5 Reasons Why Chocolates Are the Best

Without a doubt, chocolate is one of the best treats life has to offer. It’s delightful taste that gives a pleasure beyond compare. It has been the reason why most people enjoy eating chocolates than other delicate treats. Eating chocolates is like an explosion of happiness in a bite.


Janice Wong, is no doubt considered as the dessert queen in Singapore. 2am -her dessert bar in Holland Village gives favorable satisfaction for all your dessert cravings. Her bar is the best spot for those who enjoys a good and tasty desserts where all your sugar cravings are deeply satisfied. Of course, her best seller is the Chocolate H20 which is a heavenly combination of chocolate mousse, caramel  bavarois, salted caramel and Yuzu sorbet. Then we cannot question why patrons do support her dessert bar. But chocolates offers more than just an appetizing sensation but as well as countless reasons why chocolates are the best. Here are 5 reasons why chocolates are the best treat one can settle to eat;

  1. It makes you feel BETTER! Emotionally Better! A very big YES – chocolates do make you feel better always. Chocolates contain the same chemical that your brain creates when you feel like falling in love or feeling happy at the same time. The presence of phenylethylamine, the chemical that gives you a “falling in love”sensation is found in chocolates which gives you the kind of happiness in every bite! Just imagine the feeling of falling in love, how it feels to be loved, and how it feels to be totally happy – all of that is what a bite of chocolate can offer. So if you are feeling sad and blue, have yourself a nice bar of chocolate and dig in to happiness!
  2. It can help you lose weight! Yes – a figure change with a bite-size of happiness! It may sound mad or anything but studies prove that eating chocolates especially dark chocolates help you lose weight. Weird right? But it is truly proven that chocolates help you lose the weight you’ve been dying to cut off from a very long time. Though the effect of losing weight is not immediate, it has been cited in the study of the neuroscientist Will Clower that eating a square bite-size of chocolates before a meal triggers the hormone in our brain which signals that you are “full” therefore creating a subsequent result of cutting the amount of food you consume.D_2_LOOSE_CHOCS_crop_1
  3. It’s healthy for your heart – Gives you good Circulation! Research shows the tremendous effect of eating chocolate – especially dark chocolate into the body. It shows that dark chocolate helps restore the flexibility of the arteries while at the same time preventing white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels – which is both causes of artery clogging. Just imagine the healthy effect one can get from eating this delightful treat. Isn’t it amazing to think that by merely eating chocolates, you can enjoy and feel happy while also being healthy at the same time? So if you’re not fond of eating chocolates, now is the right time to give yourself the pleasure of being healthy and satisfied at the same time.
  4. Chocolates for a youthful and glowing skin! Not only is chocolate good for your heart and for lifting up your mood, but it is also good for helping maintain that youthful and vibrant glow in your skin. Studies has also proven the good contribution of chocolates in protecting your skin against damages cause by the sun. Most chocolates especially the dark chocolates contains flavonol which helps in shielding your skin from total sun damage. Though chocolates can help protect your skin, don’t forget that applying sun screen is still recommended if you want to totally maintain that beautiful skin.
  5. It’s more than a food for the stomach – it’s a food to the soul. Chocolate is more than a physical food – yes, it is more than that because it is a food for your soul. It is a food made of love, care and superb perfection. Chocolates are not made easily, no its not. From the farmland where farmers take good care of where its raw ingredients came from, up to the keen care of those who supervised the processing of the chocolates, and finally to the passionate hand of the dessert master who carefully made sure that each chocolate tastes as heaven as possible. That is why a bite of chocolate is more than just a food that makes your stomach full – but as well as pouring your soul with utmost love and passion from those who carefully made each chocolates the best as it should be.


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