How to Choose a More Fulfilling Career

Picking out your career will always be a difficult thing to do. No career starts off smooth sailing. When we decide to take that first step into actually planning our lives out, we can’t help but think about the career path ahead of us.

A career is very important not just when it comes to finances but also other aspects of your life because let’s face it, your career will become half of your life. All those office hours spent shouldn’t be wasted on something that eats you up inside, they should be spent on something that not only makes you satisfied but also helps you grow.

Taking that plunge into a certain career may be a tough choice to make, here are some tips for you to pick a career:

1. Know your strengths. Your strengths are always something you should be aware of. The problem with this though is that some people tend to become over confident in their strengths when they are but a small needle in a hay stack compared to others. This shouldn’t discourage you though. Know your strengths and know how strong your strengths actually are.

2. Know your weaknesses. Don’t hide your weaknesses and don’t hide your insecurities, acknowledge them! One of the best ways to improve yourself is to work on your weaknesses. Face them head on. Your weaknesses do not have to drag you down at all, instead, they can motivate you to work harder!

3. Know what makes you different. Everyone has something different than others. We don’t mean to say better or worse, we mean different. Get to know what makes you unique and stand out and use that to your advantage! Don’t settle for just being good, you should strive to become incomparable in a good way.

These three steps might help you build yourself up but they don’t necessarily help you pick a career. Here are four steps that will:

1. Who: Who do you want to become? Is it a great leader? A skilled professional? A powerful connection? Or maybe even a humble genuine person? That is entirely up to you. Find out who you want to become as a person

2. What: What do you see yourself doing? This is the most common question asked around but this does not mean that it isn’t important. Check with yourself and find out what you want to do.

3. When: Or easier asked, what is your timeline? Do you want to be working for the rest of your life or do you have a specific age where you want to retire?

4. Where: Where do you see yourself? In an office? On the field? In a kitchen? This is something that is easy to answer so you shouldn’t over think this one.

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