Different Types of Curry to Try in Singapore

There is nothing in the world a good bowl of curry cannot solve. While this dish is well-loved by people across the globe, Singaporeans also have a soft spot for this rich and spicy dish. Given Singaporean cuisine’s diverse background of ethnic influences – it’s not a surprise to know that curry is served in several variants throughout the city-state.

If you’re planning to visit Singapore soon, their unique plates of curry are definitely a must-try! This is truly a delightful experience for foodies. Here are some of the famous variants of curry in SG:

• North Indian curry
North Indian cuisine has recently found its way in Singapore, with the North Indian curry being one of their front-liners. The dish is not exclusively served in curry shops too, as coffee shops begin to serve this type of curry at a justifiable price. This type of curry provides diners with more choices – from palak paneer (ground spinach curry) to butter chicken curry. The curry is also notably more flavorful; with its thick stew rich in various herbs and other ingredients.

• South Indian curry
Arguably the most popular curry in Singapore, South Indian curry is loved by both locals and tourists alike – and it is also one of the cheapest curry you can avail in the city-state. It is often served with a side of Nasi Biryani, which is a type of Indian spiced rice. The stew is more stewy and is packed with meat and a generous serving of vegetables like zucchini, potatoes, and carrots. The South Indian curry is a perfect one-course meal to be served with rice, or if you’re looking for alternatives, you can enjoy it with bread as well!

• Chinese curry
With lots of Chinese influences infused into Singapore’s local cuisine, it’s no wonder there’s a Chinese variant of curry. This type of curry is said to be similar with the taste of South Indian curry, but far simpler. It is described as meaty in flavor, with a pervading hint of coconut milk. This curry dish also leans close to a soup dish – with a watery gravy and chunks of meat, potatoes, and carrots.

• Japanese curry
The Japanese also love curry and they have since cooked the dish with a flavor of their own. In fact, this unique kind of curry is also well-loved in Singapore. The Japanese curry is a flavorful stew of vegetable chunks, normally eaten alongside steamed rice. The stew is thickened with starch, which also gives it a smoother mouthfeel and texture. With its aromatic spices and sweet vegetables, the Japanese curry deserves a spot under your food trip in SG list!

• Malay curry
If you love Malay food, the Malay curry is something you shouldn’t miss out on during your trip! The dish is usually served at stalls specializing in Malay food (such as the Nasi Lemak and Nasi Padang) stalls. The taste of this kind of curry is similar to that of South Indian curry, but usually more of stews, vegetables, and meat. The texture is also remarkably thicker.

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