Best Ways to Give Yourself a Mini-Makeover

Woke up with just a few minutes to spare before leaving for work? Need to look your best for a sudden photo op? Running late for your date? Worry not though, for we listed down some tips that could help you perform mini-makeovers on yourself in less than five minutes.

1. Hair

If you wake up without enough time to take a shower or you’re stuck sweating in the summer humidity, then using dry shampoo is your best option. It can be easily applied on unwashed hair so it could immediately absorb the grease. Also, dry shampoo comes in spray or powder form that you can carry in your bag or keep at work in the event that a beauty emergency occurs.

2. Eyebrows

Don’t have the time to do a cat-eye? Then ditch it entirely and just focus on grooming your eyebrows. It only takes 10 seconds to apply some brow liner or wax to shape and fill in your eyebrows and make your peepers look great even without any eye makeup.

3. Lips

Keep a good lipstick for times when you want to make a statement with your look in just about three seconds. With this, you can easily swipe some colour on your lips that’ll have your friends and co-workers showering you with compliments. So be sure to get a gorgeous lippie that you can rely on for all occasions.

4. Nails

Whether you’re holding your morning coffee or waving at a colleague, your nails are always there ready to make a statement. So if you need to spruce them up but don’t have enough time to visit a nail salon, simply file them and practise proper cuticle care. You’ll be amazed at how much difference it can make on your nails.

5. Clothes

You might be tempted to dress down on days when you don’t have enough time to perform your usual makeup and hair routine, but that shouldn’t really be case. Instead, wear that cute new skirt or your dazzling dress to cover up for lack of makeup and hair styling. Doing so won’t only make you look better, it’s also proven to help in improving your mood.

On moments when you need to look good but is pressed for time, focus on working on one or two features in your body and do them right. The people around you will certainly notice your lovely blouse and how on fleek your brows are, and will completely overlook anything amiss.

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