The World’s Most Influential Women 2016


It is amazing how women leave a huge imprint in the world just like the men. In this world where women are empowered, many prove that they can make a difference or even surpass other men. Forbes just released its annual list of 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. The list is comprised of the world’s smartest and inspiring, leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.


For sure many Singaporean women will be motivated once they go through the list. Here are the top ten world’s most influential women:

  1. Angela Merkel – It is not a surprise that the first ever female German Chancellor topped the list for 6 consecutive years actually. Many people described her to be a humanist since she paved the way to open Germany’s borders to immigrants.
  1. Hillary Clinton – She is probably more influential than her former husband. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat front-runner and the first woman in the history of America to advance in the race for presidency. Not only that, she is the only First Lady to pursue a career in public office.
  1. Janet Yellen – Janet is known as the Chairman of the Washington Federal Reserve. As the Chairman, she did her best to boost employment rate at the same time stabilizing the US financial system.
  1. Melinda Gates – As a wife to one of the richest person on earth, Melinda never forgets to be humble and share her blessings. She founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which gives hope to people. Now, Melinda is absorbed on helping women conquer gender equality.
  1. Mary Barra – Mary Barra is General Motor’s matriarch. She is in fact the first female to become General Motor’s CEO. She managed to regain the company’s former glory with huge sales two years ago.1386685771000-a01-barra-mug-nline-21
  1. Christine Lagarde – She is the current head of the International Monetary Fund. She helped the world recuperate from financial crisis. Now she is engrossed in world issues like income disparities and gender inequality.
  1. Sheryl Sandberg – People only know Zuckerberg but it is time that you know the exceptional work of Facebook’s Chief Operation Officer, Sheryl Sandberg. She assisted boost the revenues of Facebook and constantly make donations to support women empowerment.
  1. Susan Wojcicki – She is the CEO of YouTube and dubbed as advertising most important person. She urged Google to buy YouTube and now it is valued at US$70 billion up from 2006’s US$1.65 billion.
  1. Meg Whitman – Meg Whitman is Hewlett Packard’s current CEO. In the past, she helped eBay raise profits.
  1. Ana Patricia Botin – She is the chairman of Santander, a financial- services. This woman is known to lead the progress of Europe’s largest bank. With this, she is considered as the world’s most powerful bank executives.


Tips for Wedding Photographers Before the Wedding

Photographers always present in wedding whether they are professional or amateur. They make the wedding more colourful and wonderful. Traditionally, wedding photography is a creative way of describing how happy and lively the wedding is. Preparation for wedding is like a problem that just pops out. What are the materials needed? Who would you invite? How many? And more questions the literally gets out of the couples mind.

Most couples never mind how much money they will spend for their most awaited day. But sometimes, they mind. Usually, couples who are saving money will choose to hire photographer even if they know that it exceeds their budget. In Singapore, most couples prefer to have at least one photographer even if it is their relative. For them, the most important are the pictures and not the photographer. However, you really need to hire a professional photographer if you want your wedding photos to be always remembered.


If you’re a photographer and you want yourself to be recognized, follow these advices:

  • Sell your skills

By the time a couple visited your studio, they want you as their wedding photographer or maybe they only want to check your portfolio. Usually, couples visits or checks at least three wedding photo studios and choose what the best is for the couple. If this happen, immediately show them your interest to work with them but do not show to them that your with their money. Sell your skills and share to them your biggest achievement as a perfect wedding photographer in Singapore like you have taken a photo of the most famous models in the globe. Through this, you can easily convince them to be their photographer for your big day and remember wedding photography is a business and you need to compete to other companies to survive in the market.


  • Check you equipment

Most of the time photographers prepare what they need two day before the wedding day and finalizing it during the last hours before the wedding starts. Most photographers in Singapore double check everything before they go to the event.  As usual, a photographer must bring a camera along with the tripod. Apart from that, lenses, lights, wires, cables and other useful equipment should be brought.


