Different Types of Curry to Try in Singapore

There is nothing in the world a good bowl of curry cannot solve. While this dish is well-loved by people across the globe, Singaporeans also have a soft spot for this rich and spicy dish. Given Singaporean cuisine’s diverse background of ethnic influences – it’s not a surprise to know that curry is served in several variants throughout the city-state.

If you’re planning to visit Singapore soon, their unique plates of curry are definitely a must-try! This is truly a delightful experience for foodies. Here are some of the famous variants of curry in SG:

• North Indian curry
North Indian cuisine has recently found its way in Singapore, with the North Indian curry being one of their front-liners. The dish is not exclusively served in curry shops too, as coffee shops begin to serve this type of curry at a justifiable price. This type of curry provides diners with more choices – from palak paneer (ground spinach curry) to butter chicken curry. The curry is also notably more flavorful; with its thick stew rich in various herbs and other ingredients.

• South Indian curry
Arguably the most popular curry in Singapore, South Indian curry is loved by both locals and tourists alike – and it is also one of the cheapest curry you can avail in the city-state. It is often served with a side of Nasi Biryani, which is a type of Indian spiced rice. The stew is more stewy and is packed with meat and a generous serving of vegetables like zucchini, potatoes, and carrots. The South Indian curry is a perfect one-course meal to be served with rice, or if you’re looking for alternatives, you can enjoy it with bread as well!

• Chinese curry
With lots of Chinese influences infused into Singapore’s local cuisine, it’s no wonder there’s a Chinese variant of curry. This type of curry is said to be similar with the taste of South Indian curry, but far simpler. It is described as meaty in flavor, with a pervading hint of coconut milk. This curry dish also leans close to a soup dish – with a watery gravy and chunks of meat, potatoes, and carrots.

• Japanese curry
The Japanese also love curry and they have since cooked the dish with a flavor of their own. In fact, this unique kind of curry is also well-loved in Singapore. The Japanese curry is a flavorful stew of vegetable chunks, normally eaten alongside steamed rice. The stew is thickened with starch, which also gives it a smoother mouthfeel and texture. With its aromatic spices and sweet vegetables, the Japanese curry deserves a spot under your food trip in SG list!

• Malay curry
If you love Malay food, the Malay curry is something you shouldn’t miss out on during your trip! The dish is usually served at stalls specializing in Malay food (such as the Nasi Lemak and Nasi Padang) stalls. The taste of this kind of curry is similar to that of South Indian curry, but usually more of stews, vegetables, and meat. The texture is also remarkably thicker.

4 Best Singapore Travel Agencies

A good travel agency is essential if you want to travel comfortably to different destinations. The travel agency must have good credentials and should offer great travel packages to fit the clients’ needs. In Singapore, these are the top travel agencies.


Chan Brothers Travel Agency

This travel agency is tagged as one of the travel agencies with a good reputation. Known to be in the service of providing customers with excellent travel packages for more than 49 years, Chan Brothers has a number of awards under its wing such as the Best Travel Agency that was awarded by the Travel Trade Gazette Asia and the Travel Agency of the Year, as awarded by the Singapore Tourism Board.

SA Tours

If you are planning to travel to Europe, this travel agency will provide for your every need. They are experts in organizing Europe group tours to travel and explore different European cities. SA Tours packages range from 9-day itineraries to 16-day itineraries.

Hong Thai Travel


For Korean tours, this travel agency is the best. You will never go wrong with their quality travel packages that are worth every penny. They are also famous for partnering with good hotels and providing good tourist guides for the journey.

CTC Travel

They specialize in China tour operations. Established since 1990, the travel agency is devoted to providing quality and unique tours to Chinese travel destinations. Some of the places in China this travel agency operates in are Beijing, Tianjin, Chaoshan, Guangdong and many more.


4 Overlooked Islands in Singapore You Should Visit

Summer is almost here, you can almost smell it in the air. If you are itching for a vacation but you do not want to experience all the hassle involved in overseas trips, it is best if you just stay in Singapore and explore its islands.


