Places in Singapore Athletes Must Visit

Singapore is the place for all people. It is a place where adventure seekers can go; it is the haven for people looking for rest and relaxation; it is the place of love for couples; it is the Mecca of photographers. Every person can adapt their needs and wants in this place—even athletes. Singapore has produced a number of athletes across time starting with Agu Casmir, Ang Peng Siong, Calvin Kang Li Loong, Chua Phung Kim, Feng Tianwei and Ismail Yumos who have made their names on their respected field of sports. With that, athletes can also find places they fit in here.

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As a day jump starter, jogging and warming up at the MacRitchie Reservoir Loop. The fresh air, the view of the clean river and the running trail surrounded by luscious greens because of trees and plants is best for the breathing practices while jogging. MacRitchie Reservoir Loop is a famous destination for jogging this place has even provided amenities such as lockers, shower and bathroom and refreshment areas for runners.

Another area which can be found at the centre of the city is the Singapore River which when traversed can provide a 6km run. The advantage of having a run in this area aside from its short distance from the city is the view while running. The cityscape and the famous places here like the Marina Bay Sans and the Art Science Museum can be seen. Runners won’t get bored running, for they have a lot of things to see along the trail.


Swimmers, divers, surfers and beach volleyball players will find the beaches in Sentosa as real paradise where they cannot only be tanned but also play their favourite sports. The white and powdered sand here are best for volleyball players. They can easily set up net along the shore for them to play. Waves are quite good here as well, so surfers are free to bring their boards and explore the sea. Diving lessons and diving certificates are also offered by some businesses along the shore, so diver can explore the Singapore underwater.



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