The general rule of thumb is not to put anything that is smaller than your elbows inside the ear. The safest thing that you should consider is saline solution. So, how can you make a saline solution and what are the steps that should be taken? Here are the steps:

1. Secure materials to be used: The first thing that you need to do is secure the materials that you will use to make the solution. You need salt, warm water, cotton balls and clean cloth.

2. Mix salt and warm water: Now that the salt and warm water is ready, it is time to mix it. Only put 1 teaspoon of salt and ½ cup of warm water. Make sure that the salt melts completely. Now you have your saline solution

3. Tilt: Tilt one side of the head. This will depend on you.

4. Immerse cotton balls: Now that you are positioned, you can ask someone around to immerse the cotton ball in the solution. If no one is around, make sure that you immerse it thoroughly. Now you can squeeze the cotton ball unto the ear. Just remember that you only need to put few drops. Do not flood the ear.

5. Stay: Stay in that position for at least five minutes. Do not move to maximize the solution.

6. Drain: To drain, move on the other side with a cloth. This will drain out the saline solution inside the ears. This is also in preparation for the next side of the ear. Repeat the steps for the other side of the ear.

Final note: don’t use this every day as it can irritate the ears.

Best Ways to Give Yourself a Mini-Makeover

Woke up with just a few minutes to spare before leaving for work? Need to look your best for a sudden photo op? Running late for your date? Worry not though, for we listed down some tips that could help you perform mini-makeovers on yourself in less than five minutes.

1. Hair

If you wake up without enough time to take a shower or you’re stuck sweating in the summer humidity, then using dry shampoo is your best option. It can be easily applied on unwashed hair so it could immediately absorb the grease. Also, dry shampoo comes in spray or powder form that you can carry in your bag or keep at work in the event that a beauty emergency occurs.

2. Eyebrows

Don’t have the time to do a cat-eye? Then ditch it entirely and just focus on grooming your eyebrows. It only takes 10 seconds to apply some brow liner or wax to shape and fill in your eyebrows and make your peepers look great even without any eye makeup.

3. Lips

Keep a good lipstick for times when you want to make a statement with your look in just about three seconds. With this, you can easily swipe some colour on your lips that’ll have your friends and co-workers showering you with compliments. So be sure to get a gorgeous lippie that you can rely on for all occasions.

4. Nails

Whether you’re holding your morning coffee or waving at a colleague, your nails are always there ready to make a statement. So if you need to spruce them up but don’t have enough time to visit a nail salon, simply file them and practise proper cuticle care. You’ll be amazed at how much difference it can make on your nails.

5. Clothes

You might be tempted to dress down on days when you don’t have enough time to perform your usual makeup and hair routine, but that shouldn’t really be case. Instead, wear that cute new skirt or your dazzling dress to cover up for lack of makeup and hair styling. Doing so won’t only make you look better, it’s also proven to help in improving your mood.

On moments when you need to look good but is pressed for time, focus on working on one or two features in your body and do them right. The people around you will certainly notice your lovely blouse and how on fleek your brows are, and will completely overlook anything amiss.

How to Read Comics, Graphic Novels and Manga

Comics is still one of the most popular platforms of storytelling. The uninitiated mistake them for children’s books because of the drawings, but comics have inspired a lot of movies and television series not made for kids.

Parts of a Comics

Comics is reading with pictures. Unlike picture books, however, the creation process is more complicated. Picture books have illustrations to enhance reading, but comics need the illustrations to tell the story. Comics is composed of graphics, panels and text. The text are enclosed in shapes called speech bubbles. The panels or frames are like individual scenes or shots. Think of them as camera shots in a film. Sometimes, instead of a speech bubble, the comic artist will provide a narrative box for a narration or voice-over. It’s also not unusual to see bleed pages or a spread. Bleed is the term used for an image the runs off the page on all sides. There are no visible borders or gutters (the space between panels). A spread on the other hand is composed of two pages facing each other. One scene is depicted on the two pages.

