Cool Spots for Nature Trippers in Singapore

At first glance, Singapore is a very developed city; a city that caters only businesses, tall buildings and machine industries, a city that does not have room for nature tripping and nature adventures. The truth is, Singapore has a well-balanced cityscape as well as natural landscapes within its territory. With this, Singapore can be a role model on nature and development balance. For nature trippers, here are the places you can visit in Singapore.


Lovers of wildlife will find the parks and reservoirs of Singapore. The Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Singapore Marine Life Park, River Safari Singapore and Underwater World Singapore are the home to wide array of birds, marine creatures and animals which can only be seen in the wild. The zoos and parks are also home to a huge variety of flora and fauna where animals mainly rely on when it comes to oxygen and food. These places are perfect for learning and information education of people of all ages especially children. Some zoos and parks allow viewers to have contact with the animals, so more than knowledge, there is really experience here.

Plants and flowers lovers have a place in Singapore too. An enthusiast’s eyes will be filled with colours and landscapes and his memories with information on plants if he visits Orchidville, Nyee Phoe Flower Farm, Chengtai Nursery, Bollywood Veggies and Agro-Green technology. These farms and nurseries are home to flowers, plants and vegetables which one can look, touch and feast on through fresh salads and dishes. These places promote healthy living and organic lifestyle to their visitors.


Waters, lands and trees can be enjoyed by athletes as they jog along many parks and reservoirs here. The most visited places are the MacRitchie Reservoir and Palau Ubin.

After sweating and visiting parks and wildlife, relax and chill by the beach or bathe in the clean waters of Sister’s Island and Kusu Island. Both places are famous for their virgin seascape and sea life. Swimmers, divers and sea lovers are going to love every inch of these islands.



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