Healthy Foods You Can Make in an Instant  

We are forever in search for healthy foods. Singaporeans these days are conscious of the way we live and what we eat. That is good because we have to be healthy to experience all the good things Singapore has to offer.


Let us start off by considering healthy food choices. If we have time, we should prepare our foods personally to ensure that it is safe and healthy. Here are some suggestions that we can consider:

  • Duck sandwich: We have to know that ducks are healthier than chicken. Duck without the skin has lower calories compared to chicken. We can make a sandwich out of it. We only need to heat up the smoked duck and slice it thinly. We can layer it with cheddar cheese put lettuce and sliced boiled egg on our bread. Voila, we have a healthy sandwich.
  • Avocado salad: Avocados are sometimes ignored but avocados are filled with nutrients. It has at least twenty vitamins and minerals. We can make a salad out of it. We can put together slices of avocado, broccoli, sesame seeds and seaweed. The dressing will depend on what we prefer.


  • Quinoa topping: Quinoa is an excellent alternative of rice. Quinoa is filled with mono unsaturated fats plus omega-3 fatty acid. We can just microwave quinoa (with 1 cup of water) and include chopped bell pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and chick peas.

If we are too busy to prepare our foods, we can go out and grab something but we have to make sure that it is healthy. We are what we eat. We have to remember that.ad2a857ec3715e8a_quinoa-.jpg.xxxlarge

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