There is always a story in every picture especially in wedding photos. This is the reason why wedding photographers should not be taken for granted. Today, cameras can be simply operated by an ordinary person. The challenge today for wedding photographers is on how they gonna compete with their small competitors to continue and excel in their field.

Several professional photographers of yesterday were just happy to share their passion through workshops and crash courses. However, others continue their passion in wedding photography and they always give a smile to their clients.

Taking photos is easy but when you know the real meaning of photography, you’ll be shocked on how difficult it is when you perfect all the important aspect of taking photos.


A Wedding Dress Dream Come True

If your boyfriend recently proposed and you said yes, it is time to think about your wedding arrangements to make it successful. A wedding is an important life event. Deciding to marry and have a family despite the economic turmoil is challenging but it is nothing compared to the joys you will encounter in the future. If you are worried about your finances and won’t be able to afford the wedding gowns that you fancied, do not worry because the future of Singapore looks bright. You can choose to get married anytime you want as long as you are up for it.

Heart Beach Words

Marrying in Singapore is the best decision you will ever make. So what are you waiting for? It is time to make your list and plan your own wedding. Here is a guide:

Set the Date

Of course, you should set the date before giving away your invitations or announcing it to the public. Make sure the date is convenient for you and your soon-to-be husband. If you want it in a few months’ time, you should double your efforts when it comes to the preparation. You can go to church and book your wedding date for a start.

Determine Your Budget

After setting the date, you need to determine your budget, primarily for your wedding gowns, flower and décor, and food and venue. Budget will serve as your basis. If you want a simple wedding, you can budget a fair amount of money but if you want a grand wedding dresses from Singapore you should allocate a big amount of money. Although there is nothing wrong if you want a grand wedding, you should make sure that you do not exhaust all your lifetime savings because that is not a practical thing to do.


Look for a Venue or Reception

Now that you have your budget, you should do your best to fit everything in it. You can start by looking for your venue or reception. There are a lot of romantic and worthy venues or receptions here in Singapore. You should visit the place first and decide if it is the perfect place. Haggling is challenging but you will enjoy it. Make sure that your venue matches your wedding theme and the styles of your wedding gowns.

Look for Caterers and Flower Arrangements

Food is important. You should make sure your foods are delicious for people to remember it. There are many caterers out there. You can also look for cake shops and ask them to make your cake. You should never forget about the flowers and the centerpieces because it can add to the beauty of your wedding.


Look for Your Wedding Gown

They say that the bride should be the prettiest girl in her own wedding. In order to achieve that, she should look for the perfect wedding gown. Looking for the perfect wedding gown is not easy but if you know what you like, you will surely find it in no time. Make sure it perfectly suits you.

Weddings can be a bit demanding and taxing and to think it is only-a-few-hours event but we all want to make it memorable and worth every effort so we don’t mind doing everything. If you find it difficult, you can always ask your friends to help you choose your wedding gowns. They will surely help you with all the preparations. If you like, you can get wedding planners to assist you all the time.

More Shopping, Less Spending in Singapore

Trips are not complete without shopping. So if ever you plan a trip to Singapore, do not miss their shopping malls as they offer you a wide range of choices from gadgets to fashion! Below are list of the best five budget shopping places in Singapore that if you miss to visit one, your Singapore trip would be incomplete.


1. Mustafa Center. If you are a hard core shopper, Mustafa Centre is open for you 24-hours. You could find over 75,000 items in a six-storey building. If you visit here at midnight, you may have luck to meet some Bollywood stars.

2. Lucky Plaza. Looking for a budget-shopping mall? Come to Lucky Plaza. Filipino goods are served here and there are many domestic Filipino workers. This shopping mall has over 500 retail stores, food and beverages stations and medical center.


