Men Now Wear Make-Up

We all know that make-up is worn by women to enhance their beauty. But nowadays most men are wearing this kind of beauty enhancements to perhaps have an additional sex appeal. Surprisingly, there are a lot of malls that sells make-up here in the country that is especially dedicated to men.


So, the next time you visit a mall, take a glance at the cosmetics section and you’ll see different types of male facial enhancements. There is no definite reason why this is happening but most people say that it is part of the technological advances or sometimes, it’s just the fact that many men turned into gays. More males are now attracted to wearing make-up. It’s like yesterday; men are thinking or reading about shaving creams and products.

But since these facial stuffs (for men) are clinically proven and tested, more men are now applying it rather than continue using the old-time shaving foam. So, if you are a man? Will you still use shaving products or just follow the trend?


In a period where looks are of extreme importance, it is really surprising that men are more interested using facial products (we are not talking about men’s facials stuffs) such as concealers, foundations, moisturizers, eye liners, blush-on and more. Traditionally, males are characterised are strong and protective. But in this era, numerous men are becoming sensitive to their skin making them criticised by other people. But when a man shows his make-up visibly, it’s another story because only women do that.


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