What are Comics?

Comics eliminate the need for describing details. Instead they can be shown in drawings. It gives the comic artist more freedom to place a lot of details in the illustration as well as focus on the dialogue. Some argue that comics can pack more information than the text in novels. Comics are like serialized short stories. The stories are told in several volumes and will take years to complete. Comics are read from top to bottom starting at the leftmost panel.

What is a Graphic Novel?

Sometimes you’ll hear people say graphic novels instead of comics. Although the basic elements are the same, graphic novels tend to have longer and more complex stories. Graphic novels don’t take several volumes to finish one story. Unlike comics, you don’t need to go through several story arcs to complete it. Like comics, Western graphic novels are read from top to bottom starting at the leftmost panel. Graphic novels are not to be confused with visual novels which are interactive video games composed of static graphics. Visual novels are comics-style video games.

What are Manga?

Manga is the Japanese name for comics. Some comics artists (mangaka in Japanese) consider manga as graphic novels. They have a distinct artwork from the Western superhero comics and graphic novels. Manga is divided into 5 types based on the age bracket and gender of the target audience. Some argue that manga has more diverse genres compared to Western comics. Genres range from slice of life to science fiction. Manga are often adapted into animated television series called anime. You might be confused the first time you read a manga. You read manga from top to bottom like regular comics, but you begin at the rightmost panel. English translations, however, can sometimes be read from left to right.

Security Threats in VoIP

During the early days of voice over IP, there was still no major concern about security issues; businesses here in Singapore were primarily concerned with the system’s reliability, functionality and cost. Now that voice over IP has become more popular among Singapore establishments, security has now become a major concern.

Let us take a look at the threats that VoIP users face today.

Identity Theft

Theft of personal information is done to commit fraud. This can happen through responding to an e-mail whereby you are directed to a website and requested to provide personal information in order to correct issues pertaining to your bank account, credit card, online purchase, etc. Another related concern is identity spoofing, wherein a person is impersonated on social networking sites like Facebook. The purpose of identity spoofing can range from doing simple pranks to more criminal offences like online scamming.


Eavesdropping is one way hackers steal credentials and personal information. Through listening to conversations, a hacker can obtain usernames, passwords and phone numbers of employees, allowing these criminals to gain access to voicemails, call plans, administrative portals and billing information. Attackers can eavesdrop on systems in order to execute corporate sabotage, identity theft or VoIP service theft.

Viruses and Malware

Since voice over IP utilizes softphones and software, the Singapore hosted voip company system is therefore at risk to viruses and malwares. These viruses hijack computer systems and take control over it. They can send spam messages and malicious data, permanently destroy files and trace data entry to access information remotely. Financial information and credit card data are commonly targeted by this type of attack.

Denial of Service (DoS)

DoS is an attack targeted on a device or network in order to deny it of service or connectivity. It is done either by consuming the bandwidth or overloading the device or the network’s internal resources. This prevents outgoing and incoming VoIP calls and allows hackers to gain remote access and control of admin servers. They can conveniently steal confidential business and client information and abuse IP servers to make costly calls under your business’ account.

Call Tampering

Call tampering involves transmission of noise packets to interrupt communication over a line and cause dropped calls, reduce voice call quality and delay voice signal. A third party can change the encryption key of your call’s digital signature, making it vulnerable to interception. IP servers are tricked into believing that the original parties are still in the line and the hacker now has the opportunity to collect data and cause serious damage on your IP system.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

This is a sophisticated system attack, where the attacker uses software tools to fool your customer into believing that it is a server and vice versa. By sitting between a client and a genuine server, the man in the middle can interrupt the traffic flowing between them, manipulate the data and replay messages. This type of system attack is essentially effective in capturing sensitive data in wireless connection.

