Avoiding Car Accidents

Every day, car accidents happen here in Singapore. Some are not serious, some are severe that lives are taken. There was a car accident at Hillview Avenue on October 23, 2013 that cost the life of the front passenger. The 23 year old woman was pronounced dead by the paramedics at the scene. The driver and other passengers survived the crash; they were brought to the nearby hospital. The driver claimed that he lost control of the car hitting a tree.


As much as possible, we want to shun car accidents but we know that things happen but that does not mean that we leave it to fate. We can do something to at least minimize our risks. So, how can we minimize our risks? Here are some ways:

Visit the mechanic

The basic thing that you need to do is bring your car to the mechanic. Cars need to be checked all the time. Do not hesitate to bring it to the mechanic even if you think that there are no problems. Your mechanic visit should be regular.

Be attentive

When you are driving, it is important that you are attentive. You have to be watchful of the cars beside you and the road too. You need to relentlessly check your rear view mirror to assess the speed of cars.


Use lights and mirrors

Your rear view mirrors and lights are there for a reason. You should put it in good use. Your lights are made to signal other drivers of your intention (to go left, right, stop, etc.) your rear view mirrors will let you see other cars.

Follow traffic rules

It is imperative that you follow traffic rules and signs. Even if you are in a hurry, you should drive carefully and avoid beating the red light. It will not do you good. You are always safe if you follow traffic rules. If there are incidents, you will not be reprimanded.


When you drive, it demands your whole and undivided attention. That means no texting while driving. If it can’t be helped, pull over and call or reply. Do not drive when you are drunk because it will cloud your judgment and more importantly, do not drive when you are sleepy.


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