Factors to Consider When Choosing a Managed IT Services Provider

If you’re planning to outsource your IT service provider, it is crucial that you find a managed services provider (MSP) you can rely on—someone who has the expertise, experience and skills to manage your entire IT network. Whether you’re changing to a new service provider or contracting one for the first time, it’s important that you know what factors to consider when choosing an MSP. The following are the eight essential qualities that your Singapore IT services provider should possess.


1. Experience and Reputation

Choosing an MSP with a good track record is crucial when it comes to outsourcing IT service providers. This gives you an insight about the service provider’s past achievements and enables you to predict what results the vendor might produce. Some of the important things to consider when choosing a managed IT services provider is the number of years they have been operating in the industry, as well as the certifications and licenses that they have.

Aside from that, you should also check whether they offer scalable IT services. A good service provider will be able to show you a portfolio of their services that not only covers your current IT system requirements, but also your system development plans in the future.

2. Staff Expertise

One of the most important factors in choosing a IT services firm in Singapore worth considering is the knowledge and expertise of the IT staff of your service provider. Make sure that they are capable of performing operations other than basic system maintenance and management. Aside from that, they should also have enough experience in handling and operating delivery models like cloud and IT strategic outsourcing. Ensuring this enables you to achieve multi-environment support that will aid in meeting your company’s individual needs.

3. Skillset

One of the benefits of hiring a managed services provider is you get to work with IT experts and specialists, which is why it’s crucial that you also factor in the skills that your prospective MSP has. You will rely on your service provider for advices, so you would want to ensure that they stay updated with the newest software, hardware and cloud solutions available in the market. Choose an IT professional that constantly updates their knowledge and skills to stay relevant and useful in the industry. Be sure to ask your prospective MSP some probing questions so as to evaluate their qualifications.

4. Service Offerings

Some business owners in Singapore wrongly believe that hiring an MSP requires signing a huge contract to get a comprehensive package of services. Sure, there may be service providers who practise this, but there are also those who would willingly evaluate your system and listen to your specific needs. This is why it’s important that you have an open and honest discussion with your MSP so that both sides hear each other’s ideas and decide on the best IT solution package for the business.


5. Reliability

Hire a managed IT services provider who can minimize system disruptions in your business by creating and complying a service level-agreement (SLA). Your service provider should also be able to resolve problems and requests upon first contact. Moreover, your vendor’s disaster recovery and business continuity option should give an assurance that your IT infrastructure will run smoothly even after a local disaster occurs.

6. Adaptability

As the IT needs of your business change, your relationship with your MSP will change as well. Being able to evolve, expand or scale down your IT needs as needed whenever you need it will help you in avoiding costly system interruptions and redundancies. Remember that offering solutions that can adapt to technological updates is the job of your prospective vendor. Before choosing a particular IT company in Singapore, make sure to inquire about the levels of support they will be able to provider, as well as the cost of making such changes.

7. Round-the-Clock Assistance

Technical problems may occur at any given time, which is why it’s important that you hire a vendor who can provide you round-the-clock support. Therefore, make sure that your prospective service provider features a remote support desk that you can reach any time you need them. It would also be a good idea to know if they will be able to provide professional support at the frequency that your business needs, and if they offer support services that are in line with your company.

8. Culture and Attitude

Other than their skills and the services they are offering, it’s also crucial to factor in a service provider’s attitude towards servicing their clients. Consider the vendor’s knowledge, their response time to your questions, their zeal to discuss and cater to your needs, as well as the time they took to provide you with a good proposal. How they worked with you at the start will give you an idea of the things to come, so be sure to choose a service provider that showcases efficiency right from the get-go.

Looking for the right managed IT services provider for your company will not be difficult if you just know what factors to consider. Just keep in mind though that not all service providers are the same, and that you will need to evaluate each carefully to know who has the skills to cater to your IT needs.


Why You Should Only Use Genuine Mac Anti-Virus


People would often inquire if their Mac still requires an antivirus. Although the demand for antivirus is higher in other brands, Macs would nevertheless be able to use some degree of added defense against the best Mac antivirus there is. If you are at home frequently and is using your Mac for recreational, then it’s likely that you’d opt to set this aside.


However, if you are a business proprietors depending to Mac laptops or computers, then it’s strongly recommended that you do purchase antivirus right away. It is a small investment, to be honest, for what you risk to lose should anything go wrong. On top of that, the huge number of Mac users around the world makes Apple’s operating system (OS) a probable target for security threats. In case you go unprotected, chances are you’d be caught off guard, losing all essential files and other records instantly.

You don’t want that to occur particularly for important and irreplaceable files. The volume of viruses and malwares are increasing and as it has been pointed out at all times, it is significantly better taking precautionary ways than be sorry in the long run. If you can take action today that’s not at all inconveniencing you, so that you can, for a long time, have a secure feeling that your Mac is protected, then of course, go for it.

Set up the best antivirus Mac right now. If you’re thinking about not being able to find an antivirus that will fit your needs and provides the job it claimed as the best antivirus software for Mac, then you can certainly always look into sites on the internet that compare and contrast software.


Know more about what makes a Mac antivirus marvelous. Mac users verify without having problems with their personal computers for many years. This isn’t likely, even if this doesn’t change the undeniable fact that every time you use the internet, you’re also exposing your personal computer to a number of security problems. While you can vouch for Mac’s protection, there’s no problem at looking into as well an aid you can make use of for safeguarding your computer’s protection.

