Wedding Planning Through Wedding Portals

If you are currently in the process of planning your wedding, you certainly know how much organization and preparation wedding events require. After all, you still want to make sure that this is going to be the happiest day of your life, and that it is going to happen the way you wished and planned it to be. While you assigned those mundane details of your wedding to your friends, relatives, or planner, there is still a number of important matters that you have to handle personally, and being able to do all of them online will surely save you a lot of time, money, and effort.


Wedding Portal Services

Many weddings Singapore shops with specialized services now have online wedding portals to assist couples for a more convenient wedding planning. For example, if visiting bridal boutiques is quite impossible for you because of heavy work schedule, you can browse through the wedding gown catalog of wedding portals like perfect weddings – same with the other wedding details, like wedding favors, decorations, bouquets, invitations and RSVP cards, videographers, photographers, and car rental. Almost all wedding essentials can be found, bought, or hired through wedding portals.

Small Essentials

Aside from the featured vendors, some wedding portals also allow selling of second hand wedding supplies from their portal members. Most of these essentials are wedding gowns and shoes that are still in excellent condition, which are sold for a good price. Second hand bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, groom’s suit, wedding jewelries, and even wedding venue packages can also be found in a wedding portal.


Wedding Gift List

Among of the increasingly popular online planning tools for wedding events is the wedding gift list. By having an online gift list for your guests to consult can bring so many benefits to you. For beginners, you and your spouse who love Perfect Weddings in Singapore can make a list of possible wedding gifts from the comfort of your home, instead of trawling through a couple of shops to find what you’re looking for. It will also save you money and at the same time reduce the environmental cost from printing multiple copies of wedding gift list to distribute to all your invitees and well-wishers. Furthermore, making use of an online gift list makes it easier for the guests to decide what gifts to bring without having to worry of duplication of gifts.

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Wedding Website

Wedding website is a common feature among weddings Singapore portals such as perfect weddings. They are used for updating and communicating with guests. It can also serve as a platform for your guests to communicate with each other. On your wedding website, you can post the details of your wedding (e.g. wedding date, venue, and time), a couple of photos and videos, and the story of how you and your fiancé met. You will be also provided with privacy options as to who can view the wedding website contents.  Other services like budget management and wedding checklist are also provided by some wedding websites for a more convenient wedding planning.

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