3. Bugis Street. Shop till you drop at Bugis Street. It is the largest street for shopping spree in Singapore. If you are a shopper who loves shoes, bags, street wears and accessories, this is a perfect place for you! It has 80o shops where you could visit your best choice of apparels and fashionable accents.


4. Far East Plaza. Finding items in cheap prices but in good condition is a big YES in shopping. Far East Plaza, located at the heart of the Orchard Road is best place for teenagers where they can find trendy clothes and pretty shoes.

5. Yue Hwa. This is a one-stop-shop for Chinese items like tea, handicrafts, herbs and medicines and other Chinese related stuff. Who says that Singapore is expensive? More shopping and less spending would make you complete and happy in your Singapore trip!

Avoiding Scams

Not all people are honourable. There are people who feast on the weakness of others so they can go higher. This is not new because there will always be people who will deceive, lie and cheat so that they can have the life they want fast and easy. Here in Singapore, there are many people who are arrested for scamming. Their scams and modus operandi varies but one thing is certain – they should be reprimanded for taking advantage of the weakness of other people.


It is important that you know scam when it stares right at your face. This article will discuss how to avoid online scams and swindlers. Here are some ideas:

Free trial

There are many products online. You will surely be enticed to know free trial offers but beware because there are hidden costs. Do not just click ‘Agree’ without reading everything.

Fake Wi-Fi hot Spots

You have to be careful if you are in a public place connecting to Wi-Fi hot spot. There are people who will establish a fake Wi-Fi spots and if you connect, they will scour your accounts for bank information.


Fake Contests

You may receive a text message saying that you won a contest. There are others that use Twitter or Facebook to let you know about a contest by clicking a link. If you click the link, a ‘robot’ will be downloaded which can be used by scammers to send spam e-mails.

Fake Anti-Virus

There are people that sell you fake anti-virus. They are not really cleaning the computer, they are in fact installing malware that can steal your bank information and other financial details.

The list goes on. It is important that you know some of the modus of the scammers so when you see similar patterns, you will be alerted. When you feel that you are a victim, it is crucial that you convey it to the police so they can conduct further investigation. You can help many people by alerting the officers or spreading the information.

Avoiding Car Accidents

Every day, car accidents happen here in Singapore. Some are not serious, some are severe that lives are taken. There was a car accident at Hillview Avenue on October 23, 2013 that cost the life of the front passenger. The 23 year old woman was pronounced dead by the paramedics at the scene. The driver and other passengers survived the crash; they were brought to the nearby hospital. The driver claimed that he lost control of the car hitting a tree.


As much as possible, we want to shun car accidents but we know that things happen but that does not mean that we leave it to fate. We can do something to at least minimize our risks. So, how can we minimize our risks? Here are some ways:

Visit the mechanic

The basic thing that you need to do is bring your car to the mechanic. Cars need to be checked all the time. Do not hesitate to bring it to the mechanic even if you think that there are no problems. Your mechanic visit should be regular.

Be attentive

When you are driving, it is important that you are attentive. You have to be watchful of the cars beside you and the road too. You need to relentlessly check your rear view mirror to assess the speed of cars.


Use lights and mirrors

Your rear view mirrors and lights are there for a reason. You should put it in good use. Your lights are made to signal other drivers of your intention (to go left, right, stop, etc.) your rear view mirrors will let you see other cars.

Follow traffic rules

It is imperative that you follow traffic rules and signs. Even if you are in a hurry, you should drive carefully and avoid beating the red light. It will not do you good. You are always safe if you follow traffic rules. If there are incidents, you will not be reprimanded.


When you drive, it demands your whole and undivided attention. That means no texting while driving. If it can’t be helped, pull over and call or reply. Do not drive when you are drunk because it will cloud your judgment and more importantly, do not drive when you are sleepy.


Questions to Ask before Buying an Engagement Ring

You’ve finally found your soul mate. And now, you’ve decided to settle down and spend the rest of your like with her. The first thing you need to do, before popping the question, is to look for an appropriate symbol to represent your love and promise to the woman you love. Buying an engagement ring doesn’t have to be difficult. With this guide in mind, you’ll be armed with all the facets of wedding ring and wedding bands shopping.


