Introducing the Ceramic Membrane Technology  


It is the right of every Singaporean to access safe and clean water. Fortunately, we have the best technologies that can ensure the safety and cleanliness of our waters here in Singapore. The better news is that there is a water treatment plant to use ceramic membrane technology here.


The ceramic membrane plant is at Choa Chu Kang and it will be operational come 2018. So far, the ceramic membrane plant in CCKWW will be the world’s largest plant that employs the ceramic membrane technology for water treatment.

The CCKWW will have a capacity of forty million gallons per day every day. What does ceramic membrane technology offer? The technology is chosen because it is known to intensify operating efficiency with minimal maintenance and easy to operate features. The technology will also leave smaller footprint as well as lesser life cycle cost.

The government is considering the ceramic membrane technology because it is known to remove silt, oil, grease, particulate, organic matter and metal oxides which make water safer and cleaner. Though the technology will not remove organics and ions, it is still better than other treatment technologies.  porous-ceramic-membrane

The National Water Agency partnered with PWN Technologies and Japan’s Metawater to create the ceramic membrane technology. The technology was first introduced in Japan way back 1998. Since its introduction, the technology has been installed in more than one hundred plants in Japan.

With this technology, we will be more confident about our water here. Of course, we should not forget to conserve water because the plant can only treat, not produce water. We still need to conserve.dws-pwn-andijk-ceramic-membrane-vessels-770px