Best Ways to Acquire Alkaline Water

Since the demand for alkaline has grown over the years, finding a retail establishment that sell this specific type of water has become quite difficult. In fact, this has forced a good number of consumers in Singapore to start producing the water in their own homes. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to transform your regular drink into alkalized water. Investing on a reverse osmosis system or an alkaline water ionizer are two of the most effective ways to get alkaline water flowing in your home, but these are not the only options. Here, we listed down some techniques on how you could possibly acquire alkaline water, along with a few tips to effectively perform your chosen method.

1. Alkaline Water Ionizer

Investing on an alkaline water ioniser machine is one of the most cost-effective way to transform your tap water into alkaline water. This kitchen appliance is capable of changing the water’s pH level by using electrolysis. Water ionizers work by separating the water into acidic and alkaline components, until the water meets the appropriate pH level.

These machines were first made available in Japan, Singapore and other Asian countries. After the consumers began experiencing the health benefits associated with ionized water, the trend started hitting Europe and United States market. Alkaline water ionizers are fairly easy to use, compact and budget-friendly, making them a good option for someone who wants to have an endless supply of ionized water, sans spending too much.

2. Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis (RO) is another purification method that’s widely used in the water filtration industry. This method implements the use of semipermeable membrane by an alkaline water provider in Singapore to strop certain ions, molecules and particles from tap water. Applied pressure is also used in this method to eliminate osmotic pressure. In fact, RO became popular that it’s widely used even by some of the biggest bottled water manufacturers in Singapore.

Unlike an alkaline water ionizer, however, this purification method can be very costly. Nonetheless, you have the option to instantly install it on your plumbing pipes or directly into your refrigerator. Just remember that the specifics may vary from one model to another.

3. Alkaline Water Pitcher

If you want to conveniently have a good supply of alkaline water, then you might want to opt for an alkaline water pitcher instead. The water pitcher looks the same as any regular pitcher; the only difference is it has a built-in water filter. Water is added to the top, as it slowly flows to the bottom. During the process, the water filter alkalizes your drinking water.

Initially, it’s touted as one of the cost-effective way to have alkaline water, but the filters should be replaced from time to time as repeated use tend to reduce their efficiency. Also, the water pitcher is only capable of holding a specific amount of water, which could not be enough for certain households. But despite all that drawbacks, a good number of consumers prefer this method because of its cost effectiveness and convenience.

4. Alkaline Water Drops

Finally, you can alter the pH level of your water through using water drops. These water drops can transform your water’s pH level in just a matter of seconds, and a small bottle of it is very affordable. The only problem with this method is it only produces a limited amount of ionized water. Once you run out of drops, you also run out of alkaline water, and that will force you to consistently purchase more bottles of it – and the long-term cost of purchasing water drops is what will surpass the expenses of the aforementioned alternatives.

Nevertheless, the drops can still be a great option especially for households who don’t want another pitcher or kitchen appliance. Also, they are perfect for individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of alkaline water even when on-the-go. If you will be travelling abroad and don’t want to bring a pitcher with you, then a bottle of alkaline water drops can do the trick.

Tips before Alkalizing Your Drinking Water

    • Check the Water’s pH Level. This is a crucial step to follow before and after you ionize your water. This will tell you how much adjustment needs to be made to your regular water. Tap water is naturally a seven on the scale, and the ideal pH level to achieve a pure drinking water is an eight or nine – which can be done through ionizing your water.

    • Use a pH Strip to Test Your Water. To check your water’s pH level, be sure to purchase a pH kit with pH strips and colour chart. Once you already have your kit, allow your strip to sit in the water for a moment and then compare its colour with those indicated in the pH chart. Take note of the water’s current pH level, then ionize it using your chosen method.

    • Understand the Water’s pH Level. After testing the water’s pH level, it’s now time to understand its pH level. Keep in mind that water that’s above the pH scale of seven is considered basic, while water with a pH level below that is already considered acidic. You would want your drinking water to be somewhere between 7 to 9 for it be healthy and filtered of any impurities.

Learning how to acquire your own alkaline water is one way of enjoying the benefits of this specific type of water without spending too much. Any of the aforementioned methods will help you get just that, so ensure that you choose the method that best suits your needs and budget.

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