Tips for Wedding Photographers Before the Wedding

Photographers always present in wedding whether they are professional or amateur. They make the wedding more colourful and wonderful. Traditionally, wedding photography is a creative way of describing how happy and lively the wedding is. Preparation for wedding is like a problem that just pops out. What are the materials needed? Who would you invite? How many? And more questions the literally gets out of the couples mind.

Most couples never mind how much money they will spend for their most awaited day. But sometimes, they mind. Usually, couples who are saving money will choose to hire photographer even if they know that it exceeds their budget. In Singapore, most couples prefer to have at least one photographer even if it is their relative. For them, the most important are the pictures and not the photographer. However, you really need to hire a professional photographer if you want your wedding photos to be always remembered.


If you’re a photographer and you want yourself to be recognized, follow these advices:

  • Sell your skills

By the time a couple visited your studio, they want you as their wedding photographer or maybe they only want to check your portfolio. Usually, couples visits or checks at least three wedding photo studios and choose what the best is for the couple. If this happen, immediately show them your interest to work with them but do not show to them that your with their money. Sell your skills and share to them your biggest achievement as a perfect wedding photographer in Singapore like you have taken a photo of the most famous models in the globe. Through this, you can easily convince them to be their photographer for your big day and remember wedding photography is a business and you need to compete to other companies to survive in the market.


  • Check you equipment

Most of the time photographers prepare what they need two day before the wedding day and finalizing it during the last hours before the wedding starts. Most photographers in Singapore double check everything before they go to the event.  As usual, a photographer must bring a camera along with the tripod. Apart from that, lenses, lights, wires, cables and other useful equipment should be brought.


There is always a story in every picture especially in wedding photos. This is the reason why wedding photographers should not be taken for granted. Today, cameras can be simply operated by an ordinary person. The challenge today for wedding photographers is on how they gonna compete with their small competitors to continue and excel in their field.

Several professional photographers of yesterday were just happy to share their passion through workshops and crash courses. However, others continue their passion in wedding photography and they always give a smile to their clients.

Taking photos is easy but when you know the real meaning of photography, you’ll be shocked on how difficult it is when you perfect all the important aspect of taking photos.


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