Avoiding Scams

Not all people are honourable. There are people who feast on the weakness of others so they can go higher. This is not new because there will always be people who will deceive, lie and cheat so that they can have the life they want fast and easy. Here in Singapore, there are many people who are arrested for scamming. Their scams and modus operandi varies but one thing is certain – they should be reprimanded for taking advantage of the weakness of other people.


It is important that you know scam when it stares right at your face. This article will discuss how to avoid online scams and swindlers. Here are some ideas:

Free trial

There are many products online. You will surely be enticed to know free trial offers but beware because there are hidden costs. Do not just click ‘Agree’ without reading everything.

Fake Wi-Fi hot Spots

You have to be careful if you are in a public place connecting to Wi-Fi hot spot. There are people who will establish a fake Wi-Fi spots and if you connect, they will scour your accounts for bank information.


Fake Contests

You may receive a text message saying that you won a contest. There are others that use Twitter or Facebook to let you know about a contest by clicking a link. If you click the link, a ‘robot’ will be downloaded which can be used by scammers to send spam e-mails.

Fake Anti-Virus

There are people that sell you fake anti-virus. They are not really cleaning the computer, they are in fact installing malware that can steal your bank information and other financial details.

The list goes on. It is important that you know some of the modus of the scammers so when you see similar patterns, you will be alerted. When you feel that you are a victim, it is crucial that you convey it to the police so they can conduct further investigation. You can help many people by alerting the officers or spreading the information.

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