Social Media’s Making Us Unsociable

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – these are the popular social media services available online and in your mobile phones. We check each account faithfully on a day to day basis. We want to be connected and up to date with the latest trends and happenings. We are so hooked with social media that we tend to overlook and forget the more important and practical ways to make use of our time.


Is social media worth all the time we spend getting into it? Or should we spend lesser time on social media platforms? Here are some reasons why we should spend more time away from social media.

Highly unsociable

Social media is named such because it is supposed to make us more sociable are more connected with others but it does the opposite. Social media is making us spend more time with our computers and phones instead of doing actual person to person interaction.


Addictive and unimportant

Let’s be honest. We’re becoming a bit too attached and addicted to social media. We check updates and notification almost every minute. We’re afraid that we’re going to miss something big or important.

Instead of spending time doing something that is time consuming and trivial, why don’t we devote our time in doing something valuable. Instead of getting cooped up at home facing the Internet, go spend quality time with your family and friends. Do something relevant to you. You might be holding out on organizing your closet because you spend more time on social media. Well, it might be the time to do that now.