5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Online Fitness Classes

With so many workout videos and virtual-training programs available online, you can now pretty much skip the gym without slacking on your fitness. However, doing online workouts is actually a lot easier said than done. Where will you place your laptop? What if you live in a closet-size apartment? No need to worry. By following these tips, you’ll definitely be able to get the most out of your at-home exercise.


  1. Position Your Laptop Where You Can Clearly See It. If you’re going to do a routine where you’ll be standing and lying on the floor, then it’s best to position your laptop on a low table or over a stack of books. For cardio or strength-based videos where you’ll be on your feet, place your laptop on a table that’s halfway between your waist and eye-level like your kitchen table or desk. Also, make sure that your laptop’s volume is all the way up so you’ll still be able to clearly hear your instructor even when you’re not facing your screen head-on.
  1. Allot Some Prep Time. Similar with working out in the gym, doing an online workout class also requires enough mental prep. Taking a stroll in your living room may not be enough to get you into workout mode, so try playing some pump-up jams before you start exercising instead. With this, you’ll now feel more motivated and focused to exercise.
  1. Get a Virtual Sweat Buddy. Working out with a friend can be a great motivation booster, but it can be quite tricky to do when you’re exercising at home. A simple trick to make this work is to commit to doing a particular workout on the same day – even if you don’t have the time and space to follow it together – and hold each other accountable to ensure that you get it done. Once you’re both done, suggest comparing some notes afterwards to improve each of your solo living-room workout routine.


  1. Look for a Good Instructor. With almost everyone signing up to YouTube, it’s important that you research on the instructor of any online workout routine that you want to try. Ensure that your prospective instructor is certified, and if you’re planning to use a yoga video, check if the instructor has at least done 200 hours of training.
  1. Check Your Form Throughout the Video. While doing the workout itself, ensure that you also stay in tune with your body and your movement. Unlike in gym training sessions where an instructor constantly checks on your form, online workout classes require you to check your own form and figure out whether or not a particular move is working for you. To make things a little easier for you, have a mirror positioned nearby your workout space and use it to constantly check your form. Doing this won’t only ensure that you’re doing the right move, it’ll also keep you safe from injuries.

With thousands of workout videos in the Internet, it’s now possible even for the busiest people to achieve their fitness goals. Just ensure that you follow the instructional video that fits your needs, and follow the aforementioned tips to get the most of your at-home sweat out.


Why Are Singaporeans Unhappy?

Randstad World of Work Report released a survey performed by the Randstad Group. The survey showed that among the employees here in Asia, Singaporeans are the unhappiest. Indians are the happiest. The survey shows sarcasm considering that Singapore is one of the wealthiest nations. Singaporeans should be one of the happiest.


The survey also showed that 64% of Singaporeans are thinking about quitting their jobs in the next twelve months. 23% of Singaporeans admitted that they are not motivated enough. What does that show? Many Singaporeans show discontent despite the affluence of the country. It would be helpful if you know the reasons. Here are some reasons why many Singaporeans are unhappy:

  • Rising consumer prices: Singapore is an affluent nation but with that, the cost of living rises. Many people are trying to meet both ends because of the rising consumer prices. Singapore also experienced economic downturn in the recent years.
  • Competition from foreign workers: Singapore welcomes foreign workers. The presence of foreign workers threatens the employment of the locals. The influx of foreign workers here in Singapore is undeniable.
  • Hostile corporate culture: When you are in the corporate world, you surely experienced hostility. Because you are always driven to meet something, the corporate world is getting smaller. It is not a pleasant sight if the supervisors or managers are constantly pinning you to increase your sales, etc.


  • Level of stress: Constantly thinking about the future and how to make both ends meet surely brings a lot of stress. When you have a lot of stress and you do not attempt to get rid of it, it will accumulate and it will destroy you.
  • Fast pace: Affluence is not something that you should wait. It is something that you should pursue and run to. If you run slowly, you will surely fail. But if you run hurriedly, you will surely succeed. You are too busy catching up that you do not think about smelling the flowers. Because you are always in a hurry, you do not give time for simple pleasures like a good night’s sleep, strolling, partying and many more.

These are just some of the many reasons why Singaporeans are not happy. If you are not happy with your life, you are not alone but it does not mean that it is normal. If you happen to be one of the Singaporeans who are not happy, perhaps this is the time that you rethink about your priorities and your happiness. Take a step back and if you thought about it, do what makes you happy and you will never be tired of it.


The Oil Painting Mediums

An oil paint already produces wonderful results all on its own, but you can further enhance it with the use of certain modifiers that can be added to it to change its thickness, shade, and behavior. Many artists in Singapore use a bit of oil to make oil paints more workable, as many of these paints are very thick straight out from their tube. Also, it should be noted that artists have different opinions when it comes to the quality and efficacy of oil painting medium. That’s why you need to explore and make your own analysis and opinion. And most importantly, before using any oil painting medium, read and understand instructions on labels and always with gloves on to prevent skin allergy reaction.


Linseed Oil

One of the most commonly available oil in oil painting Singapore shops is the linseed oil. This oil is made from flax plant seeds and adds transparency and gloss to paints. It dries thoroughly, which makes it ideal for primary layers and under paintings. Refined linseed oil is a pale to light shade yellow oil that dries in three to four days. Another type is the cold pressed linseed, which dries a bit faster than refined linseed and is known as the linseed oil with the best quality.

Stand Oil

The thicker form of linseed oil is the stand oil, with a slower drying time than the previous ones. This oil has a drying period of more than a week, though it will still remain gluey to the touch for some time. Stand oil, when combined with turpentine or other solvent, produces enamel-like gloss without any trace of brush marks, making it ideal for glazing.

Poppy Seed Oil

This oil has very pale color, more translucent and less likely to turn yellow than linseed, which makes it an ideal partner for whites and other pale-shade colors. Additionally, it gives the oil paint similar consistency of a soft butter. It also takes longer to dry, from five to seven six to eight days, which makes it ideal for wet on wet works. Since poppy seed oil dries less thoroughly and slowly, do not use this as under layer of a painting in vinci art gallery in singapore when doing wet on dry works and when applying thick paints in oil painting Singapore, as it may cause the paint to crack when it completely dries.

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Walnut Oil

This oil has soft yellow-brown shade (pale hue with a slight hint of green when newly extracted) with a unique aroma. Since walnut is categorized as thin oil, it is ideal to make pure oil paint more liquid. And since it turns yellow less than linseed, it mixes best with pale colors and dries in four to five days. Walnut oil is quite expensive, but just like any other art supplies, you’re buying it for its optimum quality.

Boiled Oils

These oils have been boiled and processed with a dryer in order to come up with fast-drying oil that gives a smooth finish. Boiled oils tend to darken with age, that’s why they’re best applied as lower layers of dark colors and paintings. If you are unsure of how the oil turns out as it dries, take time to do a test rather than damaging and losing a whole painting in SIngapore.