Ramen Recipes Everyone Can Do


Ramen is famous here in Singapore. You love it but sometimes you miss out the good ones because you prefer the easy way of cooking it. Work is exhausting already and preparing ramen on your own can be a tedious task from making stocks to preparing vegetables and noodles.

If you always go for instant ramen, you sacrifice the nutrients. It is time that you learn some DIY ramen. You will soon realize that making ramen is easy and healthy plus it can be cheaper. Here are some vegetarian ramen recipes worth trying:

Miso ramen topped with roasted potatoes

This kind of ramen is bringing the best of vegetable and noodle worlds. The good thing is that it is gluten free plus filled with healthy ingredients like sweet potato and shiitake mushrooms. The best thing about miso is that it can relieve hangover.

You already know how to prepare the broth that you will use as the soup. The sweet potatoes should be roasted using the oven. If everything is ready, mixing is easy. In a pan, put oil first and then add the mushrooms until cooked then you add the broth and season to taste using the soy sauce. After that, you can now whisk the miso then top it with roasted potatoes.

Kimchi ramen

Kimchi is a famous food in Korea and it is time to bring it here in Singapore. Kimchi is good enough on its own but it can be better if you mix it in a bowl of ramen. Here’s how you can make a kimchi ramen: in a pan, heat three cups of water, kimchi, red chilli flakes, bean sprouts, white rice wine, sesame oil, rice vinegar, paprika and ramen then season to taste using the soy sauce.

Vegan ramen

A vegan ramen is doable just give it a chance. Since it is vegan, the broth should be a combination of onion, ginger, garlic and shiitake mushrooms. To add more flavour, you can just add soy and miso paste. Let the broth simmer. While waiting, prepare your desired vegetable topping and tofu. You may want to consider carrots, green onions, chilli garlic sauce and some baby bok choy.

For sure the family will like this along with some visitors. These ramen are easy to prepare. Good food should take time so do not rush things or be lazy to prepare it. Your body needs all the nourishment you can give so start with a healthy and hearty ramen meal.

How to Subdue Your Gag Reflex


When you brush your tongue and it gets way too far, you notice there is an urge to vomit. That natural urge is called gag reflex. It is also called laryngeal spasm or pharyngeal reflex. This is actually one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can endure. If it is left unchecked, it will lead to laryngitis. If you have a sensitive case of involuntary gagging, you will have trouble swallowing food and visiting the dentist.

Gag reflex is actually the body’s defense against swallowing or choking large and foreign objects. Many Singaporean do not have this but there are some who have to ensure it. The good news is that there are ways on how to ease your gag reflex. Here are some tips on subduing your gag reflex:

  1. Numb the soft palate: Soft palate is also called muscular palate. It is a soft tissue found in the back of the mouth’s roof. Soft palate is distinguished from hard palate because it does not contain any bone. If touched, the soft palate can trigger your gag reflex. The best way to numb it is to maximize numbing throat spray. This spray will desensitize the palate. If spray is unavailable, you can use gel that relieves tooth pain. The effect will last about an hour.

  1. Completely desensitize soft palate: If your soft palate is accustomed to touching, it will be numb. To do this, you have to gradually minimize your gag reflex. It will take time, effort and patience but everything will pay off one of these days. The basic thing that you can do is maximize your toothbrush. Brush as far as you can and when you reach the point where you gag, that is where you should concentrate. Yes, you will gag but not for long. Spend maybe 10 seconds brushing the area then call it a day. Do the same on succeeding days and you will subdue your gag reflex.


  1. Put dab of salt on your tongue: One way to help you ease gag reflex is to put dab of table salt on your tongue. You have to moisten the tip of your finger first before actually putting the salt. Make sure that it is on the tip of the tongue. Do not forget to spit it.

These may look easy but it is not. With the right tool and attitude, you can subdue it. Do not forget to relax too as it can trigger gag reflex. Breathe and concentrate on the task. Good luck!

