Do You Need a Postgraduate Degree?  


There comes a time that we feel lost and stranded in a job that doesn’t feel right anymore. When we feel these unpleasant feelings, going to work every day is already a terror by itself. To get through this, we either switch jobs or find the will to go on.

High school graduates throwing their mortarboards in the air

Somehow it is easier to switch jobs than pushing ourselves to rekindle our love for our present job. If we consider switching to different work environment, we have to make sure that we have an edge over other applicants.

Do we need postgraduate degree? Before we pursue our postgraduate degree, we have to consider some factors like:

  • Potential benefits: The first thing that we have to consider is the potential benefits of a postgraduate degree. One benefit is we will learn many things but learning is secondary. The primary benefit is increasing our value or worth.

Calculating the lifetime value of getting a master’s degree is hard to quantify but for sure when we graduate, we have higher value than those who only have bachelor’s degree. In postgraduate degree, the possibilities are endless.a39918695ed014ac_shutterstock_76708813.preview

  • Cost of taking a Master’s: We have established that a postgraduate degree can increase our value but we are stuck with the fees or cost. Postgraduate degree here in Singapore is costly. For example, for a master’s degree in accounting, economics or finance in SMU or NTU, we will spend at least $36,700 to $39,500.

The period is between 12 months to 28 months. We can get an education load but the interest rate per annum is now at 4.5%. Oh, let us not forget the months of earnings lost if we want to be a full-time student.

There is no doubt that there are many schools here in Singapore offering the best postgraduate programs. Whether we consider it or not, the important thing is we are happy with our decision.

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