The Singapore Service Star

You come to Singapore and you are given the best service. That is how Singapore treats her tourists and guests. The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) launched the Singapore Service Star last December 2008 to give credit for good services. This is a way of promoting local business entities at the same time encouraging and inspiring them. So, what is the Singapore Service Star? Here are some ideas:



Whether you are shopping or dining, services make all the difference. The Singapore Service is an accreditation scheme that recognizes and promotes establishments that deliver good services. The accreditation scheme seeks to enhance the confidence of tourists at the same time encouraging local tourist industries.


The Singapore Service Star is open to all businesses from the Food, Beverage, Nightspot and Retail industries. There are many businesses from different industries that have joined in this accreditation scheme. Screening the members is not easy because you need to meet requirements like the code of practice and no warning letters from the STB.


For the tourists, the benefit is clear- great service but for the members, there are many benefits that await. Members will be given recognition for their efforts in providing a great service; members will be given Singapore Service Star sticker which they can show off at their shops. The members will be recognized internationally through STB’s official website.

So, if you are visiting in Singapore, you should look for establishments with the Singapore Service Star mark. If you find one, you should consider it right away because it can serve as your assurance that you will be treated what is due to you. You will surely enjoy your stay here in Singapore.

Steps in Making Your Bbq Party Menu

If you’ve already decided to make use of bbq catering to cook for your next satay party, you probably have some idea of what to include on your menu. However, before you get excited and start picking this and that as your bbq dishes, make sure that you consult your caterer first about the different choices available and everything you have to know. This is your chance to explore and try something new.


Meeting with the Caterers

To know the different options available in making your menu, set an appointment with the professionals you choose to work with. This way, you’ll get the general idea of their services, manner of delivery, their bbq wholesale options, and dishes to offer. Use this opportunity to raise all your concerns and questions about how the whole partnership works prior and during the event, and don’t forget to briefly explain the nature of your event as well. Most importantly, mention where the venue is located and how many guests are expected to come. This initial meeting is just for information and you’re not obliged to place an order, so no need for you to feel pressured.

Sample Tasting

In order to know how bbq food looks and tastes like in every bbq catering you come across with, make an appointment for food tasting session. Many catering companies in Singapore offer specific dates of the year when potential clients can come and try the food they have to offer. This step shouldn’t be skipped especially if you’re unfamiliar with the CMY affordable bbq catering Singapore food or if you want to know how a certain dish tastes like in this company. When you get to the area, don’t fill up yourself with just one item, no matter how good it tastes. Take a bite of everything before finalizing your bbq menu.


Adding in Personal Dishes

If you want to brag about your cooking skills, include your personal dish into the menu. Just make sure to mention this to your caterer so they can make adjustments as well. Keep in mind the number of guests to ensure enough food quantity for everyone. If you have a big party, this could significantly add up to your overall cost. Shop for your bbq dish supplies in bbq wholesale markets to get cheaper price. There are so many bbq wholesale vendors in Singapore who can help you get the most of your budget.


Making your Final Menu

Once you’ve decided which catering company you want for your event and you know how good each of the options tastes, it’s now the right time to make your menu. Apart from your main dish (or main dishes,) you have to make a choice for side dishes as well. Baked beans and coleslaw usually make a good pair with bbq food, or you could go for biscuits and dinner rolls instead.


After the side dishes, the beverages, appetizers, and desserts are the last items to make up the list. For your beverages, stock bottles of beer in the chiller aside from lemonade and tea. For appetizers, honey-roasted peanuts and sweet potato chips bring a bit more flavor to the mouth along with the smokiness of the bbq. And to top it all up, banana split cake or chilled fruit cocktail with cool whip and lots of grapes and chopped apples makes up a good bbq party dessert.

Dealing With Losing A Limb

Accidents happen but losing a limb is unacceptable. Losing a limb is painful. It can really affect you emotionally and mentally but you need to go on with your life. Indeed, it is easy to say this but you have no choice. You should continue living. You can start by:


Going to therapies

Accepting your condition will take time but you do not need to be alone in this journey. You can seek for help if you feel you are in a quicksand slowly sinking. There are many therapists available to help you. Therapies include rehabilitation of your motor skills and restoring your state of mind. It is not easy but it is worth the effort.

