What Services Can Men Get at a Hair Salon?

The hair salon is no longer thought of as a place for women who want to have their hair styled. In fact, a lot of hair salon in Singapore also offer styling and services for the specific needs of their discerning male clients besides haircuts. The best hair salon in Singapore even has trained stylists who specialize in men’s haircut and facial hair styling.

Let’s look at what the hair salon has to offer.

Hair Styling for Men

Going for a haircut isn’t as easy for some men as sitting down and asking the barber to start snipping away the hair that has grown for the past several weeks. Most men who go to the best hair salon in Singapore and want specific hairstyles that reflect their personality and lifestyle. That is why when you walk into a hair salon, the first thing you should do is to consult a stylist about the different hair trends and the styles that will work on your hair type, shape of the head, and lifestyle.

It’s not uncommon for some hair salon in Singapore to have hair stylists who know how to handle the specific needs of men with curly hair, Asian hair, and facial hair. In order to get the haircut that you want, you should know the following terms when talking to your stylist:

1. Thinning. This is done on very thick hair by trimming some of the excess weight using thinning scissors.

2. Layers or texture. A layer refers to the trimming of areas on your hair so that the sides appear shorter than the hair at the top. Texture on the other hand, is the overall look of the hairstyle based on the curls, the thickness, and the way it was cut.

3. Taper. The taper is the longer part of your hair that doesn’t fade into shorter cuts.

4. Fade. The fade refers to the way the hair is cut so that it appears shorter near the skin. If you ask for an undercut fade, you refer to having long hair at the top of your head and shorter hair at the sides and back.

5. Neckline. This is the term for the area near the back of the neck and how you want it styled—whether you prefer a V-cut or a flat cut.

6. Grades. Haircut grades are the different lengths of the haircut. You should also familiarize yourself with the following haircut grades:

• 1 = 1/8 inch
• 2 = ¼ inch
• 3 = 3/8 inch
• 4 = ½ inch
• 5 = 5/8 inch
• 6 = ¾ inch
• 7 = 7/8 inch
• 8 = 1 inch

Picking the Right Hair Stylist

When picking the right barber, it’s important to pay attention to his or her habits so that you don’t regret your trip at the hair salon. Follow these pointers to spot the right barber:

1. The hair salon should be clean and the staff should be wearing appropriate work clothes.

2. All the tools should be sterilized properly to avoid transmission of parasites and infections. The blades used for shaving should always be brand new, so watch out for that too.

3. A reputable hair salon in Singapore should always have a consultation first before they start cutting your hair. They should know about all the latest hair trends when you ask for advice.

4. The hair salon staff should also recommend which products you need to use to style and take care of your hair.

5. If you’re visiting a hair salon to get a shave, make sure that the barber preps your skin first so that the skin is relaxed and all the pores are opened. Shaving aftercare is also important, so the barber has to clear the face of excess creams and to apply hot towels. Check for cuts and skin damage before you leave.

6. If you’ve found a barber to your liking, it’s better that you ask for the same person every time you go back. That way he or she already knows what you’ll need.

Facial Hair Grooming

Beard styling is also common in most hair salon in Singapore today. Talk to your stylist about the different beard styles or whether you want to be hair free instead. The type of beard the stylist will recommend will be based on the shape of your face and the amount of facial hair you can naturally grow (not everyone can have a full beard!).

You will also be advised on how to take care of your facial hair by proper shaving, washing, and the correct use of skin care products and practice good hygiene routine.

Hair Removal

It’s only the women who worry about having too much hair on specific parts of the body, but some men also want to have their arms, chest, legs and armpits free of unwanted hair. Hair removal procedures such as waxing, sugaring, laser hair removal, and photoepilation are recommended at the hair salon. These procedures eliminate the need for constant shaving that causes damage and burns on the skin.

Hair Transplant

Some of the best hair salon in Singapore also have hair transplant services for customers who have thinning or receding hair. A lot of men suffer from this condition and one of the ways of bringing back youthfulness is through hair transplant. The most popular type of procedure is the follicular unit extraction which removes individual hairs from the side or the back of the head or from the chest, and then implanting them on the scalp.

Hair transplant is recommended for people with balding pates and receding hairlines. It doesn’t leave scars and will usually take not more than 8 hours under local anesthesia. Besides hair transplant, some hair salon in Singapore also do beard transplant, especially if the customer has patchy facial hair.

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