Home Workout and Exercises  


Who says you need a gym to stay fit and to build muscle? With the busy and hectic life in the big city, it’s very difficult to find time to go to a gym to workout (it is also often expensive). Instead, you can exercise at home and you’ll find that doing so will save a lot of time and money. Here are some exercises that can be done at home.



This is the classic at-home bodyweight exercise. You can make it more difficult by adding weights on your back or by changing hand placement. Push-ups help develop a toned chest and add strength and muscle to the biceps and shoulders.

Front Planks

Planks are done by suspending your body using your forearms (elbows planted on the floor) and your feet. Spending time in this position puts a works your lower back and on your abs as these muscles keep you balanced.

Side Planks

The mechanics are the same with front planks. The difference is that you now make a suspended bridge by turning sideways on either side. You should always make sure that you keep your elbows, forearms, and feet planted on the ground without arching your body. This trains your side abs and your back.


Not exactly a workout, but this exercise helps you stretch your muscles out. You do it by lying face first flat on the ground and extend your arms all the way forward and your toes all the way back.Superman


This can be done with a pull-up bar or by using the frame of your door. Just hang your arms on the frame or on the pull-up bar and begin to pull your whole body up. This workout trains your back as well as your biceps and shoulders.


Squats are the king of leg exercises as this trains all of your leg muscles. Begin on a stand-up position. Then, slowly bring your buttocks down as if you’re sitting on the air while maintaining locked knees and a straight back. Bring your self up and repeat as necessary.


This workout is a popular ab trainer. Just lie down on the floor flat. Bring your knees together and raise your legs up without bending your legs until you form a right angle between your legs and your abs. Return to the original position slowly and repeat.