Airports of the Future  

Technology is changing and it is changing hastily not only here in Singapore. If we are a frequent traveller, we have seen the best of most airports but it is just the beginning. We have to expect more things to come which will make our travels more comfortable, secure and worthwhile.


Airports of the future are a marvel. Here are some airports of the future:

  • Changi Airport: Singapore’s Changi Airport is regularly voted as one of the best airports in the world. It is not considered the best if it is not that impressive. The Airport is already remarkable as it is but wait till the T4 terminal opens in 2017. The T4 terminal boasts of biometric scanning, virtual concierges, digital boarding and self-service check-ins. Many features will be revealed soon.
  • Dubai International Airport: Dubai International Airport is considered as the world’s biggest airport terminal. Many travellers are awed and inspired upon embarking because it is filled with mirrored spaces, yoga pavilions and palm trees.


  • Los Angeles International Airport: Embarking in Los Angeles International Airport is sensational. They offer wonderful displays with their seven giant LEDs strategically built around the terminal. We should not miss the Time Tower which conveys the story of Los Angeles through time.
  • Heathrow Airport: In England, Heathrow Airport is trying the iQueue. This is a Bluetooth product that can help comprehend the behaviour of the passengers and lessen jams at the airport.
  • Incheon International Airport: For travellers who really want to have a good time in Incheon International Airport while waiting for their flights, the airport offers a spa, golf course, ice rink, sleeping rooms and indoor gardens.

14 Incheon international airport