Types of Wedding Live Bands

There are so many types of live bands you can hire for your wedding live music according to your event’s theme and style. You can even mix and match some of these bands to offer variety of music for your guests all throughout the celebration. If you don’t have any idea where to find one, call wedding live band Singapore agencies or search Singapore wedding live band through the web. To give you an idea, here are some of the most common types of wedding bands you can consider.


1. Jazz and Blues

If you want to add a little sophistication to your wedding celebration, hiring a jazz band can be a good idea. They can play easy laid back music for the cocktail hour and upbeat tempo jazz songs for after dinner dance party.

2. Instrumental Ensemble

An instrumental ensemble can be a good pick for formal and traditional weddings. This type of band often includes string quartets, cello, flute and harp. Their type of music is most suitable for wedding breakfast and cocktail hour.

3. Latin Band

If you want a sweat-jerking wedding live music for your reception party, Latin band is the best you can have. Latin bands can surely heat up an outdoor wedding reception by playing dance music like samba, cha-cha, and salsa.

4. Swing Band

Looking for a mix of fun and glamour? A Swing band can definitely keep your invitees’ feet tapping. This is the best type of band for formal black tie themed wedding, especially to a celebration with a touch of 1960s. You’ll be amazed how retro will make those youngsters dance and have fun.


5. Steel Drum Band

For something unique, a Caribbean steel drum band can make your party truly remarkable. They can play various styles of wedding live music, like soca, merengue, calypso and bossa nova. The band’s kind of music is most appropriate to entertain guests between courses or during cocktail hour.

6. Pop Group

If most of your guests are youngsters and young adults, pop music will bring them to the dance floor. Combine 60s-90s heart pumping dance hits with modern pop songs by a popular live band in Singapore to make sure everyone gets to tap their feet. You can play dance pop music during cocktail hour and dinner but keep the tone low to let everyone talk without competing with the music noise.

7. Rock Band

Rock bands don’t really have the same popularity in weddings like other bands have. But if you’re a rock star chic you can always take this option. Ask if the band can incorporate their music genre to a wedding style genre so that the songs they will be playing are fairly light and elevating, or choose light rock songs to fit to your musical preferences. If you really want to have heavy rock, start the dancing session by playing music that would heat up your guests, and add heavy rock session in the middle, and then finish by playing a lighter note of music.

8. R&B Band

For a contemporary themed wedding, an R&B band can enhance the personality of your celebration. R&B songs have wide range of tempos which makes it easier for the band to choose what kind of song should be played during cocktail hour, dinner, and party dancing.

Live bands provide entertainment to the people. That’s why most couples in the country hire wedding live band to keep guests entertained even after the cake has been sliced. Contact your wedding live band Singapore agency to get the best wedding performer for your most special day.