Listed below are some of the forgotten islands of Singapore that you should definitely visit and explore.

Pulau Semakau

Pulau Semakau is the first and only offshore landfill site that remains to this day. You may hesitate to visit this island because of the term landfill but you should not write this island off so quickly. Only the eastern part of the island is occupied by landfill activities. The rest of the island is abundant of fascinating flora and fauna. This island is a perfect place for eco-adventurers interested in exploring nature and its beauty.

Coney Island

This island does not serve the same purpose as its namesake. This island, found in Singapore, is famous to locals as a picnic destination. Originally, however, the island was supposed to be a theme park, not different from the famous theme park in Brooklyn with the same name.

Lazarus Island


This island is great for people who love visiting beautiful beaches. It’s dubbed as Singapore’s best maintained beach. The beach overlooks a scenic lagoon that is popular to beach lovers and swimmers.

Pulau Ubin

After Sentosa, Pulau Ubin is the most popular offshore island to be found in Singapore. It’s only a small island but it’s rich in culture and history. The name of the island stands for ‘Granite Island’ in Malay and is fitting because of the number of granite quarries in operation in this island in the past.


A Site to See

As the world is becoming even more populated, more and more infrastructures are built to accommodate and provide housing for the increase in number. This is particularly true in metropolitan cities all over the world and our city-state is definitely not immune to that group.


As the years go by, more and more buildings are being constructed. In other parts of the world, as this happens, more and more of the environment, such as the trees and natural vegetation, is being compromised. But, fortunately, that isn’t the case in our country because our government has strict policies protecting our lush environment.

That’s why we are very lucky to have such enviable landscapes filled with rich biodiversity. And one great example of this is our very own Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

This ecological treasure trove is nestled on Singapore’s highest hill, measuring 163.63 metres, at Bukit Timah Hill. Although quite small in size, with only 400 acres in total, this nature reserve is still brimming with over 840 species of flaura and 500 species of fauna. It is the nation’s second ASEAN Heritage Park, next to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.


Different species of dipterocarps are found in the area, one of which is the Seraya (Shorea curtisii). This large tree also happens to be a flagship species in this nature reserve. As for the animals, numerous species inhabit this area. In fact, birds, insects, and monkeys abound here.

As you tread along, you’ll hear a multitude of sounds coming deep from the heart of this forest and perhaps you’ll even catch the unmistakable calls of the crab-eating macaques. Just be sure that when you encounter one, you won’t feed it. It is after all prohibited and so are taunting them and teasing them such as baring your teeth at them.

There are countless gems to discover in this extraordinary rainforest. Here, you’ll also find such rare species as the Horsfield’s Flying Squirrel, Forest Praying Mantis, and the Singapore Freshwater Crab.

Other recreational activities are also allowed here. You could choose to stroll, run, hike, mountain bike, and even rock climb at designated areas.

The wonders of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve await you, so don’t let this chance to witness its majesty pass by.


Cool Spots for Nature Trippers in Singapore

At first glance, Singapore is a very developed city; a city that caters only businesses, tall buildings and machine industries, a city that does not have room for nature tripping and nature adventures. The truth is, Singapore has a well-balanced cityscape as well as natural landscapes within its territory. With this, Singapore can be a role model on nature and development balance. For nature trippers, here are the places you can visit in Singapore.


Lovers of wildlife will find the parks and reservoirs of Singapore. The Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Singapore Marine Life Park, River Safari Singapore and Underwater World Singapore are the home to wide array of birds, marine creatures and animals which can only be seen in the wild. The zoos and parks are also home to a huge variety of flora and fauna where animals mainly rely on when it comes to oxygen and food. These places are perfect for learning and information education of people of all ages especially children. Some zoos and parks allow viewers to have contact with the animals, so more than knowledge, there is really experience here.

Plants and flowers lovers have a place in Singapore too. An enthusiast’s eyes will be filled with colours and landscapes and his memories with information on plants if he visits Orchidville, Nyee Phoe Flower Farm, Chengtai Nursery, Bollywood Veggies and Agro-Green technology. These farms and nurseries are home to flowers, plants and vegetables which one can look, touch and feast on through fresh salads and dishes. These places promote healthy living and organic lifestyle to their visitors.