5 Beauty Habits That Might Be Making You Look Older


Have you ever experienced being mistaken as the eldest child in the family when you’re actually the youngest among the siblings? Well, it sucks, right? So to help you avoid experiencing such stressful moments in the future, we listed down some of the beauty habits you should stop doing to get your youthful glow back in no time.

  1. Applying Beauty Products Downward

While applying your facial products in a downward manner may seem like a harmless habit, doing so actually promotes wrinkles and skin sagging. So instead of doing the downward product application, apply your beauty products starting from your chin up to your forehead. In addition, make sure that you take the right dose of vitamin C to keep any signs of aging at bay.

  1. Tugging Your Skin When Applying Makeup

Pulling your eyelids when applying eyeliner and raising your eyebrows when putting on some eye makeup are some of the beauty habits that cause wrinkles around the eye and forehead area. As much as possible, avoid doing these habits – but if you really must stretch your area, ensure that you do it as gently as possible.

  1. Cleaning Your Face Too Often

Washing your face more than needed will cause your skin to dry out, as it strips the natural oils off your skin. Over-exfoliation, on the other hand, may severely damage your skin. So ensure that you avoid overdoing your cleansing routine, and be sure to get enough vitamin E every day to keep your skin feeling supple and smooth.

  1. Failing to Get Enough Sleep

Apart from using the right type of beauty products, getting enough sleep is one of the simplest ways to get your youthful glow back. Your body is able to repair itself as you sleep, which is why having enough rest aids in improving your looks.

  1. Letting Stress Affect Your Health

One of the common factors that could make you look tired and haggard is stress. Being stressed out contributes to making you look older than you really are, which is why it’s essential that you replenish the nutrients that stress takes away from your skin. If possible, take some multivitamins to help fight the effects of stress on your body. Also, ensure that you get enough vitamin C and E to repair skin damage and keep your skin cells healthy.

Maintaining a younger-looking skin is actually easy. Aside from eating a proper diet, exercising and getting enough rest, avoiding the aforementioned beauty habits will surely help in keeping both your skin and overall health in good condition.

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress Relief


Feeling anxious or stressed out lately? Are you finding yourself unable to cope with the daily stresses at work and at home? If so, then sniffing on certain essential oils might give you some stress relief. To help you, we’ve listed down some of essential oils that you can use to improve your mood, cognition and overall health.

  1. Lavender

Lavender’s gentle aroma is what helps in calming an anxious mind. In fact, it’s considered as the best calming essence among essential oils. Its calming qualities are so exceptional that several researches are conducted to learn about its role in calming the mind and heart. Lavender oil is best used when you’re feeling extremely anxious or stressed out.

  1. Rose Geranium

Aside from relaxing your body and mind, a sniff of rose geranium can also aid in boosting your mood. This particular plant is believed to help in balancing hormonal levels, while providing major relaxation to its user. Other than that, this essence also provides a soothing sensation to the central nervous system. So reach for a vial of rose geranium if you ever find yourself caught up in an endless cycle of anxiety and stress.

  1. Roman Chamomile

Most of us might’ve heard of chamomile tea, but haven’t tried using it in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety. Roman chamomile has long been established as a substance that aids in relieving stress, and in some cases, has helped in treating muscle tension and insomnia. Aside from providing anxiety and stress relief, this oil is also known to help with various ailments, such as restlessness, vomiting and even attention deficit disorder (ADD). Although it won’t provide a permanent cure, chamomile is proven to help with various conditions.

  1. Jasmine

Some health experts have touted jasmine essence to be as good as Valium, an anti-anxiety drug that helps in calming the nerves. This essential oil works by increasing the wave activity in the brain to regulate feelings of anxiety, stress and over-excitement. Although it shouldn’t be used as an alternative for Valium, jasmine oil can be your best option to ease your anxiousness through aromatherapy.

  1. Clary Sage

Clary sage oil is another substance that proved to be beneficial for easing anxiety and stress. A group of health experts even conducted a study that involved inhaling clary sage essence with rosemary, lavender and peppermint – the combination of which resulted to less anxiety among individuals who took the stress test. That said, using this essential oil still won’t result in a cure, but it’ll give a temporary soothing effect on both your body and mind.

