How to Clean the Ears Using Saline Solution

Long before drugs were invented, our ancestors depended on home remedies for survival. Nature provides everything we need. We only need to look farther. Some of the best home remedies are just in our cupboards waiting to be discovered. It is important that you know home remedies. In this case, do you know the best home remedy for ear wax removal? If not, you have to be familiar with saline solution.

Saline solution never gets old. It can do many things especially getting rid of ear wax without compromising the ears. Normally, you would use cotton swabs to clean the ears every single day but you have to know that that is not very safe for your ears at all. Instead of getting rid of the ear wax, it will lead to accumulation. The accumulation can result to few discomforts like pain, hearing loss, dizziness and many more.

Experts here in Singapore and the world would recommend that you do not use any object inside the ears. The general rule of thumb is not to put anything that is smaller than your elbows inside the ear. The safest thing that you should consider is saline solution. So, how can you make a saline solution and what are the steps that should be taken? Here are the steps:

1. Secure materials to be used: The first thing that you need to do is secure the materials that you will use to make the solution. You need salt, warm water, cotton balls and clean cloth.

2. Mix salt and warm water: Now that the salt and warm water is ready, it is time to mix it. Only put 1 teaspoon of salt and ½ cup of warm water. Make sure that the salt melts completely. Now you have your saline solution

3. Tilt: Tilt one side of the head. This will depend on you.

4. Immerse cotton balls: Now that you are positioned, you can ask someone around to immerse the cotton ball in the solution. If no one is around, make sure that you immerse it thoroughly. Now you can squeeze the cotton ball unto the ear. Just remember that you only need to put few drops. Do not flood the ear.

5. Stay: Stay in that position for at least five minutes. Do not move to maximize the solution.

6. Drain: To drain, move on the other side with a cloth. This will drain out the saline solution inside the ears. This is also in preparation for the next side of the ear. Repeat the steps for the other side of the ear.

Final note: don’t use this every day as it can irritate the ears.

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