5 Most Popular Sports in Singapore

Being hailed as the best sports city in Asia, Singapore is known to have the best players in different field of sports. Singaporeans are natural born athletes and even some who do not participate in international sports competition still enjoy playing various sports. And some of these sports are:

1.   Basketball

Basketball is an action game that shows the skills and strategy of a player in one of the shortest duration as compared to any contemporary sports. Basketball can also give the body the most rigorous exercises.

2.   Soccer

Soccer, or also known as football in some regions, is a team sport that is common in the country. This sport gained huge fan, perhaps, because it can be easily played by anyone with very little equipment required. Soccer is simply played by driving the ball with the use of the feet towards the opponent’s goal area and stopping the opponent from reaching your goal.

3.   Golf

Golf is the most popular individual sport. It is a sport that completely focuses on a person’s brilliance and strategic skills. Although the sport is mostly played only by the elite class, people still love watching golf.

4.   Tennis

Tennis is the third most popular sport in Singapore.  Tennis can be played individually or by pair. Lawn tennis is one of the most high-paying sports—an individual player can have an annual income of more than $50 million. Tennis is a very interesting game and a good overall body exercise as well.

5.   Volleyball

Volleyball is another form of team sport and can be played indoors or outdoors. It is very popular among women and men. Usually, this sport is played between two teams of six players.

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