The Mun San Fook Tuck Chee Temple

1795879_617335421653692_1657536408_oMun San Fook Tuck Chee temple is a Cantonese temple and it is considered one of the oldest. It is located along Sims Drive. There are unpleasant news circulating saying that the temple is in danger for demolition to make way for modern developments. Devotees of the temple are anxious about the TOL (Temporary Occupation License). The license will expire in June 2014.

According to HDB, in 2009 the temple consumed its 30 year lease and from then on, the board has been releasing license to the temple every year. The devotees are anxious what will become of the temple. If you did not get the chance to visit the temple, you should head straight to it. Here are some things that you will see in the temple:



Mun San Fook Tuck Chee is a Taoist temple. The first thing that you will see is the door. The doors here are embellished with green dragon and white tiger. Upon entering, visitors should not step into the elevation of the door as a sign of respect to the Gods.

Bell and drum

Bells and drums are noticeable. When you offer joss papers to the deity of the temple, you will hear the beating of the bells and drums. Bells and drums are placed on the side of the altar. The bells are placed on the right side of the altar while the drum is placed on the left side.


The temple will not be complete without the altar where the devotees pray for the patron deity Tu Di Gong. You will see paper sticks being offered in the altar.

The temple is in danger because of modern developments. Modern development plans along the area include the destruction of 57, 59 and 60 blocks in the future months. This is the HDB’s (Housing Development Board) Selective en block Redevelopment Scheme.


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