Waters, lands and trees can be enjoyed by athletes as they jog along many parks and reservoirs here. The most visited places are the MacRitchie Reservoir and Palau Ubin.

After sweating and visiting parks and wildlife, relax and chill by the beach or bathe in the clean waters of Sister’s Island and Kusu Island. Both places are famous for their virgin seascape and sea life. Swimmers, divers and sea lovers are going to love every inch of these islands.



Places in Singapore Athletes Must Visit

Singapore is the place for all people. It is a place where adventure seekers can go; it is the haven for people looking for rest and relaxation; it is the place of love for couples; it is the Mecca of photographers. Every person can adapt their needs and wants in this place—even athletes. Singapore has produced a number of athletes across time starting with Agu Casmir, Ang Peng Siong, Calvin Kang Li Loong, Chua Phung Kim, Feng Tianwei and Ismail Yumos who have made their names on their respected field of sports. With that, athletes can also find places they fit in here.

area after zig zag bridge_1256112744

As a day jump starter, jogging and warming up at the MacRitchie Reservoir Loop. The fresh air, the view of the clean river and the running trail surrounded by luscious greens because of trees and plants is best for the breathing practices while jogging. MacRitchie Reservoir Loop is a famous destination for jogging this place has even provided amenities such as lockers, shower and bathroom and refreshment areas for runners.

Another area which can be found at the centre of the city is the Singapore River which when traversed can provide a 6km run. The advantage of having a run in this area aside from its short distance from the city is the view while running. The cityscape and the famous places here like the Marina Bay Sans and the Art Science Museum can be seen. Runners won’t get bored running, for they have a lot of things to see along the trail.


Swimmers, divers, surfers and beach volleyball players will find the beaches in Sentosa as real paradise where they cannot only be tanned but also play their favourite sports. The white and powdered sand here are best for volleyball players. They can easily set up net along the shore for them to play. Waves are quite good here as well, so surfers are free to bring their boards and explore the sea. Diving lessons and diving certificates are also offered by some businesses along the shore, so diver can explore the Singapore underwater.



Romantic Places and Activities When In Singapore

Couple bonding, honeymoon, getting to know each other deeper or just simply being romantic—these are the possible reasons why couples travel. Unlike regular people who love to be spontaneous on their travel itinerary, couples need to be more specific. They have to find place where they are sure should help enhance the relationship that they have. Singapore goers who are couples need not to worry where to go because Singapore has a lot of places for them.


Singapore Flyer

Witness Singapore’s panoramic view holding hands while riding the famous Singapore Flyer. It is best that couples ride here when it’s getting dark for them to experience the romantic feels the city lights and the lights of the flyer. Be on the same height as the Singapore Flyer at the Esplanade Roof Garden. Enjoy healthy meal on a very cosy garden like restaurant while viewing the cityscape including the Marina Bay Sands, One Fullerton and the Fullerton River.

Les Bounchons and Palais Renaissance

After alluring your eyes with breathtaking sceneries, fill your tummies together by grabbing meals in Singapore’s best restaurant for couples. Steaks which will make you think of Paris, the most romantic place  in the world, are served in medium rare and well done at Les Bounchons. Be brought back in time just like in the romantic film Time Traveller’s Wife at Palais Renaissance, which architecture superbly mimics the Renaissance period. Singapore is the country where different cultures meat, so at every corner, restaurants serving authentic dishes from different countries can be found. Explore with your partner, and have your most memorable food trip at Singapore.


The Jewel Box at Mt. Faber

When relaxation and quiet time together are what you and your partner are seeking, The Jewel Box at Mt. Faber Road is a good place. It has a swimming pool, an indoor restaurant, spa and suites. On a more exquisite swimming experience, you may also visit Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands where infinity pools are offered. Swim while overlooking the cityscape. Hold hands and give each other assuring kisses while witnessing the playful figures and colours made by the Marina Bay Sands Water and Lights Show.