Taste Buds-Satisfying Food to Eat In Singapore

Travelling means unleashing the adventurer inside you and allowing yourself to be free to explore the world. Travelling also means being respectful and accepting to the culture, lifestyle and environment of the place you are travelling in. Most of all, travelling means—good food. If you are in Singapore, and you want to taste something different, authentic and something that you could only taste in this place, I have a list of what you must eat. Singapore_Singapore-dishes_4327

Let’s have noodles as first food stop. In Singapore, noodles vary and most of the time, they are a combination of dishes from Malaysia, Indian and other cuisines. Nonetheless, you will still taste the difference. Try Mee Siam or Siamese noodles. This noodle has the combination of sweet, spicy and sour, for its sauce contains tamarind, different chilli and sweet ingredients. It is very saucy and often served with boiled eggs. Wanton Mee is a fusion of Chinese and Singaporean dish. This noodle has beef, dumplings and sauce which are not spicy. Bak Chor Mee, Hokkien Prawn Mee and Mee Rebus are also some noodle dishes you can taste.


Crabs, oyster, fish and other seafood are also included in the local foods here, so if you are a seafood lover, Singapore’s got a place for you. Try their fish head steamboat which is promised to have grouper, promfert and red snapper fishes freshly caught and cooked. Authentic Singapore restaurants cook this dish through charcoal for the fish’s perfect taste and tenderness. Sting Ray barbeque, Singapore’s famous fish head curry which is a fusion of Indian and Malay cuisine and chilli crabs boiled, meat removed from the body and stuffed to the shell, fried and cooked again in spicy sauce are the seafood dishes you should not fail taste.

For rice dishes perfect for carbohydrates-lovers, Singapore Chicken Rice which is a dish with steamed chicken and special Hainanese rice is Singapore’s most famous. Biryani is another rice dish which uses Basmati rice cooked in different spices and topped with chicken and beef. Nasi Lemak and Duck Riceare other rice dishes you must taste.


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