5 Text Messages Every Married Man Should Avoid

Married life is very different from singlehood. You’ll have more responsibilities, not only to yourself, but to your spouse and children as well. Once you’ve exchange ‘I dos’ with your partner, there are things that you’re no longer free to do.

That is why, as a good husband, you’d want to keep your communication habits always in check. You may think you’re sending people harmless or innocent messages, but they could be putting small fractures in your marriage. These are the five messages you should avoid as a family man.

1. A message to an ex-lover
This one is a no-brainer. It doesn’t even matter if you have moved on and have forgotten your feelings for an ex-lover or if they are the one who texted you first. Your ex is someone you once adored, loved and cared for, and these feelings can come back, which can complicate things between you and your wife. Avoid any possible complications by keeping your past in the past.

2. Complaint messages about your wife
Marital problems are private matters—and should remain private at all times. Perhaps, you think it is okay to complain about your wife to your brother or sister, but it really is not. Worse, is if you vent out your frustrations to your pals, who have no business knowing these family issues. If you are frustrated with your partner, your best solution is to talk about it with her in a calm and healthy manner.

3. Angry messages to your spouse
Arguments are normal in any relationship. However, it’s never alright for either side to send angry or hateful text messages. In the midst of a heated argument, it is easy to say things you don’t really mean, just so you can get back at your partner for hurting you—only to regret everything once you have cooled down.

4. More text messages to a friend than to your wife
There’s nothing wrong with texting a friend. However, obsessively texting a pal that you’re sending more messages to them than to your wife can be a troublesome situation. It indicates that you’re more interested in what your friend has to say, and that is not a good sign of a healthy marriage.

5. A message sent via secret messaging app
Absolute transparency in marriage may not be ideal, but going to such lengths as keeping messages private is a sign that you feel guilty about something. And if something makes you feel guilty, you probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Perhaps, many of us are aware that even the strongest and longest relationship can be destroyed. Don’t risk your precious relationship just because of these careless text messages. If you are doing any of these things, now is the best time to start avoiding them.

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