Aside from taking medicines to ease your anxiety attacks, using essentials also proved to be helpful in providing stress and anxiety relief. Just like with any form of treatment, however, understand that it’s all about individual preferences and what works best for you. So be sure to conduct some experimentation to figure out which essential would be most beneficial to you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Managed IT Services Provider

If you’re planning to outsource your IT service provider, it is crucial that you find a managed services provider (MSP) you can rely on—someone who has the expertise, experience and skills to manage your entire IT network. Whether you’re changing to a new service provider or contracting one for the first time, it’s important that you know what factors to consider when choosing an MSP. The following are the eight essential qualities that your Singapore IT services provider should possess.


1. Experience and Reputation

Choosing an MSP with a good track record is crucial when it comes to outsourcing IT service providers. This gives you an insight about the service provider’s past achievements and enables you to predict what results the vendor might produce. Some of the important things to consider when choosing a managed IT services provider is the number of years they have been operating in the industry, as well as the certifications and licenses that they have.

Aside from that, you should also check whether they offer scalable IT services. A good service provider will be able to show you a portfolio of their services that not only covers your current IT system requirements, but also your system development plans in the future.

2. Staff Expertise

One of the most important factors in choosing a IT services firm in Singapore worth considering is the knowledge and expertise of the IT staff of your service provider. Make sure that they are capable of performing operations other than basic system maintenance and management. Aside from that, they should also have enough experience in handling and operating delivery models like cloud and IT strategic outsourcing. Ensuring this enables you to achieve multi-environment support that will aid in meeting your company’s individual needs.

3. Skillset

One of the benefits of hiring a managed services provider is you get to work with IT experts and specialists, which is why it’s crucial that you also factor in the skills that your prospective MSP has. You will rely on your service provider for advices, so you would want to ensure that they stay updated with the newest software, hardware and cloud solutions available in the market. Choose an IT professional that constantly updates their knowledge and skills to stay relevant and useful in the industry. Be sure to ask your prospective MSP some probing questions so as to evaluate their qualifications.

4. Service Offerings

Some business owners in Singapore wrongly believe that hiring an MSP requires signing a huge contract to get a comprehensive package of services. Sure, there may be service providers who practise this, but there are also those who would willingly evaluate your system and listen to your specific needs. This is why it’s important that you have an open and honest discussion with your MSP so that both sides hear each other’s ideas and decide on the best IT solution package for the business.


5. Reliability

Hire a managed IT services provider who can minimize system disruptions in your business by creating and complying a service level-agreement (SLA). Your service provider should also be able to resolve problems and requests upon first contact. Moreover, your vendor’s disaster recovery and business continuity option should give an assurance that your IT infrastructure will run smoothly even after a local disaster occurs.

6. Adaptability

As the IT needs of your business change, your relationship with your MSP will change as well. Being able to evolve, expand or scale down your IT needs as needed whenever you need it will help you in avoiding costly system interruptions and redundancies. Remember that offering solutions that can adapt to technological updates is the job of your prospective vendor. Before choosing a particular IT company in Singapore, make sure to inquire about the levels of support they will be able to provider, as well as the cost of making such changes.

7. Round-the-Clock Assistance

Technical problems may occur at any given time, which is why it’s important that you hire a vendor who can provide you round-the-clock support. Therefore, make sure that your prospective service provider features a remote support desk that you can reach any time you need them. It would also be a good idea to know if they will be able to provide professional support at the frequency that your business needs, and if they offer support services that are in line with your company.

8. Culture and Attitude

Other than their skills and the services they are offering, it’s also crucial to factor in a service provider’s attitude towards servicing their clients. Consider the vendor’s knowledge, their response time to your questions, their zeal to discuss and cater to your needs, as well as the time they took to provide you with a good proposal. How they worked with you at the start will give you an idea of the things to come, so be sure to choose a service provider that showcases efficiency right from the get-go.

