Popular Spa Treatments and Its Health Risks

Most of us love a good spa day. From a long soak in a floatation pool to even a half hour sauna session, spa treatments are just the ultimate way to relax and beautify one’s self. But just like most things in life, our beloved spa treatments also has its fair share of downsides, and these health risks are something that you definitely wouldn’t want to get.


  1. Communal Baths. Spa treatments like soaking baths and public whirlpool involve hot water, which serves as an ideal breeding ground for harmful organisms. Rather than completely changing the water, some of these baths and spas only use chlorine to treat the communal areas, which oftentimes doesn’t get the job done. With this kind of set-up, there’s a big chance that it will leave your sensitive skin more susceptible to whatever germs are present in the water. This set-up is basically an invitation to catch and spread germs.


  1. Fish Pedicures. Although it appears to be quite harmless, experts strongly advised that anyone diagnosed with diabetes, AIDS, cancer, or those with sore and open wounds to avoid undergoing this treatment due to an increased risk of infection. There’s no way to sanitize or disinfect the fishes in between treatments, which means nail salons likely use the same fish for multiple customers. With this, the bacteria from another person’s feet can be easily passed on to your own feet.


  1. Laser. It may no longer come as a surprise that most laser treatments have some possible negative effects on your skin. Laser resurfacing treatments and laser hair removal in particular, has their own risks like skin burning and blistering. But between the two treatments, laser resurfacing is far riskier as it can cause scarring, and hypo and hyper-pigmentation to occur. Still, most laser treatments can be safe as long as they are performed by an experienced doctor.


  1. Saunas. While saunas are considered to be safe by most standards, staying for too long in a sauna can pose some serious health dangers, such as respiratory distress, burns, compromised reproductive system and dehydration. If you’re diagnosed with a heart condition, then the more reason you should avoid getting into saunas as the heat in it can cause your blood vessels to dilate. Also, avoid going to saunas when you’re drunk or is planning to sweat out your hangover as the combination of alcohol and saunas will only increase your risk of acquiring heart problems.

While it’s safe to get some spa treatment, it’s still important to ensure that you’ll only be getting the positive effects of the treatment you’re having and not its health risks. Do some research beforehand and know everything that you need to know about the spa treatment you’ll be having.


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