How to Carry Out an Effective Reduction of Your Company’s Workforce

Does your company need to reduce its workforce? How would you know that they are doing the proper way of decreasing their people? Here are some ways companies should reduce their workforce effectively.


1. Plan and strategize ahead of time. The one in authority should already have a plan and strategy before the actual reduction of employees will take place. The department head should already know what kind of staff and performance she needed to easily reorganize left activities to those who stay behind.

2. Reduction based on performance. The department heads are the one who have the personal communication with their staffs. They should then know how their staffs work.  Therefore, they should have a “say” on who will be terminated or not. The HR team should make sure of the legal issues and the overall communication for the organization.


3. Make the employees aware of the reduction. The Department Heads should make their staff aware of the reduction. For those who are affected, they should be given a noticed. This is for them to prepare themselves and to accept the changes straightforwardly. It is also for them to look for another job while waiting for the end of their employment in the company.

4. Be sure to keep talented employees. Those in authority should carefully choose who will be terminated or not. They must evaluate their employee’s performance on set standards for them to retain the best. Of course, it is so hard to lose someone who is a contributor for the success of the company.



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