Developing Reading Habits

You have to admit that you do not like reading because you feel that it gets boring every minute. You are not alone but if you do not overcome this, you will not be successful in life. You have to understand that reading is crucial in school and in the workplace. People who don’t know anything will not get far.


The good news is that you can still redeem yourself. It is not too late to like reading. You will find reading fun in no time. The trick is to develop reading habits. It is not easy at first but you will eventually like it. Just give books a chance. Here’s a start:

  • Pick a book: The first thing that you should do is pick a book. There are many books out there, how do you pick something? You only have to examine your interests. For sure you are interested in something. Pick something the interests you. You are off to a good start.
  • Practice reading: Now that you found the book that you are interested in, the next thing that you should do is set a goal. If you can stand reading for 15 minutes, that is a good start. Read for 15 minutes every day and when you are used to it, increase the time.o-PERSON-READING-BOOK-facebook
  • Do not yield: There are times that reading is boring but you should not yield to the temptation of closing the book and discard it. You should not give up. No matter how hard it gets, you should never give up.
  • Go to libraries: If you want a wider selection of books, you can always go to the nearest libraries. The good thing is that you can borrow books just make sure to return it right away.
  • Go to book fairs: If you want to meet people and join the celebration of reading, you should consider book fairs. Speaking of book fairs, there will be a book fair here in Singapore on June 10 to 16, 2014. This is book fair is an annual event here in Singapore. More than 150 publishers in Asia will come together to give you great books.

If you still consider books boring, there is something wrong with what you are doing. You have to examine yourself and create a solution. You cannot forever ignore books and other reading materials. If you have kids around, it is good if you practice reading so they will know its importance. You have to teach them the importance of reading while they are young so they will have no difficulties when they grow old.

You have to be positive and think that reading is fun.