Spam in VoIP Sessions (SPIT)

SPIT, also known as VoIP spam, comes as a phone call. While it is not very common yet, the biggest problem of this threat is that voice messages are 10 times larger than e-mails, therefore consuming much more bandwidth. This can lead to poor voice call clarity and quality. The prevalence of this issue is expected to rise as the same sources that produce e-mail spam can easily modify their e-mails into voice over IP spam calls.

The Solutions

You can protect your business from these high-tech system attacks by using the following techniques.

• Authentication Protocols

Authentication protocols in VoIP differ based on the type of data being transported. It can be as simple as password authentication procedure to something as complex as a three-way authentication process. However, password authentication is susceptible to attack and can be easily exploited by system hackers. Many times, usernames and passwords are not sufficiently protected or disguised before traversing the link. Using a VPN rather than an open internet helps reduce this issue significantly.

• Encryption

Web communication service providers in Singapore offer authentication and encryption protocols, and many of them offer encryption as an additional IP service. Along with ensuring customer satisfaction, businesses especially those in the retail and financial industries should take extra measures to ensure safety of consumer data.

• Anti-Virus Software

Because softphones are part of VoIP systems, protecting them from malware and viruses is critical to securing your IP network. Malicious third-party programs can enter your system through emails and downloaded files to interrupt or suspend your network services entirely. Installing anti-virus applications and firewalls is important. Often, VoIP in Singapore offer anti-virus protection as part of their services.

• Authorization Policies and Call Restrictions

A simple method for your organization to secure your VoIP lines is to regulate policies in your premises. Perform call audits and set call restrictions to keep track of your system’s activities. You can secure configuration of your IP application by creating a list of approved country codes for your employees’ usage.

Network security threats are on the rise, making it more important to integrate and update network security measures. Safeguarding business information and confidential client data should remain a top priority of any system and establishment. An effective VoIP in Singapore as your security partner in your business will significantly help in detecting, analyzing and responding to cyber threats before they can cause damage to your productivity and reputation. A reputable VoIP in Singapore can work with you and harness your knowledge in protecting your business from the increasingly hostile environment of technology.

Remembering Warning Signs of Stroke


Singapore is on the move now to a happier and healthier life. With many programs on its way, leading a happy and healthy life is possible. But despite this, there are still illness lurking everywhere. For sure you are aware that stroke is one of them. Stroke is actually one of the leading causes of death in the world. With this scale, it is difficult to fight it.

It is crucial that you know things about stroke especially its warning signs. Stroke happens when the blood’s supply to the brain is compromised – either reduced or interrupted. Because of this, the brain won’t get enough nutrients or oxygen which causes the cells to regress or worse, die. There are three kinds of stroke – ischemic, haemorrhagic and Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA).

There are different causes of stroke depending on the kind. For ischemic stroke, which is the most common kind, is caused by narrowing or blockages of the arteries leading to the brain. Haemorrhagic stroke is caused by bursting of blood in the brain’s arteries. TIA is less serious than previous kinds but it is still a medical emergency since it can be a sign for future strokes. TIA is caused by a blockage of the artery but is temporary.

Now that you know the stroke and its different kinds, the next thing that you should know is to know the warning signs and remember it. It is a possible stroke if:

  • Face: When you observe that the person’s face droops on one side.


  • Arms: If the face does not droop, you should check the arms. Try to raise both arms. Ideally it should be equal but if you notice the one arm is lower than the other, it can be a sign of stroke.

  • Speech: This is another sign that can indicate a person is suffering from stroke. If you notice that the speech is slurred or strange, you should be alarmed.


  • Time: Stroke is a serious one regardless of the kind so as soon as you notice the signs, you have to call an ambulance or emergency responders right away. Every minute counts.

To help you remember these signs easy, try to think of it as FAST. But there are also other signs that you have to consider like numbness or weakness on one side of his/her body, blurring or vision, severe headache and unexplained dizziness or unsteadiness.

Your risk of developing stroke increases as you grow old. It is therefore critical that you live a healthy lifestyle now. Do not delay it.