Talk to family and friends

When you are dealing with a limb loss, you tend to isolate yourself. This is not a good thing to do because you are only punishing yourself. The first step is to talk to family and friends. You can talk to them as if nothing happened or you can talk to them about your anger. It is your call. The important thing here is you let it all out.

Always think positive

It is hard to think positive but do it anyway. You will be happy to know that here in Singapore, TTSH (Tan Tock Seng Hospital) established a workshop that designs and assembles prosthetics according to your needs. This is the first of its kind here in Singapore.

Losing a limb is not easy and you will carry that burden until you die. If you accepted your disability, you will be happier and freer. Hope is not lost because there is such thing as customised prosthetics here in Singapore.

Youths Come Together in SG

Last June 29, 2013, thousands of youths in Singapore come together to celebrate the annual YOUTHphoria with the theme “Celebrating YOUth”. The focal point of this event is to empower youths by emphasizing their creativity and natural gifts. The SDC (Singapore Discovery Centre) hosted the event. The event featured dance and song numbers by students from all over Singapore. Tickets were sold for S$10 inclusive of admission to SDC and Army Museum and blockbuster movie pass. Other activities were:


  • Paintball Games: Paintball Game at the Crossfire Paintball Arena is designed to give you the adrenaline rush you are looking for. However, there is a need for pre booking and you should be 14 years old and above to enjoy this sport. Do not forget to sign the waiver form.
  • Virtual Gallery Shoot: Virtual Gallery Shoot at the Shooting Gallery is designed to help you aim better. It also teaches you to focus on the target.
  • 4D Ride: The 4D ride at the XD Theatre is designed to give you the best ride of your life. You can ride along with your friends.
  • Others: Aside from the rides and the games, there were Gladiator, Laster Tag, Gyrospin, Human sized board game and lucky draws (early bird and grand). The prizes were Toshiba HD Camcorder, iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab II. Sergeant Ong and Lobang King graced the event with their live performances.

Youths need to be empowered because they are the next successors of this nation. The future of Singapore will depend on them so they should be prioritized and given importance. There are many events and activities that youths should look out. It is important that they participate and take part.

Where to Take Your Visitors

If you have visitors coming from other countries, you should be hospitable enough to offer them a place to stay. You can start with your house. If in this case you have a full house, there are many hotels out there that you can consider. Here’s a glimpse of available hotels:


Hotel Michael

Hotel Michael is located in Sentosa Gateway. The hotel offers a different experience. The moment you step into the hotel, you will be welcomed with works of art from the renowned architect and production designer, Michael Graves. Michael Graves is also the man behind Resorts World Sentosa. Hotel amenities include parking, swimming pool, restaurant and casino. For booking and other inquiries, you can call them at (+65) 6577-8888.

Copthorne King’s Hotel

Copthorne King’s Hotel is located in Havelock Road. When you check-in here, it will be enough. From room amenities (like LAN, shower, hair dryers, ironing, cable TV and air condition) to recreational facilities (outdoor pool, gym, Jacuzzi, sauna and other steam rooms), nothing could go wrong here.

Studio M Hotel

Studio M Hotel is located in Nanson Road. It is a popular option for travellers and businessmen. The hotel facilities here are not far from the facilities of a five star hotel with their swimming pool, restaurant, cafe, lounges, bars, Jacuzzi, gym and many more. For booking and other inquiries, you can call them at (+62) 21 230 3636.

If your visitors prefer budget hostels and inns, you should bring them there. There are many hostels and inns out there that will guarantee fine accommodations. At the end of the day, the grandiose does not matter. It is the company that counts. You should bring your friends to attractions that you feel proud. Singapore has a lot to offer to its visitors. Good luck!

