Type of Laser to be used in a LASIK Surgery

In undergoing a LASIK surgery in Singapore, looking for the surgeon is not just the only thing that you should be concerned of. You should also look for and check out the lasers that are available for the procedure. There are actually a lot of different lasers that can be used in a LASIK surgery and looking for the best laser for your operation is one of the things that you should also focus on.


Excimer laser is one of the most known lasers that can be used in a LASIK surgery in Singapore. This laser has said to have increased the safety and efficiency of the corneal refractive surgery. It is best to go to a reputed doctor like clear vision recommended for Lasik in Singapore for the best quality Lasik. Aside from that, excimer laser can also remove a good amount of tissue from the layer of the cornea without causing any damage in the corneal tissue. However, the best type of excimer laser for your surgery would depend on some factors like your degree of refractive error, your cornea’s thickness and your pupils’ size.
So to give you an idea as to what kind of excimer laser is available and you can use for your LASIK Singapore surgery, here are the different types of the up to date excimer lasers which is used for LASIK.

1. Spot Scanning Lasers
This type of laser is the most commonly used for laser eye surgeries. It uses laser beams that are smaller in diameter to scan the cornea and create a treatment zone. With the spot scanning laser’s small diameter, it is expected to produce one of the smoothest treatments for the cornea and a better treatment for other eye conditions like irregular astigmatism.


2. Slit Scanning Lasers
Like the spot scanning laser, slit lasers also use small beams that are connected in a device that have slit holes which can be enlarged during a surgery be used to gradually enlarge the ablation zone in the eyes. The beam used in this laser is also said to create smoother treatments for the eyes compared to the older beam lasers. However, misusing the slit scanning laser can lead to overcorrection of the eyes, though it can be prevented when your surgeon uses an eye tracker during the operation.

3. Wavefront-guided Lasers
Wavefront laser is a type of laser beam that is linked to a machine that can detect and trace some defects in your optical system. These laser devices can also generate a kind of LASIK treatment which varies for every patient that will undergo the said treatment. Also, both the spot and slit scanning lasers can be used as wave front-guided treatment.

Each of this laser type is actually safe and effective to use for LASIK Singapore surgery. There only difference would be the pattern that used to assist the laser beam and keep track of the eyes during the treatment.
Looking for the right laser to use for your eye surgery is as important as choosing the surgeon or healthcare provider that will perform your operation. There are important factors that you need to consider so that you can get the result that you really want.