Looking for the right managed IT services provider for your company will not be difficult if you just know what factors to consider. Just keep in mind though that not all service providers are the same, and that you will need to evaluate each carefully to know who has the skills to cater to your IT needs.


Tips for Buying Costumes Online


Costume purchasing intended for costume event can be complex. Once you browse on the Internet, you will see there are plenty of options to opt for. However, you have to buy something which has the wow factor, and you also absolutely do not like to turn up in the same attire like everyone else. Some factors are essential too, including ease, cost, and comfort.

There is definitely a lot to take into consideration, that’s exactly why this reference was outlined together to ensure that you get some help when selecting the right fancy dress for the event you’re going to. Naturally, you should be certain the costume is right for the occasion. So, if you are searching for a Halloween costume, look for ideas from chilling shows and ensure you look scary. Every time an occasion has a specific theme, superheroes for example, then it provides you a great point to start when in need of the most suitable costume.

When there’s no general concept, you’ve got a total array of fancy dress costumes to select from. Therefore, where can you begin? Aim for whatever you are interested in – either it is a career, sport, or television show. An additional point you must take into consideration is your budget.

It is recommended to allocate a budget in the offset, because things could soon turn expensive if anything from make-up to footwear to wigs is listed to the equation. It is worth seeing should you’ve got anything at home which you could make use of; whether it’s merely an eye shadow palette or an old white shirt which can be ripped and put to use as the base of an attire such as a zombie costume.


By doing this, you’ll be able to save a bit of money, guaranteeing you could purchase something wonderful from the costume store for the rest of your outfit. A lot of individuals enjoy fancy dress parties while there are the ones that feel a little bit unsure or uneasy. If you are part of the latter classification, have you thought about considering group fancy dress? You along with your buddies, or you together with your partner, can clothe yourself in precisely the same theme that is guaranteed to make you feel somewhat much more confident.

Ordering from the credible retailer is a must also. This is wise to read reviews which were placed by previous buyers to check the matters they need to tell you concerning the costume products they ordered. You will discover stores which have exceptional reputation as it pertains to costume.

Commonly, they have their own websites full of an immense selection of fancy dress outfits, like doctors, television characters, princesses, superheroes, witches, and much, much more. When you have to find the perfect fancy dress costume, all you have to do is key in the outfit you need in Google and start browsing. You’ll notice that these retailers have costs which are exceptionally reasonable too, guaranteeing there is something for every budget and some even offer free delivery for individuals who spend in excess of a particular amount as they buy online.


Why You Should Only Use Genuine Mac Anti-Virus


People would often inquire if their Mac still requires an antivirus. Although the demand for antivirus is higher in other brands, Macs would nevertheless be able to use some degree of added defense against the best Mac antivirus there is. If you are at home frequently and is using your Mac for recreational, then it’s likely that you’d opt to set this aside.


However, if you are a business proprietors depending to Mac laptops or computers, then it’s strongly recommended that you do purchase antivirus right away. It is a small investment, to be honest, for what you risk to lose should anything go wrong. On top of that, the huge number of Mac users around the world makes Apple’s operating system (OS) a probable target for security threats. In case you go unprotected, chances are you’d be caught off guard, losing all essential files and other records instantly.

You don’t want that to occur particularly for important and irreplaceable files. The volume of viruses and malwares are increasing and as it has been pointed out at all times, it is significantly better taking precautionary ways than be sorry in the long run. If you can take action today that’s not at all inconveniencing you, so that you can, for a long time, have a secure feeling that your Mac is protected, then of course, go for it.

Set up the best antivirus Mac right now. If you’re thinking about not being able to find an antivirus that will fit your needs and provides the job it claimed as the best antivirus software for Mac, then you can certainly always look into sites on the internet that compare and contrast software.


Know more about what makes a Mac antivirus marvelous. Mac users verify without having problems with their personal computers for many years. This isn’t likely, even if this doesn’t change the undeniable fact that every time you use the internet, you’re also exposing your personal computer to a number of security problems. While you can vouch for Mac’s protection, there’s no problem at looking into as well an aid you can make use of for safeguarding your computer’s protection.

