Making Online Dating Work for You

In today’s world, the Internet plays a big role in everything we do. Studying, shopping, communicating- the Internet has become something necessary in our way of life.  When it comes to romance, some of us even turn to the Internet in their quest for love.


Online dating has been widely practiced for quite some time now but a lot of people are still on the fence about it. One reason why people seem to be hesitant to try is the mixed reviews they hear about it. The thing is, online dating can be successful or unsuccessful, depending on the people you ask.

If you’re willing to try dating online, there a few things you need to keep in mind in order to make this type of dating style work for you. This will also work for people who have been trying for long but haven’t seen good results yet. A few changes in your dating profile can make a huge difference in making online dating a guaranteed success.

Honesty is still the best policy.

One flaw of communicating with people online is that you can make your own identity. Most people don’t even entertain the idea of online dating because you can’t be 100 percent sure that people are really what they claim to be.

Some people online like to embellish their dating profiles too much or lie about their identities. However, this will only end up hurting them in the end because most people can spot a lie when they see one. Inconsistencies can chase away potential friendships or partners so it is important to remain true to oneself.

Authenticity is key.

Nothing ruins a potentially good relationship more than being fake. Surely, each one of us aspire to find a person who is truly authentic. Be cautious in building your dating profile and check if everything you claim is true.

What we learn from the first and second tip is simply this: Be true to who you are.


Don’t be the cliché.

Clichés may look good on television and the big screen but in real life it’s a major turnoff. Clichés are boring and too typical. Nobody spends time online for hours in search of someone uninteresting and bland.

Don’t fall for being the cliché in search for a better self-image. Open up yourself and let your real personality shine through.

Specify… but don’t overdo it.

For sure you’ve encountered dating profiles that do not interest you, only confuse you. Sure one-liners are more impactful than a whole paragraph, but do you really think a person who “likes to chill and do stuff” can garner interest?

Specify your hobbies you like to do. It can help convince someone to try those things with you but make sure not to share too much. The key is balance between being specific and being brief. Nobody likes to read a dating profile made up of several paragraphs explaining your interests and dating history.

Check, check and double check.

By now you’ve discovered how important a good dating profile is when it comes to online dating. Be sure to check everything you’ve written and proofread. Check for typing errors or wrong grammar choices because even that small detail can entice or chase away a likely partner.