5 Tricks to Avoid Stress-Eating at Work

Often find yourself heading to the office pantry to get a treat or two after reading a distressing email from your boss,? Well, you’re not the only one experiencing this. As much as you want to stick with your healthy diet, fighting off stress-craving can be a real struggle. With these tricks however, fighting off with your cravings can become as easy as giving into it.


  1. Eat Healthy. Can’t fight the urge to eat? Then might as well munch on healthy goods. Instead of indulging on your salty chips or chocolate, opt for sliced fruits or yogurts. Not only will you be able to feel fuller longer, you’ll also be able to satisfy your cravings without adding in too much calories.
  1. Known Your Triggers. If scrolling through your ex-boyfriend’s Facebook profile makes you want to grab and indulge in a chocolate bar, then its best that you stop stalking him. Knowing the potential triggers of your stress-eating tendencies, and avoiding them can help in preventing emotional eating.
  1. Get a Lunch Buddy. Another good way to motivate you to eat healthy is to look for a lunch buddy who shares the same sentiments as you. Ask him or her if you could eat lunch together and commit to only eat healthy meals. Having someone whom you can trust and is just as determined as you to follow a well-balanced diet will significantly slim down your chances of giving in to your cravings.


  1. Walk Around Your Office. It may sound difficult, but it’s actually possible to sneak in some exercise at work. One simple way to get you moving is by taking a stroll inside or outside your office. So instead of reaching for your chocolate macadamia cookie, try walking around for a several minutes. Doing this won’t only help you fight your cravings, it’ll also combat your usual afternoon slump while helping you regroup.
  1. Ask Yourself. Before you start munching on your glazed donut, ask yourself first if you’re really hungry. Decide why you want to it. Do you want to eat it because you really need it, or just because you want it?

Although it may not seem like it, fighting stress-eating while at work is actually quite easy. You just need to be disciplined enough so that you’ll be able stick with your diet and resist splurging on sweet and fatty foods.


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