There are lots of antiviruses you can get on the internet. If it says it is the best Mac antivirus, therefore it must be labeled as a tried and tested antivirus for Mac. Your Mac, in itself, is a precious asset. You’d need to make sure that every little thing you’re installing on it is free from harm and offers no impending risk.

Many people say they are not able to make best use of antivirus apps as they frequently fail to remember upgrading or just don’t have the time for it. Regarding this, it is advantageous to find a software that provides your Mac guaranteed and 24/7 well-performance virus scanning devices. The best antivirus software for Mac is updated more than once in a day.

It should as well be uncomplicated to use, offering you the possibility to check folders and files merely by dragging and dropping. An Antivirus for Mac can also offer your choices whether you want a quick scan that is completed faster or one that is certainly more in depth. With that all said, search online today, try to look for the best Mac Antivirus, and do think about these factors mentioned above in order to enjoy maximum security for your own computer.


Product Review: Nespresso Chocolate Pods


Presently, numerous individuals like to utilize their Nespresso machine not just to make coffee, but hot cocoa too. That is why there’s also an increasing number of hot chocolate pods nespresso suitable vendors in the market. If you have not attempted shopping for a nespresso pod hot chocolate, you may be puzzled with the number of merchants declaring they offer genuine and suitable coffee pods. But, you shouldn’t be easily tricked. There are also sellers who have mismatched and sub-standard hot chocolate capsules for nespresso machine. That’s why below, you’ll understand the facts you need to look for in a merchant before you buy one.


Track Record

It’s crucial that you review and evaluate the vendor well prior to believing and purchasing from them. Try to see where they’re growing their goods from. If they are buying it from a recognized and dependable supplier, odds are, you are going to get excellent and flavorful coffee pods. Also try to check whether the corporation features authentic hot chocolate capsules for nespresso machine because not every pods are suitable for the Nespresso machine. Providing a not compatible pod may have some negative effects on your machine. Normally, they put it within their website and information if their merchandise are entirely compatible with the equipment. Seek to get from a company that features pods which are compatible even with the latest Nespresso machines.

Contact Info

Any merchant would provide several methods in order to call them if you have any problems or concerns regarding what they deliver. Other than their email, they must be capable to provide various ways to communicate with them similar to a telephone or hotline number, with a contact page at their website. In addition, they ought to be capable of giving a return and a reimbursement guarantee. The refund policy and guideline ought to be properly stated in their site so that customers such as yourself would not have difficulties contemplating how to return your order, if you are unsatisfied with it.


Clients’ Opinions

Of course, an outstanding seller need to acquire numerous positive reviews and feedback from their current and last customers. Good ratings is a reliable way to see if the seller definitely stayed true to their claims. How is it a legitimate and helpful reason? Well, clients are not, in any way, tied to retailers so that you could be certain that anything they have written came from their own experience. It’s a great way to know if the vendors are friendly and if they had a quick purchasing process. You could also try to contact and inquire them if they’ll let you.

Like when shopping for other goods, paying for hot chocolate pods nespresso compatible also takes time and concern. You cannot just believe any vendor who boasts they supply pods because likelihood is, they might not be ideal for your reliable Nespresso machine and presumably ruin the device. Always look for those three factors to be sure you are ordering from a genuine and reliable sender. In that way, you’re saving yourself from possible problems and accidents.


Advantages of Using Natural Products  


Are you currently thinking which among the countless online supplement store you should order your supplements from? You must consider those offering natural supplements. You already know how valuable your health is. You want to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. While the food you eat provide you with these nutrients, you will benefit more if you are taking in natural supplements. If you are in search of healthy food supplements, this post will certainly be of big help to you.


Here are a few more reasons to go natural for your choice of supplement supplier.

