5 Styling Tips That’ll Make Every Man Look Taller


There are a few simple ways a man can dress to look taller, and this doesn’t require complex colour combinations or uncomfortable layering. It’s just a matter of sticking to a couple rules of thumb when shopping for clothes. Here are five styling tips that’ll make you look taller than your genes intended.


  1. Wear Monochromatic Colours

Wearing colours in the same colour spectrum will streamline your look and create an illusion of height. The darker the better, but avoid all-black look as it can actually make you look the opposite. If you intend to mix colours, keep the darker hues on the lower torso and the lighter ones up top.

  1. Keep Button Stance Positioned Above the Navel

Choose jackets or suits with waist button, called button stance, positioned above your navel. This draws the attention higher up in the body and helps create an illusion of leaner and longer legs.

  1. Keep Pants At the Right Length

When you have excess material “puddling” around your ankles, the attention is drawn downwards, therefore making you look shorter. However, if you have your pants hemmed to no break at all, you’ll reduce the unnecessary material down there, allowing the attention to rise up and focus on the upper part of your body.Decent-Men-fashion-ideas

  1. Avoid Low-Waist Jeans

Baggy, low-waist jeans may be in, but that doesn’t help to make you look taller at all. You would want to wear your jeans at your natural waistline to maximize leg line. The appearance of longer lines in your bottom half is an essential factor in making you look taller. Likewise, go for slim-cut trousers with smaller jean rise (the length from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband) as it helps make the legs look longer.

  1. Wear Shirts That Doesn’t Pass Your Hips

If wearing a button down shirt, you should tuck it in 90% of the time. It lends a leaner line and makes your legs appear longer. However, if you absolutely need to un-tuck, or wearing a shirt that’s designed to be kept un-tucked, make sure that the hemline doesn’t go past your hips. Anything longer will make you look baggy and make your legs look stubby.

Looking taller is just about controlling the direction of the viewers’ attention. When you follow these tips in choosing your clothing, you can create a visual streamline that can transform both how you feel about yourself and how people see you.


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