5 Easy Ways to Avoid Sunburn  

As the weather starts to heat up and the weekends become packed with BBQs, lazy picnics and beach days, it’s time to take your sunscreen routine a notch higher. So, start protecting your skin and soothing away unwanted sunburns using these following expert tips.


  1. Keep and Stay Cool. The first step in remedying a sunburnt skin is to remove the heat held between the layers of your skin. You can do this by taking a cold bath or shower, and though it may feel uncomfortable at first, it’s definitely worth trying. Stay in the cool water for about two minutes, then treat the remaining sunburnt areas with an ice pack and calamine lotion.
  1. Stay Hydrated. Without enough water, your body’s immunity from the sun’s heat can be significantly affected and even make you dehydrated. So this summer, ensure that you drink four to six litres of water each day. Not only will this keep you hydrated and energized throughout the day, it’ll also help in the healing process of your burnt skin.
  1. Try DIY Treatments. Applying cooling treatments is the best known way to lessen the uncomfortable feeling brought by sunburnt skin. Some of the good DIY cooling treatments that you can find in your fridge include cucumber, potato, apple cider vinegar, and oatmeal. Just chop some potato and cucumber into small pieces and gently rub them in the burnt area. After that, soak in a cool bath with an apple cider vinegar or oatmeal treatment to ease the prickly feeling on your skin.


  1. Stick to a Healthy Diet. Foods that are filled with antioxidants and vitamin A, C and E are the best type of foods to consume during warmer days as they provide support for your body’s repairing process. Help your body in dealing with sunburn by consuming more seeds, nuts, broccoli, soy, tea and oranges.
  1. Grease Your Skin. Once the skin redness declines, it’s time to support the healing process of your body by applying cream-style moisturizers. These creams will reduce the skin tightness brought by the burn, and replenish the moisture that was lost in the process.

Getting a sunburnt skin is the last thing that you’d surely want to experience during summer. So get your skin protected to lessen your chances of getting a burnt skin and for you to make the most out of the season as well.fotolia_4128946_XS