5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Online Fitness Classes

With so many workout videos and virtual-training programs available online, you can now pretty much skip the gym without slacking on your fitness. However, doing online workouts is actually a lot easier said than done. Where will you place your laptop? What if you live in a closet-size apartment? No need to worry. By following these tips, you’ll definitely be able to get the most out of your at-home exercise.


  1. Position Your Laptop Where You Can Clearly See It. If you’re going to do a routine where you’ll be standing and lying on the floor, then it’s best to position your laptop on a low table or over a stack of books. For cardio or strength-based videos where you’ll be on your feet, place your laptop on a table that’s halfway between your waist and eye-level like your kitchen table or desk. Also, make sure that your laptop’s volume is all the way up so you’ll still be able to clearly hear your instructor even when you’re not facing your screen head-on.
  1. Allot Some Prep Time. Similar with working out in the gym, doing an online workout class also requires enough mental prep. Taking a stroll in your living room may not be enough to get you into workout mode, so try playing some pump-up jams before you start exercising instead. With this, you’ll now feel more motivated and focused to exercise.
  1. Get a Virtual Sweat Buddy. Working out with a friend can be a great motivation booster, but it can be quite tricky to do when you’re exercising at home. A simple trick to make this work is to commit to doing a particular workout on the same day – even if you don’t have the time and space to follow it together – and hold each other accountable to ensure that you get it done. Once you’re both done, suggest comparing some notes afterwards to improve each of your solo living-room workout routine.


  1. Look for a Good Instructor. With almost everyone signing up to YouTube, it’s important that you research on the instructor of any online workout routine that you want to try. Ensure that your prospective instructor is certified, and if you’re planning to use a yoga video, check if the instructor has at least done 200 hours of training.
  1. Check Your Form Throughout the Video. While doing the workout itself, ensure that you also stay in tune with your body and your movement. Unlike in gym training sessions where an instructor constantly checks on your form, online workout classes require you to check your own form and figure out whether or not a particular move is working for you. To make things a little easier for you, have a mirror positioned nearby your workout space and use it to constantly check your form. Doing this won’t only ensure that you’re doing the right move, it’ll also keep you safe from injuries.

With thousands of workout videos in the Internet, it’s now possible even for the busiest people to achieve their fitness goals. Just ensure that you follow the instructional video that fits your needs, and follow the aforementioned tips to get the most of your at-home sweat out.


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