Secrets for Capturing that Remarkable iPhone Reflection Pictures  


There are many interesting things here in Singapore but only a few ventured on reflection photography. Reflections are beautiful with an air of mystery – this makes the photography appealing.  If in this case you want to find an inspiration when taking photos, you have to consider reflection photography for all its potential.


You will be surprised when you discover the potential of reflection photography. Your medium is your camera but if it is not available, you can still take remarkable reflection photos using your iPhone. Yes, you can still produce remarkable results with the use of your iPhone. Here are some secrets for capturing that remarkable iPhone reflection pictures:

  • Find your surface: The first secret is to look for the perfect surface. There are many reflective surfaces that you can consider like the mirror, glass, water, wood, metals and the like. Once you train your eye to look for it, you will realize that you are surrounded by reflective surfaces. The most common surface is the water.
  • Find your subject: Now that you are keenly aware of the potential of reflective surfaces, it is time that you look for your subject. You can just shot anything with reflection but what about the message you want to evoke? If you find an interesting subject, you will draw many people.
  • Exclude distractions: Many people love simplicity. Sometimes, the simplest photos stand out. For reflective photos, you have to exclude distractions from the frame so only important parts remain – the subject and the reflection.


  • Go near the surface: If you want your reflection photo to stand out, you have to go near the surface. For example, if you consider water, the best thing to do is to take a photo less than an inch from the water’s surface. Going near the surface will allow you to put your subject with nothing but the sky.
  • Try imperfect surfaces: You like a beautiful and perfect mirror-like reflections but imperfections can be interesting. Imperfections include distortions and uneven surfaces. These things will add more character to photos.
  • Shot hundreds of photos: Reflection photography is more like experimenting until you produce best results. If it takes to shot hundreds if not thousand photos to capture that single and remarkable shot, then you have to consider it. Photography is after all is about patience and persistence.

Now that you know some secrets, it is time that you employ it. Your photos will have better results if you download and install photography applications. Seaside-reflection-photography