Introducing the Nightscape 2050


There are many worthwhile exhibits here in Singapore and if it is not enough to feed our artistic mind, there are myriad overseas. We only need to make time and dedicate our attention. This year, there is an extraordinary exhibit that we can marvel to. The exhibit is called Nightscape 2050.


Nightscape 2050 is a travelling exhibit which is set to amaze people from Germany to Singapore. It does not end there because the exhibit will also be showcased in Tokyo and Hong Kong from August of 2015 to June next year. Here, the exhibit already started on October 23.

Here are some things that we need to know about the Nightscape 2050:

  • Background: The Nightscape 2050 is an event created to celebrate the International Year of Light. The International Year of Light is United Nation’s initiative to distinguish the value of light and other optical technologies in the world. This project is kind of ambitious for the organizers but it made way its way to the world. The organizers are Lighting Planners Associates (LPA).


  • Then and Now: We all know when the first street lights were turned on. The Mackenzie Power Station which was created in 1900s generated lights that give us a whole new experience come night. If we look back fifty years ago, a lot of things changed. We have progressed to OLEDs, LEDs and laser lighting.


  • Presentations: The presentations hint the evolution of lighting. It also offers a peek into the future of lighting. What’s exciting is the Light Pavilion which is a timeline exhibition that tackles the evolution of our nightscape way back 1800 up to the future – that is in the year 2050.


The Light Pavilion has five settings that include People, Street, Urban, Home and Park. We should also look forward to the special tree installed at the middle of the atrium which shows the change of light from daytime to night-time and how its shadows look like when casted on the ground.


  • Other activities: Aside from Light Pavilion, there are plenty of activities that we can consider when we join the Nightscape 2050. There will be a video installation (Learning From Masters), workshops (Lighting Detectives Jr.) and talks. The highlight is the introduction of the Tide of Architectural Lighting – LPA’s select works from 1990-2015.

For those who haven’t been to the Nightscape 2050 exhibits yet, we can still catch it. We only need to be at the National Design Centre. The exhibits will run for a month so we can still catch it. The good news is that admissions are free so we do not need to spend money to marvel over the sights.


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