Where to Take Your Friends

If you have friends visiting Singapore, you can bring them to the best hotels. Of course you need to bring them to the best hotels so they will feel welcomed and pampered. You can choose from the following hotels:


Marina Bays Sands

Marina Bay Sands is located in 10 Bayfront Avenue. For booking and other inquiries, you can call them at (+65) 6688-8897. The hotel offers a lot of services and facilities that will surely give your friends the best time in their life. They can avail of the infinity pool at the roof deck, parking space, restaurants, casino, business centre, dry cleaning, coffee shop, massage, night club, meeting rooms, bars and lounges.

Festive Hotel

Festive Hotel is located in Sentosa Gateway. If your friends want to experience an island stay, Festive Hotel is the ideal place. The hotel is near FestiveWalk and other entertainment facilities. In here you can find restaurants, swimming pool, casino, coffee shop, spa, fitness center and stores. For booking and other inquiries, you can call them at (+65) 6577-8888.

Orchard Hotel

Orchard Hotel is located in Orchard Road. The hotel is seated at the center of commerce and entertainment here in Singapore. It is near the airport and other major attractions. Your friends will surely enjoy their stay with outdoor pool, fitness centre, ballrooms, cafe, restaurant, driving range, food and beverage outlets and other recreational facilities.

If your friends are travelling under a budget, you can suggest hostels and inns. There are many hostels or inns out there that will welcome them. Hostels and inns are a lot cheaper than hotels mentioned above. If they are staying for a long time, why not offer your house? If it is not too much, your friends will surely appreciate the idea.

Have fun rediscovering Singapore with your friends!

MOM: Unemployment Rates Remain Low

As determined by Singapore’s Manpower Ministry (MOM), unemployment rates for residents remain low despite its rise. The unemployment rate climbed from 2.7% to 2.9% in the first quarter of 2013. MOM released the initial findings from the report entitled “Employment Situation, First Quarter 2013”.

Tan Chuan-Jin (acting Manpower Minister) said that the minimal increase in unemployment did not affect the generation of jobs as a whole. In fact, he admitted that Singapore is generating more jobs they can hold. This is a good sign. This means that there is a lot of work to do. But there are factors that cannot be taken for granted. Factors influence the employment condition in Singapore. Factors include:


Weakness of the economy

Singapore’s economy is susceptible beginning from the Asian Financial crisis and the global recession in 2008. It is believed that when Europe, America, Japan and China hold back, Singapore will be compromised. But to date, the country’s economy is looking good.

Influx of foreign workers

The country is now tightening the influx of foreign workers to accommodate their locals. Some of Singapore’s workforce came from overseas. The chances of locals getting a job are low because of other foreign workers. The government is doing its best to convince companies to consider Singaporeans or locals in their hiring practices.

Policies are stricter now when it comes to foreign workers. For workers belonging to restaurants, shops and marine engineering firms, there will be a quota but there is no change in the manufacturing, construction and other process sectors. Aside from that, MOM will start to increase taxes for foreign workers belonging to the “S Passes” bracket which earns 2000 to 2200 Singapore dollars. The government is doing this to level the playing field for local workers.

Sun Talks About Motherhood

Stephanie Sun is Singapore’s songbird. She was on indefinite leave last year because of her pregnancy but now she is back. She met the press last April 30, 2013 to launch a baby formula brand. It was her first public appearance since her pregnancy but it was noted that there was no difference in her look and appearance. She shared some of her experiences as a mother. She openly admitted that she is an apprehensive mother- she constantly search the internet or books to collect more information about motherhood.


Many mothers can relate to Sun. If it is your first born, it is difficult especially if you have a job to keep but once you learned to balance everything, you’ll get better in motherhood. When the second baby comes, it will be easier for you to deal. Motherhood is a life changing event. Here are other things Sun shared:


Sun pointed out that support is an essential factor that can contribute to the success of balancing career and motherhood. Support from friends, family and partner can make a big difference. If they are willing to lend you a hand, things will be easier for you and the baby.

Time management

Sun confided that she and her partner prepared a timetable. Timetables are efficient and effective because it can divide the task and schedule it so both will know what is expected of them. This will eliminate conflicts.

“Me time”

Sun said that this is not an act of selfishness. Sometimes when you are a mother, you tend to forget about yourself and how much stressed you are. Mothers have needs too! She admitted that she spends “me time” to start anew.