These supplements are made from natural food sources

Since the supplements are made from all natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and plants, your body will be able to absorb them easily. Supplements that contain artificial ingredients will give your body a harder time identifying how to use them properly. If you have any allergies or is health conscious, you are safer with natural products such as those offered by LAC Singapore. No chemicals or additives are used. The outcome, hence, is a supplement with better quality.

Make sure to exercise caution when looking at supplement labels. Do not right away believe everything that claims to be natural. If you want to get the most out of a food supplement, it should be free from any preservatives. Take your time reading through the labels. You’d want to make sure that there is nothing too complex for you to understand. If there is anything you find unfamiliar, consider conducting some research work by asking your physician or searching online.

They’re more cost-effective

You don’t have to spend a fortune to stay healthy. Online supplement stores understand that people are also looking for high quality supplements that they can afford. Thus, they are offered at reasonable prices and you can even take advantage of free shipping. All you have to do is check the products if the prices offered fall within your budget.homefullcentre

On the other hand, if you find that the prices are still a bit higher than other supplements in the market, just think about what you’re getting in return. With natural supplements, you get to keep peace of mind knowing that the products are made of organic and quality ingredients. You can be healthier and happier with these natural supplements.

Natural supplements are more effective

The body responds better to natural supplements so these products are utilized and absorbed properly. You can know how effective they are by considering what past users can say about their experience with the supplements in question. As you choose an online supplement store, take time to go over client testimonials. Learn from customers themselves how the natural supplements have helped them.

Ultimately, make sure to purchase only from an online supplement store that is committed to delivering high quality products. Find out how long they have been in the business as chances are they’ve also spent a lot of time studying their products, sourcing only those that adhere to their strict quality standards. Don’t confine yourself to expensive options because you can find stores that offer all-natural supplements and vitamins at a competitive price.


The World’s Most Influential Women 2016


It is amazing how women leave a huge imprint in the world just like the men. In this world where women are empowered, many prove that they can make a difference or even surpass other men. Forbes just released its annual list of 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. The list is comprised of the world’s smartest and inspiring, leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.


For sure many Singaporean women will be motivated once they go through the list. Here are the top ten world’s most influential women:

  1. Angela Merkel – It is not a surprise that the first ever female German Chancellor topped the list for 6 consecutive years actually. Many people described her to be a humanist since she paved the way to open Germany’s borders to immigrants.
  1. Hillary Clinton – She is probably more influential than her former husband. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat front-runner and the first woman in the history of America to advance in the race for presidency. Not only that, she is the only First Lady to pursue a career in public office.
  1. Janet Yellen – Janet is known as the Chairman of the Washington Federal Reserve. As the Chairman, she did her best to boost employment rate at the same time stabilizing the US financial system.
  1. Melinda Gates – As a wife to one of the richest person on earth, Melinda never forgets to be humble and share her blessings. She founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which gives hope to people. Now, Melinda is absorbed on helping women conquer gender equality.
  1. Mary Barra – Mary Barra is General Motor’s matriarch. She is in fact the first female to become General Motor’s CEO. She managed to regain the company’s former glory with huge sales two years ago.1386685771000-a01-barra-mug-nline-21
  1. Christine Lagarde – She is the current head of the International Monetary Fund. She helped the world recuperate from financial crisis. Now she is engrossed in world issues like income disparities and gender inequality.
  1. Sheryl Sandberg – People only know Zuckerberg but it is time that you know the exceptional work of Facebook’s Chief Operation Officer, Sheryl Sandberg. She assisted boost the revenues of Facebook and constantly make donations to support women empowerment.
  1. Susan Wojcicki – She is the CEO of YouTube and dubbed as advertising most important person. She urged Google to buy YouTube and now it is valued at US$70 billion up from 2006’s US$1.65 billion.
  1. Meg Whitman – Meg Whitman is Hewlett Packard’s current CEO. In the past, she helped eBay raise profits.
  1. Ana Patricia Botin – She is the chairman of Santander, a financial- services. This woman is known to lead the progress of Europe’s largest bank. With this, she is considered as the world’s most powerful bank executives.