1. How much can I afford?

When a men shop for proposal ring or wedding ring, salespeople often do sneaky marketing gimmicks, they make men think that the extent of his love for her is reflected to how much he’s willing to spend on a ring. To avoid getting brainwashed by these strategies, set a budget or figure out how much you’re willing to spend before you enter a Singapore jewellery store.

2. Is she into big or small jewellery?

Some women in Singapore love slim chains, exquisite earrings, tiny rings, etc such as those from Ling wedding ring for couples in Singapore while others go for huge rings, sparkly hoops, and chunky bangles.  Although there are exceptions, noticing what she wears everyday will give you a clear idea what kind of accessories she likes most.

3. Is it okay for her to wear two rings or one is enough?

Traditionally, men give one ring for engagement, and another one at the wedding ceremony to “seal the deal.”  When shopping for engagement ring, it’s better to look for one that comes with a wedding ring. This is for you to see how the rings would look like when worn together.

4. What are her usual daily activities?

There are wedding bands that can be a problem when worn in a vigorous environment. If your partner is a doctor or nurse, they should not be wearing tall and pointy accessories that are going to tear and scratch their latex gloves.


5. What diamond shape should I get?

For wise investment, rounds are the best diamond shape you can get.  However, women today are flocking for princess or square cut diamond centrepiece for their wedding bands. Square cut look smaller on the hand compared to the other shapes of diamond.  If you want to express how much you love your girl, the most lavish you could get is the marquise.  This shape looks bigger compared to other shapes of the same weight.

6. What ring size my girl has?

While she’s asleep, tie a string around her ring finger and slowly slide it off.  Or, you can secretly take her ring to a jeweller and have it measure the finger size. Just make sure that the ring goes on her left ring finger since it has different size from the right.

7. What ring style?

To know what style of and proposal ring she wants, notice how she comments on a friend’s ring, lingers on a jewellery magazine, or her eyes sparkle as she enters a jewellery store.  It’s also advisable to ask help from her friends or future in-laws.

How to Eat Yusheng

Chinese New Year involves various types of food served at reunion dinners and the many get-together parties. All foods served embodies special significance or symbolism. Festive dishes include whole fish (for unity and abundance), uncut noodles (for long life), chicken (for prosperity)  and yusheng (for wealth). Yusheng is especially a Singapore dish. When you are presented with a yusheng, you should know what to do. There are eight steps that you need to perform to bring forth more wealth. The eight steps include:


Step 1: You should utter “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (which means happiness and prosperity) and “Wan Shi Ruyi” (which means smooth sailing).

Step 2: You should utter “Da Ji Dali” (which means luck and prosperity) upon pouring lime juice to the ingredients.

Step 3: You should utter “Yi Ben Wan Li” (which means having surplus every year) and “Long Ma Jing Shen” (which means great health) upon putting yusheng onto the shredded vegetables.

Step 4: You should utter “Yi Ben Wan Li” (which means flourishing business) upon sprinkling pepper and the five spice powder.

Step 5: You should utter “You Hui Duo Duo” (which means rolling fortunes) upon pouring sauces and golden cooking oil.

Step 6: You should utter “Jin Yin Man Wu” (which means abundant wealth) upon sprinkling the golden crushed peanuts.

Step 7: You should utter “Sheng Yi Xing Long” (which means flourishing business) upon dashing it with sesame powder.

Step 8: Finally, you should utter “Man Di Huang Jin” (which means abundant wealth) upon pouring the thin golden membrane.

As a conclusion, everyone at the table calls out  “Lo Hei” (which means to prosper more and more). The tossing of yusheng is popular with businessmen. Some use their chopsticks to toss the ingredients as high as they can in the air; the higher you throw it, the more prosperous you will be.