How to Cope with the Increasing Transport Fares

If you have a car, the increasing transport fares is not a big issue for you. If in this case you are commuting every day and you barely make both ends meet, you have serious problem. You cannot hinder the increasing transport fares. What you can do is maximize whatever you have to get by.

bus fares

The good thing here in Singapore is that the government continuously empower Singaporeans with the least in life. Living is difficult especially if you try to make both ends meet. To help you with your problems regarding the increasing transport fares, you can consider the following tips:

Get vouchers

Singapore has this Public Transport Voucher Exercise. This is done every year and this year, it is expected that 79,000 residents will apply for it. The vouchers are set to $30 each. This is the project of the government to assist the needy families and teach them how to cope with the increasing transport fares. This will start on April 6.


Apart from getting vouchers, you can make good use of your bicycle. For example, you want to go to the nearest market. You do not need to ride the bus because you can use your bicycle. It will spare you of additional fares. You can also cycle to your work if you like.


If the place that you will go is near, you should walk. It will surely spare you additional dollars for transportation. You do not to take the bus or taxi if you consider walking. Walking is also good for the body.

That should be enough. You have to make the most of what you have instead of complaining. You have to endure your difficult life. Do not worry because if you persevere, you will surely see the time when you are no longer bounded with financial difficulties.


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