There are lots of antiviruses you can get on the internet. If it says it is the best Mac antivirus, therefore it must be labeled as a tried and tested antivirus for Mac. Your Mac, in itself, is a precious asset. You’d need to make sure that every little thing you’re installing on it is free from harm and offers no impending risk.

Many people say they are not able to make best use of antivirus apps as they frequently fail to remember upgrading or just don’t have the time for it. Regarding this, it is advantageous to find a software that provides your Mac guaranteed and 24/7 well-performance virus scanning devices. The best antivirus software for Mac is updated more than once in a day.

It should as well be uncomplicated to use, offering you the possibility to check folders and files merely by dragging and dropping. An Antivirus for Mac can also offer your choices whether you want a quick scan that is completed faster or one that is certainly more in depth. With that all said, search online today, try to look for the best Mac Antivirus, and do think about these factors mentioned above in order to enjoy maximum security for your own computer.


Introducing the Yahoo Screen

Singaporeans are happy to know that Yahoo Screen is already available. It is the video streaming of Yahoo and it is thought to be competing against YouTube. Before Yahoo Screen, it started as Yahoo Video. Yahoo Video is a video search engine. On June 2006, Yahoo allowed people to share video clips. In 2008, Yahoo video was redesigned.


In 2010, Yahoo Video’s utility to upload videos was eliminated. The contents were later removed in 2011. Yahoo Video rebranded to Yahoo Screen on October 2011 and streamed three seasons of “Burning Love” but then it was syndicated for TV in 2013. In June 2014, Yahoo Screen picked the sixth season of Community.

Yahoo Singapore is proud to offer the following features for their Yahoo Screen:


  • Lifestyle: Without a doubt you will see various lifestyle videos on Yahoo Screen. You can enjoy huge contents related to lifestyle. You can see the way of life of many and get inspiration from it.
  • Asian short films: If you want to peruse or watch Asian short films and experience its glory, you can always search for one or more. There are many short films that you will enjoy. You can also share it to your friends if you like.
  • Fashion: It does not end there because Yahoo Screen will also provide huge contents related to fashion. You will be happy to know that there are many fashion tips in store for you. You can choose to watch XiaXue’s Guide to Life.
  • Viral videos: You have the power to watch videos before it will go viral.
  • Beauty tips: If you want beauty and wellness tips, let Yahoo Screen be your guide. You will find many practical beauty and wellness tips that you can use easily.
  • Local comedies: If you want humour, you can always look for many in Yahoo Screen. Yahoo Screen will make sure that youl Laugh to your heart’s content.
  • Entertainment: You should be ready for a good treat – live concerts around the world. In Yahoo Screen, you get the chance to see the streaming of live concerts around the world.

Yahoo Screen is made for the taste of Singaporeans. With this, you can watch videos that you like and be the first to see it. If you are curious, you can just go to Yahoo Screen and see what they have. You have to know though that users cannot upload any content or videos. Yahoo Screen will assure the freshest and the newest contents with the help of partners like ABS news and Hulu.


5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Accounting Software

Choosing an accounting software is more than just considering the price or its features. You need to look into at least five factors so you can avoid the common mistake of investing in the wrong software. The last thing you would want to do is to struggle with your wrong choice or convert to a different software, which can be a much more costly move.


Scope of Business

Your choices of accounting software in the market come in different types and features. Some are suitable for small- to mid-size businesses, while others are designed to fit the complex accounting structure of larger companies. The second factor to look into is the scope of your business, whether it requires basic or advanced accounting tasks. Make sure you evaluate the accounting requirements of your company, and list particular tasks you want the software to handle. Examples of which are available in rockbell accounting software in Singapore include inventory management, cost accounting, or payroll. You also have to consider the future of your business, as your software should fit not only today’s demands, but also tomorrow’s.


In business, once you invest in something, you have to be certain that you will have return of investment. If you will not be able to gain something out of a risk, that is considered a loss on your part. The first factor to look into is the cost of the rockbell accounting software. Aside from the overall cost of the software itself, you must also check the fees for annual licensing, upgrades, and support. Moreover, check if you can perform the installation of the software yourself. If not, get estimates for installation and add that into the overall cost.

Knowledge Required

All accounting software packages in Singapore market have one purpose, and that is to make bookkeeping and accounting tasks easier, faster, and more accurate. However, you must keep in mind that powerful software cannot be maximized if your staff cannot learn to use it. The third factor to take into account is the difficulty of the software and the education level of your staff. Some software needs high-level accounting background for installation and use, while some packages are designed to fit those who minimal accounting knowledge.


Access and Portability

One of the best things about rockbell accounting software is that you can choose to have it in one computer or in a network of computers where more authorized users can access your financial data simultaneously. The fourth thing to consider is your location. If you have only one business location, you can have any accounting program that installs on a network server. But if you have multiple locations, you need to think of how employees can access your software when they are on field. In this case, consider having an Internet-based software.

Modules Included

Another factor to consider is the modules included in the accounting software of your choice. Find out what modules are included in the base price of the software package, and determine what modules come with extra cost. For instance, other software vendors in Singapore have additional charge for a payroll module. If you are planning to get more modules, note the total cost of the package, as well as the individual modules you intend to have, so you can better compare various software packages.